Written by Ian and Anne

2 Feb 2005

So I'm 49 and she's 42.

Since we got married, she hasn't fucked anyone else, as far as I know.

When we were engaged she fucked about six guys. We were engaged for two months. These are the ones she told me about.

We went steady for six months before we got engaged. Being steady meant that if she was out with me I fucked her. On nights where I was busy I had no claim on her. She fucked whoever she fancied.

When we met a good girl wore white cotton undies, and hardly ever fucked more than one man per night. This was the sixties. She doesn't remember many nights alone. Her skirts were ridiculously short and she fucked every man she met. But she was a good girl. She wore white cotton panties.

I was the new boyfriend. I bought her red, satin finish, nylon knickers. She said she wouldn't take them off except for me. She didn't. She got fucked through the leg. She peed through them. That seemed to turn guys on. She didn't want to shit in them, so she asked me if she could take them off to perform this function. I agreed

big mistake.

I had to go abroad on business. I was away two weeks. She kept a diary. 63 guys fucked her. It seemed she neede to take them off to shit quite a lot.

We went to Romania on honeymoon, except the timing was such that we weren't married yet. She wore skirts that your average stripper would think twice about and nothing underneath. I fucked her as often as I could - three or four times per day - I had priority. If I wasn't able, she had anyone that offered. Even by her standards, she had too much. She got sore underneath and had to restrict herself to fellatio. For some reason (plug not in?) she stared wetting her knickers on climax.

So I married a girl in a nappy. She has enough control for every day life, but if she gets excited, she wets herself. So, I know her, and understand. She's embarrased to fuck anyone else. After we were wed, she'd wear the most provocative clothes she could, and try to make guys come in their underpants, but she wouldn't fuck or seriously pet them, because she was scared she'd wee herself.

I now fuck her about five times per week. She wets the bed when I do it, but I have a mattress protector.

She won't wear a nappy. Fine. If she gets randy she pees herself and I can do something about it. Does this stop her fucking anyone else available? Well, it never has, but it surely cramps her style.

She still wears (and wets) the tartiest undies she can buy. I'm not dumb enough to think she's been faithful, but if I count the number of times I've fucked her since we met, it's probably more than everyone else has fucked her since we met. I'm happy with that.