Written by Mickey

8 May 2004

My daughter S used to knock about with a girl Stacey who was incredibly horny, 5'6", 36c, fit toned and skirts around her arse.

More than once on a stopover at our house I'd bump into her on the landing or coming out of the shower in a thong and bra. My daughter stopped hanging around with her for variuos reasons about 6 years ago.

2 weeks ago, unbeknown too me, she got in contact with my daughter and they had a night out. Any way she stayed over at my daughters and I went around on the Sunday as normal. At 23 she is still a stunner and for a 50 year old instant hard on material. Cut a long story short she spotted my Porsche outside and ohh and aahed over it and asked me for a lift home.

As we were driving we chatted and she just came right out and said 'I prefer older men because they respect me and treat me right' I said be careful or I may take that the wrong way to which she replied good and started rubbing my crotch.

When we got to her's she asked me in, closed the door and got on her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking it. I had not even kissed her. As a blowjob goes it was incredible. She licked the end, swirled her tongue around the knob and tried to deep throat me but gagged a bit (I am not that big 6.5")all the time tickling my balls. We

then made it to the sofa and I finally got to get the thong and bra off. Firm tits shaved wet fanny. I used my tongue on her for about 10 minutea licking her clit, having a 69, rimmed her and sucking her tits she came about 4 times. At one stage I stuck my finger up her arse and she came so violently I thought she'd bring the house down.

I eventually entered her very wet and tight pussy. She came again as a I entered her. I was so turned on that I am sad to say I lasted nearly a whole minute before I came and boy was it a serious good cum to brag about. I cannot remember coming like that for a long time.

We then cuddled for a bit and she told me that she used to purposely show herself off to me hoping I would make a move. Sad isn't I could have a had a 17 year old and missed out. She assured me she would be discreet and she hoped we would be friends.

We then got down to it again she sucked me off to completion at one stage sticking her finger up my arse and I left tired but satisfied.

I have been back 3 times for more and she asked me to fuck her up the arse the last time and that was a bonus. She has also told me she is bi sexual and has a casual separate female partner. Unfortunately the partner is 100% gay and would not be interested in a threesome with a male. I've shown her this site and planted the seed. You never know we may have an advert on here soon!

I have just got back from hers after a very pleasing blow job and I am back tomorrow. She is coming away for a week with me on business next week to Germany and I expect to be not at my normal peak in meetings! If you see a smiling bald guy with a stunning brunette at Birmingham airport on Monday morning that could be me :-)