Written by Carly Divine

5 Nov 2003

I have been crossdressing for a few years but then, 3 months ago my wife found some of my clothes and it all came out. She went absolutely mad and didn't talk to me for two days.

then cam the ultimatum, after twenty years of marriage the choice was mine. Either we divorced and evryone would know why (no way!) or I cold continue to dress in private and she could go out and do whatever and whoever she wanted, whever she wanted too. I had no choice and secretely loved the idea, the only shame was she wouldnt let me join in ~ I would love to do a 3some with her.

The things changed again. I could choose the outfits she wore out and then got shagged in, and as a reward I could wear them the following day.

I love to dress as a total slut, so now she goes out very obvioulsy dressed for the sex she wants and ALWAYS gets.

I meet men dressed as her and that really turns me on. What I ould really ove is a man to pull her the night before and then hav em dressed in the same out fit the following day. I am working on it and who knows?