Written by Jason

27 Apr 2005

I had been to a pub not too far from my home in Essex for a quiet pint. On visiting the Gents my attention was immediately drawn to the guy in the corner stall sporting a largr hard-on with a very purple head. He saw me looking, and asked if I fancied some. Taken aback, I stuttered "No, thanks..." and went to leave, handwashing forgotten in my haste. However, in the short time it took me to get to the door, the compulsion to play with that lovely tool made me hesitate. "I could meet you round the back of the car park" I suggested. "OK, mate-couple of minutes". My own cock was already starting to stiffen at the thought of his, and I made my way to the quiet rear of the pub car park. He soon followed, and suggested we push through a gap in the hedge to a field behind. I think he had been here before, as he lead me to a small coppice with just enough reflected light from the car park to see. Trousers down, cocks out, we started bending over to suck, but soon found ourselves sixty-nining on the damp grass. I completely removed my slacks,pants and shirt, and felt really horny being sucked off by this big guy, with his purple-headed mountain pumping vigourously into my gagging mouth. Just as he was about to cum, he disengaged, asking me to hang on a minute. It was then that I noticed several of his mates all standing round, wanking their cocks. I had never been a cumslut before, bi that I was, but suddenly the idea seemed great. Taking the initiative, I said "Come on, fellas, let's have all you can give me!" And give me they did...some came in my mouth, some on my face, and Mr. Big Cock from the loo shot his load over my cock and balls. There were seven in all, and as they all made their way back to the pub, I was drenched in cum...some thick, some thin and watery. In the end I had to wank myself off, have a pee, then work out how to get home covered in spunk. What a lovely problem to have! I have been back to that pub several times, but never seen 'the lads' againt. Still, the beers' not bad.....