Written by Drifter68

9 Aug 2017

Hello Everyone

Based on what I read in the diary and from what I learnt from numerous conversations with the two guys involved (Who I suspect knew who I was but knew I couldn't say anything) If you wish I will tell you what happened the following week.

Let me know if your interested.

The Promises

The boys left the vehicle, for a few moments there was silence between Karen and I

“I think we had better get dressed and go home don’t you”.

We had arranged earlier in the evening for the two of us to stay at my place. As soon as we got home Karen went for a shower in the upstairs bathroom. I waited until she had finished before I took my turn. Over coffee we slowly digested and discussed the evening.

“I thought I was in control” I said to Karen

“Me to” she replied, “When I went off with Simon I only intended to kiss with him for a while before I joined you at the car”.

“What happened?” I asked,

“We walked to his large van, got inside it, It was strange because I expected to be able to see into the back of the vehicle but it was screened off by a large permanent partition. It was very cold as you know, but I must say I soon began to warm in his arms, he kissed me very passionately his hands were all over my breasts, I have to be honest I was enjoying it but that was as far as it went until he began to move his hands over my stockings tops I closed my legs tight, he was so cool he simply reclined the chair and began to kiss my face and neck, I was enjoyed it so much, I returned his kisses his hand soon rested at the top of my thong I felt him moved slowly inside the elastic his large middle finger travelled over my pubic hair and he found my clitoris, It was wonderful, I tried to protest, he just smiled and said I promise that’s all I will do, O god he was so gentle I came over and over then he stopped and looked in my eyes, he was so confident and he said

“I know you want to be with me, but you wont unless you feel safe, I will do a deal with you, when I return you to your car, If Frank has left I will leave you and return to my car, if he’s still with Dee and they are still close will you let me stay for a while in the car”?

I knew what he wanted and I thought I had found away out, because I kept thinking, Dee with Frank no way, I agreed. We kissed for a little longer then he was interrupted by his bleep of all things, he switched it off kissed me for a little longer and then we walked back to your car, all the windows were steamed up as we opened the door all I could see was Franks behind working its way into you. I don’t know if I was pleased or concerned but as I got into the back seat Simon simply took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs apart he must have released his penis as I turned my back to get in the car because he entered me immediately before I could change my mind I don’t know what to say Dee, I haven’t been with another man since I was married let alone two teenagers in one night I feel ashamed and elated at the same time, what about you?”

I agreed the same really, but I was terrified John or my daughter would find out.

Karen looked at me with serious expression. “Look only you and I know about this I haven’t had such a fucking in years I’m going to be honest I want to go back next week and the way I feel now if I don’t have those two I will find someone else”.

“Karen have you any idea how dangerous this is or could be”? I said.

Karen looked at me “I said yes to the boys and I meant it even if I have to fuck them both on my own”!

I didn’t answer her, I drank my coffee and went to bed my mind and heart still spinning from the evening and with a tingle of excitement about the prospect of next week. I couldn’t tell Karen how much I had enjoyed this evening; I couldn’t confess my enthusiasm for next week. I simply could not confess the desire that had been awakened in me or the fantasy I had just lived. Given the chance I wanted it again.

I didn’t tell Karen about the bleep, I may have been wrong it may have been coincidence but I suspect we had been set up by two very cleaver manipulative men who had set out to trap us and succeeded.

As I said in a previous part of this story I actually met the two guys (on a building project) who had used my wife and my partners wife, I don’t know if they set the meeting up, what I do know is they told the story of the two women they had had I didn’t realise it was my wife I put two and two together much later when I first found her diary, That’s why with a little polish from me I can tell the story of events so clearly. Im embarrassed to say I laughed when they told me I do wonder if they were in fact laughing at me!

Frank and Simon walked away from the car; it was a bitter cold night but both of them was on a high, “Can you believe what we just did Frank, those two were red hot and gagging for it, I cant believe they stood for us changing over, did you get a phone number”? “You bet, even better, I got a business card so we know where they work, Ill put money on them wanting to see us again. Play our cards right and we could be onto something really good and profitable”!

Karen and I opened the office on Thursday morning as usual and things continued pretty much as normal on Friday evening John and Barry returned home and in we had a very pleasant weekend together on Sunday evening they returned to work promising to see us by next Thursday evening. Karen and I were elated one more Wednesday wouldn’t make any difference now would it. Oh how I hoped the boys would be there!

The telephone range in the office at about 11am on Monday morning, Karen was out of the office doing the company accounts.

“The builders Yard can I help you”

“Can I speak to Dee please”?


“Dee this is Frank”!

“Frank! How did you get this number”?

“Sorry I took a business card out of your bag, we are desperate to see you and Karen again, are you coming on Wednesday”?

“Frank never call me hear again, but yes we will see you on Wednesday”

“Great see you at 7.30 in the car park be naked! He shouted, bye”!

As at the top of the page if there is enough interest I will write about the following week