Written by Camuk

26 Feb 2010

Monday came and went without the opportunity to text her, in fact each time I reached for my mobile I got a feeling of nervousness. Tuesday lunch time I was the only one left in the office, no one watching as I reached for my phone. A perfect excuse for Wednesday afternoon had been entered into the diary. Message written, her mobile number entered, sending. Five minutes later the mobile uttered its tone to acknowledge receipt of the text. Time agreed for tomorrow, special requests? Address text tomorrow. I texted back asking for the 4inch heels, very short skirt and stockings. Never had persuaded the ex to dress like that, why should I miss out if I was paying for it. Yet again I began to feel nervous, the feelings subsiding as I began my afternoon's work.

That evening I turned up 'Tracey's' profile again, new pictures added, the landing strip had gone now a shaven pussy, black stockings, red heels, a total slut. Not the 'Tracey' I knew next door, as I wanked my hand moving up and down a very stiff cock, I knew I was going to fuck that slut tomorrow.

The text arrived as I opened my front door to leave for work, what a feeling the sender was only a few feet away and didn't know who she'd texted. A thought crossed my mind, did her husband know of her activities, the thought that he might not made my anticipation even greater, my pants staining at the hardening of my cock to the point where it was getting difficult to walk. As I sat in the car, I opened the text. The text was explicit, the address was next door enter by the garden gate from the road down the side of the house. Now I knew how the visitor's went un-noticed.

Lunchtime, rushed instructions given to the rest of the team as I made for the door. An hour to kill but then they all thought I'd gone after a new account. I made for home, parked in front of the house and sat for a moment as I stared at 'Tracey's' front door. Into the house, a quick snack and cup of tea, shower, changed into jeans and T-shirt, I was ready. I'd decided that I'd go next door a few minutes early see how she answered the door. I walked through the garden into the rear lane, opened their garden gate and started up the path. My cock was beginning to strain as I rapped on the door. A few moments later the door opened a few inches, Babs head appeared in the gap. 'Hi Steve, didn't expect to see you this time of the day.' 'I wonder if I could have a quick word Babs won't take long'

'Sorry I was just getting a bath before I go out for the afternoon, need to rush, could you come back later'. 'Oh Tracey' I said using her professional name, 'I think we've got an appointment'. A moments hesitation then the door opened more. 'I guess you'd better come in'.

She stood aside as I entered the kitchen. I looked at her, the red heels gave her height, black hold-ups encased her legs ending before a very short denim skirt, topped off by a transparent black blouse through which two pert tits were visible, a face still void of its make up, every inch a fuckable slut. 'Well you've found me out, what we going to do?' she throw the question at me. 'Fuck' was the answer I gave, 'after you've finished your make up, nice scarlet lips please'

She disappeared into the main room, I waited a couple of moments then followed through. She was standing applying her lipstick. I waited a moment as she finished. 'Babes you've seen the site, what would you like to do' I outlined my wishes as I moved across to begin unfastening her blouse. The buttons fell open as I moved down her, slowly I cupped her tits. 'Very nice' I whispered noticing the little bar that pierced one nipple. 'Was this what you expected?' she asked. 'No totally different from the woman I've known these past few months' I replied as my hand moved down then up inside her tiny skirt feeling for her panties and pussy. My fingers moved the thin fabric aside and felt the folds of her cunt lips as she said 'You can never tell what your neighbours do' then laughed. My hand slipped away, and I stepped back. 'Strip' I heard my self saying, her hands moving behind her to release the zip and slowly push her skirt toward the floor. She stood there in her white thong, reached for my hand, took hold and began to move out of the room, up the stairs to a bedroom where I undressed and she removed her blouse and thong. She made no comment as she pushed me on to the bed, her professional self in control.

We fucked for an hour, her mouth repeatedly taking my shaft, before she turned over and offered her cunt and arse to me to take orally and then enter with my cock. I came twice, once in her pussy once in her mouth. She proved to be a true slut.

The hour drew to a close, as she rose from the bed. She slowly removed her shoes and hold ups, turned round and looked at me. 'On a scale of one to ten for the shags I've had not bad, a seven, but then guys never score highly their first time'. I looked at her and smiled. 'Thanks for a good time' I said, 'it won't be the last'. 'It better hadn't be. I know we can improve on this session,' the smile creeping across her face. I rose began dressing, noticing she's slipped on a rather bland house coat. 'Oh I've got to get ready for the kids to come home from school, wouldn't do for them to see us like this', she smiled.

She propelled me down the stairs, a number of questions forming in my mind. As we entered the main room she scooped up her skirt. Turning she said, 'You're going to ask how long I've been doing this?', I could only nodded, 'you'll have to wait for that answer'. She walked out of the room to the to the backdoor, opened it and showed me out. As I made to walk past she lent over and whispered in my ear, 'Aren’t we forgetting something babes?' I slipped my hand in my trouser pocket and grasped the notes I'd left there and deposited them into her outstretched hand. Her free hand slowly moved down across my stomach, traced a line down my trouser zip and then grasped by balls. 'They'll be back, we'll have to introduce you to something more special next time, and before you ask, yes, Tony knows I do this, it gives him a thrill to know that guys are round here fucking me. Who knows' she said winking 'he might even have been wanking his tiny dick watching us'.

Half an hour later as I sat logging onto my emails to give the impression to the office I'd returned home from my meeting and was catching up on work, I noticed a prime looking Babs opening the front door to Cheryl, my neighbour from the other side. I could not help but wonder, no I wouldn't be discussed, would I?

The fun had begun where else was it going?