Written by Just Linda

4 Sep 2006

My husband had got me to look for blokes to fuck me. He,d take me up town on a saturday night buy me drinks and expect me to flirt with the guys we met. As soon as I had attracted some fella's attention he'd slide off home, leaving me to be chatted up, shagged and if I was lucky returned home. To often I'd end up in the back of a car taken somewhere dark and have to take a bunch of them in turn. The worse state I returned home in the more pleased hubby was and would quickly bury his tongue then prick in my messy quim.

I thought it started out as a sort of game we played at pubs in the area. I am quite pretty not a big bust but quite shapely (firm and pointy tits). My husband would dare me to flash my knicks or unbutton my top. We'd laugh later about the reaction I got from the locals as they tried to glimpse my fanny or nipples.

Then late one Saturday night after a few drinks, bet me I couldn't get this bloke at the bar to take me outside. The fella was interested, I'd noticed him eyeing me up all evening. I told him no saying that if I did he'd probably want more than just a kneck and feal of me. Hubby told me that was the idea I was to go all the way. I couldn't believe it but he was so insistent and I'd drank a lot.

He sent me to the bar where the guy stood,of course he bought me a drink a large gin I sipped steadily as he chatted me up and I soon found myself outside with his arm round me. He noticed that a delivery gate was open at the side of the pub, it was quiet and dark. We knecked up against the wall between some barrels. He was alright quite dishy but knew what he wanted. I helped him undo my bra and he lifted my top untill I had them round my kneck, I felt silly holding them up while he sucked on my nipples so pulled them off and dropped them on a barrel.

I've never felt so exposed backed against the pub wall only my short little skirt and knicks still on, people walked past the gateway along the pavement not seeing us. He had had a hand down the waist band of my

skirt and knicks fingering me occaisionally I jumped as he found my button I undid his fly and belt, moved my bum away from the wall so that he could slide my knicks down. I stepped a foot out of them.

He wasn't that big but he was hard in my fingers as I tried to guide it up in me. I spread my legs wider and pushed towards him it was awkward, difficult standing up. I'd never been shagged against a wall. Then I felt something by my foot a beer crate box or something. I put a foot up on it and I felt myself open and he slipped up me. With one foot on a crate my bum against the cold wall he shagged me hard. I felt him thrust harder and he grabbed my bum shooting right up me, softened and flopped out.

A gentleman he handed me back my knicks after wiping his knob in them. I dressed fast it was getting busier in the street. He told me I was a good shag and had a lovely pair of tits. He asked if he could see me again, cynical as ever I said don't you mean fuck me again. He tried to look hurt but just said 'that as well'. I told him I wasn't on the pill and he'd just shot a load up me. Did he still want to see me again? Of course I was on the pill but he couldn't know. Surprisingly he said yes! I told him to take me back to my husband in the pub he could ask him. He preffered to shoot off.

I sat back alongside my husband and told him I'd done it. He said he knew, I had spunk on my skirt. 'Had to be a dark skirt!'. We went home and I told him over and over all that had happened as he spunked up me. That night wasn't any great thrill but the buzz from being chatted up going with somebody I'd just met just for sex and in quite a public place.

I don't really know how it'll work out in the end sometimes I get a nice guy I've been seduced wined dined and fucked in silk sheets (only once). Other times been taken from a pub by a gang of blokes gang raped dumped on my doorstep heavily bruised soaked in cum and naked having lost handbag clothes and even shoes. All of which hubby found the ultimate turn on.

Hubby found this site and suggested I write about my life . Don't know if anyone thats been with me knows this site you never know some guy might recognise me. Suspose I enjoy it most times beats the hell out of staying in ironing.