Written by P&O

4 Jul 2004

We posted an add on this site looking for a guy to have fun with the wife. After selecting the guy that took her fancy we arranged to meet him for a drink in a local pub.We all got on well and towards the end of the night as i came back from the bar O (the wife) had moved next to Dave .As i put the drinks on the table i noticed that Dave had his hand up O's skirt and was finger fucking her, she looked rather flushed with her skirt lifted just enough to to expose her stocking tops.We finished our drinks and went outside where Dave and O started to have a kiss and fondle of each other.O then told me she was going back with Dave to his place and she would see me later at home.( The rest of the story was told to me by O on her return).When they got to his flat they sat on the sofa and continued to kiss and fondle each other with Dave soon having O's cloths off leaving her in just her stockings and suspenders and was between her legs giving her a good licking which made her come after a few minutes.He then led her to the bedroom and stripped off himself to reveal a 9" cock which was really thick too. (mines only 6' and thin) they went into the 69 position with O on top and she said it really was difficult getting it in her mouth.After a few minutes with O already coming again Dave came in her mouth without warning making O gag on his come.He then made her lie on her back and tried to enter her pussy but as she had not had suck a big one before she was a bit nervous.He carried on entering her until he had the full lenth in her. He started to fuck her really hard and made her come several more times before he shot his spunk into her.After a short rest he was ready to go again and then he took her doggy style and seemed to last for ages. She stayed the rest of the night with him and he fucked her 4 times in all. When she got home her pussy was still swollen and ozzing his spunk.I got between her legs and started to fuck her and came almost straight away. She told me he was a better fuck than me,bigger and that after he had fucked her she could not feel my 6" dick. She is now thinking of trying her first black guy. Please see ad 112326 i will let you know how she gets on . If you want to see more of O drop me a line.