Written by Nick

2 May 2004

I posted a story on 27/04/04 called watch me fuck your wife while you watch, i had a number of replies which i replied back and was gob smacked to find a girl Chris form work had replied who sent me some photos of her and what she wanted me to do to her,(but she did not know it was me) Well on thursday i e,mailed her at work and asked her to meet me out side in 5 mins for a fag, as we was talking i thanked her for the e,mail and photos that she sent me on swinging heaven, she went bright red and did not where to look and told her i would not say anything to anyone. as we chatted she told me that she loved to fuck other men on the side and some times let here hubby watch her to. As the day went on we e,mailed each other and both getting very horny and she asked me if she could come round to mine that night. As i was waiting for Chris to come round i was thinking this is one of the hotties girl from work and most of the blokes would love to fuck her as i was geting horny the door bell rang and i opened the door with a graet big smile on my face she kissed me in the cheek and went in to the front room as i give her a glass of wine and made small talk, she told me that her hubby is not all that keen of sex (about twice a month) and she had a high sex drive he told her if she wanted more cock to go out and find it but to tell him all about it went she gets home or he would watched through there curtains at there house. As i got up to get her glass and asked if she wanted another drink she grab my cock thorugh my shorts and said she wanted another kind of drink. Well i as so hard by now that chris pulled my shorts down and my cock stood up like a flag pole and put her lips around it and started to suck it, after about 10 mins i could hold on any more and unloaded into her month now i was in heaven. then i said it was my turn to make her cum and took her into the bedroom and undressed her and chris flopped on the bed with her legs wide open and rubbing her clit,i went down on her and she was so wet and tasted so good. After that i fucked her in every prosition for about an hour until i came inside her, then we had a fag and drink and asked me if i would like to come round her place next tuesday night to fuck her while her hubby watches though the curtains (but i dont know that he is watching) When chris had left i lay on the bed and thought of want happened that i have justed fucked one of the hotties girl at work and justed smiled. so i cant wait until tuesday night when i get another chance to fuck her. Now if there any more ladies out there who would like to fuck while there hubby watch just reply.

i will sent another story next week to tell you how i got on.