19 Oct 2016

This is a true confession that's written to make you laugh at the 'Carry On' farce that occured the other night but not a sexy story to get your blood and juices flowing so no point in reading if you're up for that sort of stimulation. I always say sex is fun so why not have a laugh at it/with it and being of a smiley/cheerful disposition lvoe making people laugh (as well as cum of course;) ). As you'll see by looking at my profile (same name as auther) I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, Have posed for both a female artist and photograpther and loved the feeling of liberation as well as a bit of sexual kick posing. I've a couple of lady friends who love looking at my naked pics and one in particular who's in a relationship but not up to much sexually so encourages me to send her photos which she's told me she gets off on, particularly the raunchy shots which I must admit I do enjoy posing for her. The trouble is there are only so many naked poses one can get into indoors so last year I ventured outside (of the confines of my back garden which is private) and loved being naked in the fresh air in the big wide outside world. Although didn't want to get caught the fear of getting caught added to the buz and as you'll see from my profile have ventured outside many times since.

Indoors though there is a way new poses can be struck, that's when as I do often for work I stay in hotels. Usually I'll text my number one naked fan to say any suggestions but on Monday her reply was to surprise her. One reason I like posing for a few pics for her when in hotels is I get bored. So sat in the hotel bar I had an idea. It was the evening so fairly quiet. My room was in a sunsection of the hotel and appeared quiet with no sign of anyone in the corridoors. So ran myself a nice hot bath and as usual laying in a hot bath I got horny so once I was dried I set up my phone on a chair, put on the timer delay and stood posing with my cheeks to the camera holding the door open. Alas of course noone was there! Getting braver I then took another shot this time with my head and upper torso leaning out of the doorway looking down the corridoor. Getting even bolder I wrapped a towel around me, clicked the lock botton so the door wouldn't close shut on me. Set the phone this time on the floor of the corridoor, set the timer to 5 secs, threw my towel in my room and posed naked with hands up and bum facing the phone. Click went the camera, bang went the door! Oh s**t the button hadn't worked and the door was closed shut with me trapped outside my room stark naked, with only a phone for company. I tried the door in a desparate attempt to open but of course no joy. Sheer panic set in and I broke out in sweat, A scan up and down the corridoor and Nothing was outside any room. Not even a tray for room service to pick up that I could have used to shield my embarassment! Luckily at the end of the corridoor were some stairs leading one floor down to an emergency exit so I hid in the shelter this provided while I thought what to do. Only one thing for it, call reception and blag my way as to why I was stark naked locked out of my room. I called directory enquiries but they didn't have a number for the hotel! It changed it's name a couple of months ago but they did have a number for the old name so this I called. It rang for ages but no answer. HELP!!! At this stage I heard a door being opened and peeped down the corridoor to see the door oposite my room close. After still no reply I gingerly crept to this door and knocked on it. When someone (which transpired to be female) started to open the door I said "You don't have to open the door all of the way, this is very embrassing but I'm locked out of my room, can you call reception and ask them to send someone up". She was great and said no problem and a few minutes later crouched in my hiding place I heard her tell me someone was on the way. A huge sigh of relief when the receptionist (a cutie at that) appeared so from around the corner of my shelter I explained I'd just got out of the bath, heard my phone ring and must have dropped it outside so went to retrieve it before the caller hung up but in the panic my towel fell off and door closed!

Just imagine the laugh she must have had with her colleagues and buddies at the put telling them about the naked guy locked out of his room. I'll probably keep her entertaining others at meal times for years to come! Did I beath a sigh of relief once reunited with my room. I also of course chastised myself for not putting anything in the doorway to stop the door from shutting, but of course that was only verbal! Need a spanking if any volunteers for that get in touch. Now what a good pose for some photos that would be ;) If anyone's looking for a mature model for outside/inside photos as you can tell from the above account which I hope made you laugh am available at no fees :) Every word of the above is true. Well you can't make that sort of stuff up!! Rob