Written by Dee Light

20 Jan 2005

Had some work in Glos, booked my self a hotel very near the location I had chosen, put a couple of ad's on a couple of sites and updated my yahoo profile. Sorted. Travelled down in good time, exchanging txt messages & phone calls with a few timewasters and 2 genuine people.

Got to the hotel, booked in, relaxed, brewed up, bathed shaved and started to get dressed, had a new white silk blouse on over my new black & red corset, put my small'ish boobs in, long'ish grey skirt on over my PVC stockings (Shined up nicely) put my new thigh length black leather boots on and a bit of slap, lipstick and my 1/2 length black wig on.... Sorted!

Exchanged the last couple of txt messages with my genuines and made my way upto my chosen cruising area's.

Parked up and looked at the view, and a couple of cars pull in, 1st one too young, not my cup of tea and a bit fly by night, bye bye hunny.

2nd, about 50+, nice car, nice build and just right, chatted a while, he asked if we could go somewhere quieter, jump in he said... Well, rude not to.

Drove less than a mile but a lovely spot and he asked if I wanted to get out with him, bit cold but walked round to a picnic table, we had a bit of a play and then a car pulled up, I must have looked a bit concerned, but he says not to worry, they are friends of his, love TV's and they are up my street. We did intro's and then A said, right where were we? And we started to play, A gets on the table, B & C on each bench, I'm facing them with A in my mouth, thick & 7", nice & clean, I goto work, he's groaning bug style, B & C have their cocks out, B has mine in his hands, and C has a finger or 3 up my arse.

C Move round & B wants my mouth. C is small but wide, putting on his condom he slides behind me gently he goes in, Meanwhile C is now sucking on my 8" and B has more than I have to offer and is much thicker.

I'm getting near so I ask A to join B and I am sucking on both, C is getting up a head of steam & I am struggling to keep A & B occupied.

C Cums very loudly, I'm backing in big style and C is shouting obscenties at me "F*cking hell you are a tight whore" etc etc

B loses his concentration & spunks in my mouth, on my face. A joins him.

C decides he wants me, I'm tryting to clean up as best I can whilst getting blown by C, who is pretty good.

A is up for 2nds, takes me 1 min to re invigorate him, A is impressed.

I shoot in C who drinks up, A cums again and B is up for shagging me.

2 tossers in pretend racing cars arrive and spoil it, I was gutted, no time for exchanging contact numbers & digital camera in car...

Met a lovely guy in a hite transit, who I blew in full view of 3 cars.