Written by fast bowler

5 Feb 2006

I had lived in the South of England most of my life but moved away from the area when I split up with my wife. My sex life suffered and was just a string of one night stands. I'd been away for about 2 years when I got an invitation to my old cricket club's old boys reunion.

I decided to go and booked into a small local hotel near the old club, I had a few drinks in the bar before getting a taxi to the club. It as good to see all the old team, but I was pleased to see an old mate, Tony, he was there with his wife, Ally, who I'd always fancied. She looked great, and was wearing a long black dress, showing off her lovely firm tits, she had either hold ups or suspender. I can remember her in the summer wearing a tight blouse and her big erect nipples poking out. The dress had a split right up the front and I thought at some time during the evening I would get a great view between her legs.

After a few drinks we all went into the area for our meal and i was pleased to be sat opposite Ally, Tony was sat next to her. Ally was doing her best to make me as horny as she could with comments about sex, I suddenly felt her foot stroking my leg under the table, she looked me straight in the eye and just smiled. I then returned the favour and could feel her legs were wide open, I had by this time the biggest hard on I'd had for ages.

I dropped a spoon on the floor to have a look under the table, the sight that greeted me, nearly made me cum on the spot, Ally had her legs wide open, she was not wearing any knickers and I could see her lovely hairy bush. Again I got a sexy smile and Tony appeared not to notice what was going on.

we all went back into the bar and after a while, Tony came up to me and said "I bet you would like to fuck Ally" I could hardly answer him, he was obviously aware of what had been going on all night. I said "I'd love to" he invited me back to their house and as the kids were away, I was looking forward to some fun. We all piled into the taxi, I was fingering Ally all the way home and she was stroking my cock as hard as she could, when we arrived at their house Ally just fell in a heap onto the sofa, her legs wide apart and I got a great view of her pussy. As she was laid there, Tony gave me the nod to help myself, which I did, I buried my face right into her wet juicy cunt, licking away and sliding two fingers straight in. She was moaning and loving it.

I came up for air and saw Tony having his cock sucked by Ally, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we then changed postions, I was just hoping i would not cum too quickly and ruin everything.

Ally then stripped off and got on all fours with me right behind her, I just slide my cock right up into her soaking wet pussy, hardly touching the sides, Tony sat in front of her and was happy to have his cock sucked, I knew I could not last long, Ally started really pushing her arse into me and telling me to give her a good hard fuck, and fill her pussy with hot spunk, that was it for me, I shot the biggest load of spunk ever and at the same time Tony shot his load into her mouth, she swallowed every bit. We changed position all night, the best fucking session I've ever had.

This went on for the rest of the night, they told me they had a few friends who they have regular sessions with, one of them was the local golf club captain and his wife, who I also knew. They have asked me to visit again the next time there friends are round, I will let you know how that goes.