Written by Angela

12 Oct 2004

As I told you before my man says I must publish all my experiences He now tells me I am slipping and not publishing enough, quickly enough.

So I guess I had better to get on with it.

As always this is true.

Some of you may remember my previous story about an old flame I met and how we got it together.

This is what happened to next time I saw him.

We met for lunch in pub equidistant between where we lived so neither of us was particularly familiar with the area.

It was one of those Oldie Worlde pubs. He was there first and had chosen a table in a quiet corner.

When he came back with the drinks and menu he went to sit across the table from me but I shook my head and patted the seat next to me.

He came and sat in my chosen spot and as we studied menu I slide close up to him so my thigh was pressed against his and my breast was against his arm.

We both took a long time deciding and eventually decided we were not all that hungry so settled for a mixed selection of starters.

After going to order he came and sat close by me again and we chatted about this and that.

The food mostly consisted of things that needed eating with your fingers.

He fed me the odd tit bit and I did the same for him but he looked slightly non-plussed when I offered him my fingers to lick clean of sauce from a prawn but he didn’t refuse.

After running them along his lip I slowly lick each one clean myself.

Then went back to eating on my own.

I was very conscious that my nipples were standing up and clearly visible through my silky top and could see that he noticed too so I leant closer to him to rub the one closest to him across his arm. This also meant he could see the swell of my breasts just peeping out of blouse.

Fortunately a finger bowl and some linen napkins accompanied the food so we did not have to move to clean our hands.

When we had both had dry hands again he put his hand over my knee and I rested mine against the inside of his thigh.

As we talked I moved it slowly upwards until it was over his crutch and he grasped slightly as I slide it along the length of his hardening prick.

As I continued to run my fingers along him I felt him jump up towards me as he own hand crept across my stocking tops and suspenders and then against my inner thigh.

I leant even closer to him and said, “If you stroke me there you will make me cum.”

He looked quite shocked at my suggestion but moved his hand further between my legs as I closed my thighs around him and pressed my clit towards the edge of his hand.

I just said “There stay there” as l pressed my breast closer into his arm and with the slightest of movement came with gasp.

All the time I had continued to run my fingers across his prick and once he realised that he had made me cum I could feel him straining against his trousers.

He said, “I wish I had booked a room.“ I asked “Why?” and he said, “So I can fuck you.”

I asked, “Why do we need a room?” At which he just looked puzzled. So I went on “We have two cars what is wrong with one of them.”

From the look on his face this was something that had never crossed his mind so to tease him even further I said, “If we want to relive our youth we should use mine as it is Ford.”

I could see this was perhaps a thought too far so went on to say “But yours would be better ‘cause it is bigger and has got those wonderful leather seats.”

I could see he was still not convinced so I took a firmer grip on his prick.

I could see he was starting to weaken but had not entirely given up on his concerns as he said “But where?”

I said “It is fairly rural around here I am sure we will find somewhere”

He then took mine hand away from his crutch and said “If I going to get out of here without attracting too much attention you had better leave me alone for a bit

When he had subsided enough for him to walk we headed for his car.

It was a large top of the range saloon. He had once described it as “Middle aged and Middle class”, which there was no denying it was but I was hoping to change his view of it.

As we drove around I kept my hand firmly placed over his prick. There was no way I was going to let him loose his resolve in this adventure. I wanted fucking. I could feel the juices running out of my cunt wetting my pants and thighs

After a while we ran into a road running through a wood at the first track I suggested we drove

along it after a short way there was another narrower track and he pulled into there under some trees.

He was obviously still anxious as he asked if I thought it was okay I said it seemed fine to me but he want on to say “What if someone passes or sees?”

I shrugged and said, “They’ll get a good view?” Then as I held him firmer and pressed my tits against his chest said, “Let’s get in the back.”

We both moved quickly and as I moved from the front door to the back I slipped my pants off.

Once we were both in the car again I slide across the lovely leather seat hitched my skirt up to reveal my stocking clad legs and my shaved naked pussy as I straggled across him.

Then as I sat rubbing my clit against the hardness in his trousers I slipped my blouse and bra off to show him the full glory of my 36f tits.

My nipples were at their hardness and I felt his prick banging against my clit as I cupped my breasts in my hands and started to roll my nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

He watched me intently as I continued squeezing and kneading myself and I knew all his inhibitions were forgotten as I started to lick each nipple in turn.

Then he reach his hands towards me, took a breast in each and pulled me down onto his mouth to sink his teeth hard into each nipple.

As he continued to lick, nip and bit me I reached down undid first his shirt then his trousers and at last took his hard pulsating erection into my hand.

Then I pressed the hard shaft against my clit and started to rub myself against him.

As I did this he pushed me away to watch what I was doing and as I wanked myself against him he wriggled out of his trousers and pants so I could slide against his full.

He just lay watching me so I once again played with my tits with my free hand.

Nipping, squeezing and licking myself as I rubbed his prick harder and harder against my swollen clit to bring myself off.

As soon as I started to cum I slipped him inside of my wet twitching cunt went down as hard as I could on to him so he could feel the intensity of my orgasm against his rock hard cock.

When I had finished he said ”Come do it for me now.”

Slowly I started to slide up and down his swollen flesh and once more he cupped my tits in his hands and started to squeeze and nip them.

Then he let them go to watch them bounce about as I fucked him.

As his thrusts got quicker I leant towards him and pressed each tit against his mouth for biting each bite made my cunt grasp him even harder.

Then he started to do me really hard and put his hands on my hips to hold me down so I got the full force of his prick banging into me.

I leant even closer to him so my tits were banging against his face as he jiggled me up and down.

I could hear myself screaming “Do it do it to me.” but he was in no rush.

He just kept pushing himself deeper and deeper into me ignoring my pleas as my tits bounced about around his head.

By then I was beside myself and my cunt was cumming all the time.

To steady myself I hung onto to the back of the seat and pressed my tits closer and closer against his face.

Then he pushed me further down onto him and I felt him start to fountain hot spunk into my cunt.

As he came he held me down hard so I got the full force of his jerking, spitting prick deep inside me and he kept me there until I had taken ever last drop.

It was only when we had recovered we realised where we were again and he got all a bit prim.

Insisting I put my clothes on quickly. I felt it was bit late to worry about anything like that but there you go.

It certainly didn’t put him off seeing me again.

My man says I must tell you about that as well but it will have to be another time now.