Written by Malcolm

27 Jul 2005

Hello all.It's Malcolm,the spanking supermarket manager

again,please read the first part of my story for the details

of my spanking relationship with Norma,a buxom 56 year old

employee of the chain.

It had been a few weeks since i had first introduced Norma's

dusky bottom to the delights of spanking,during that time

she had dutifully presented her ample buttocks for the strap

and the cane at my home.

It was 7 oclock on a tuesday,and i was watching the staff leave

and bidding them 'good evening' as they left,that is except

Norma,who i'd asked to see in my office,as the last of left

Norma helped me lock up.'Norma still in her shop overall,looked

a little sheepish as i invited her into the store office.

Norma was an excellent spankee and understood my requirements

well,two nights before Norma had arrived at my home in a

smart grey trouser suit with a purple blouse,we had sat talking

and drinking coffee,as we usually did prior to our little

sessions and i informed Norma that i intended to give her

bottom a strapping this evening,Norma groaned inwardly as

i took the red leather strap and flexed it between my hands

for effect,soon Norma was stood before me in just her bra

and knickers which i insist upon.The big straps and heavy

duty design of her big brassiere impressed me greatly,it

certainly needed to be heavy duty given the size of Normas

big mature breasts,the sight of them swinging free from that

brassiere is a sight i'll not forget in a hurry,or feeling

their soft weight in my palms as Norma blushes and looks away

from the focus of my prying eyes.Her big but tight sensible

patterned knickers where also a delight,especially the way

they hugged her big buttocks as she touched her toes!

I brought the leather strap cracking down hard on the

wobbling beknickered bumcheeks 20 times,Norma howled and yelped with each

stroke as i continued thrashing the delightfully submissive

ladies backside.

Back at the office Norma stood in her shop overall'lift it

up Norma' i ordered,i knew there was no skirt beneath,and i

was presented with the view of her tan pantyhosed and white

knickered crotch 'Now turn around' again i saw the lovely

arse this time encased in the nylon tights and cotton knickers.

'take them down' i ordered again and was greeted by the sight

of Normas still blushed arse cheeks.I cleared the top of

the desk and invited Norma to lie on top,she knew this routine

as she went face down on the large desk yet again.I then

produced the cooling cream from my drawer and put a liberal

quantity onto my palms and Normas buttocks,Norma cooed softly

as i let my hands slip and slide massage and knead her lovely

big wobbly cheeks,even her most private places where touched

by my fingertips and even gently probed,Norma did not mnd

and i know she found satisfaction like this,Norma's arsehole

and cunt excited me greatly and i soon added great squirts

of cream of my own onto Norma's buttocks,while she looked the other way,

oblivious or maybe not to my furious wanking.