Written by Ralph

15 Sep 2006

'Goodness Charlie you have got yourself all excited

haven't you?' said my wife in her nursey voice,and

then i heard him groaning in pure pleasure as Doreen

wanked his cock 'My My that's quite a big one you

have isn't it you naughty boy?'she continued on.

Doreen put a condom onto Charlies erection and i

heard him say 'Will you suck it for me Doreen?'

By the sound of the ecstatic groans he made i

knew that my wifes hot mouth was pleasuring his

'suprisingly' big penis.By now i was furiously

wanking my cock whilst trying not to make to much

noise as i imagined my lovely wifes head bobbing

up and down on his swollen organ.'i want to put

it in you' he said,i didn't expect Doreen to go

this far but i learned afterwards that she had been

very excited and got carried away,'Let me take off

your knickers Doreen..That's a good girl..now lie

back'.Soon it was Doreens groans i heard along with

the gentle rocking of the bed,'Ooooh that's nice

Charlie,it fills me right up..Oooh yesss'. Charlie

continued fucking my wife,very slowly (at 76 i'm

suprised he managed at all) but the sensations where

pleasurable enough for my turned on wife who praised

his thickness as he enjoyed her tight cunt.