Written by Sad old man

24 May 2006

We have been married for 15 years, both met at university and virgins on our wedding night. Over the last few years our sex life become non existant, Karen my wife, still a goodlooking tall 34 year old size 8 long dark hair, was so wrapped up in job in IT that if was lucky she would open her legs fake an orgasim and let me fuck her, no feeling or interest. We moved house again to a new area, into a small village. Got friendly with neighbours, on day we meet Mark who lived in the village, who was in financial services, needing to sort our pensions invited him to vist. Our next door neighbours told us Mark and his wife were according to village gossip swingers. Before Mark came a second time I suggested to Karen whether we should try swinging, intially she said no then a " its that what you want, OK now can I get with my work" At marks next visit we sterred the convesation towards sex and swinging with any luck. About 3 weeks later we got an invite from Mark to a party in the village, he said " it was what we were looking for" assuming it was a swingers party we accepted. karen was still very reluctant, but on the night dressed smart chic caual. We agreed that if we did not like it we could leave together or separately at anytime. The hose was a big barn conversion, many passages with rooms on either side over 3 floors. It was obvious that it was a swinging party, fortunately it was only who knew us, no one else from the village was there. We soon began chatting to a couple slightly younger then us, David and Heather. Heather was stunning very tall long auburn hair nice tits, already I was having fantises about her. David and Heather wispered to each other and suddenly she looked unhappy and walked off to talk to someone else. David then said to karen, " would you like to find a room with me", I was dufounded, Karen then turned, and gave me a " this is what you wanted to happen, I am going off with him, I hope you are happy" look and said " I would love to david" i was left sitting there by myself while my wife calmly walked to hve sex with a complete stranger.After a few minutes jealousy got the better of me and I went to find them, but after disturbing 5 othe couples had no luck. returning to the lounge i sat down unhappy with adrink. " you look like you need cheering up" a voice said and as I looked up i saw a tall elegant lady abot 50 smiling at me. After a drink, Barbara, said " how about it, us older ones have plenty of experience" she led me up 2 flights of steps and into a bedroom where she gave me the most satisfing blow job i ever had stopping just short of me shooting my load down her throat. She pushed me back and sat astride me, easing herself onto my erect cock, her pussy was warm and inviting,. Slowly she rode me, letting me suck her nipples all the time, it was my best fuck for years. afterwards i was in the lounge looking for Karen but with no luck, most other guests seemed paired off so i walked home hoping karen was there waiting for me. The house was empty, so I went to bed alone filled with jealousy about my wife, a virgin when I met her was having the second cock up her pussy in her life. After about an hour Karen came home, " where have you been" I asked, karen said " you wanted to swing, you took me there, you wanted to fuck someone else, you didnot expect me to be fucked by someone else.. I only did what you asked and got what was expected of a guest at the party." As the light caught her naked body I could see simmering dried stains on her thighs, tummy and tits. " Shall I tell you what happened" said karen, " no you dont want to hear about do you, but i am going to tell you and i hope yu are happy. david led me upstairs undress me and then slowly gave me a massage, rubbing his fingers all over me gently caressing my nipples,slowly he placed hos finger on my clit then his tongue. I was in heaven by now and pulled him on top of me and felt his cock rubbing my pussy lips He entered me and fucked me slowly until we both came together. He then pulled out of me and i locked his cock until it was dry, tasting both him and me on his lips. By this time there was other couples in the room and someone suggested we palyed a game two other girls and me laid on the carpet and masterbated ourselves with dilo's while men crowded over us wanking them selves. The winner was the girl with the most cum on her" i was totally shocked by all this my wife doing such things, it was not in my plan for the night. Now i sit at home and Karen goes to these parties alone she has become a star within the swinging scene, me all i have is my right hand to keep me company