Written by peter m

28 Jul 2005

this is true believe me i tried for many months to persuade my partner to let me watch her perform no matter how much drink i plied her with still a no go eventually she said if i let her go nightclubbing she might then come home and tell me if she got up to anything so i agreed (fuck all for weeks) apart from coming home pissed so i told her no more nightclubbing .i am trying she said but i didnt believe her but gave in and let her go on the piss with her mates again 10 past 2 the phone rings im going to be a bit late is that ok i,ll be home by 4 . i tried to get to sleep but paced the floor all the fuckin time 5.15 arrives shes still not home i was beside myself worrying dialled1471 a fuckin witheld number i felt sick ,seconds later a taxi pulls up ive never been pleased to see her in all my life as i was then i gave her a right fuckin mouthful "u tell me to do something and when i do u still fuckin moan" then it dawned on me she hadnt been with her mates till that time i asked if she was ok she said fine but a feel filthy she had gone back to a blokes house but he didnt have a condom so she wouldnt let him shag her i asked how she,d been so long i let him suck my tits and lick me i fuckin felt guilty for some reason he asked me to suck his cock but i said no but as i was waiting for the taxi i took hold of his cock wanked him but he shot yis load in about 5 seconds , i just had to get my cock out normally i can last for ages when shes wanking me but i was all done in under a minute my sex drive went through the roof i was shagging her at every possible opportunity this was her first of many she still wont let me be there at any of her shags but has brought home pictures on the mobile i bought her so i have seen her sucking a cock and a cock in her fanny so i will keep trying to get her to let me be there ive got to its became an obession now i,ll post her other conquests soon the taxi driver is a particularlly good