Written by Lady Jane

8 May 2006

I was out in town one night with a group of friends and bumped into a man Ive know for a number of years (I'm married and he isn't). I'd always fancied him and he'd featured quite a lot in my sexual fantasies. He bought me a drink although Id already had quite a few already. As soon as I sat by him, I could feel my clit twitching and the conversation got round to sex. I told him I'd always wanted to fuck him and he just said "Why dont you then?". We quietly left the place to go back to his. On the walk home he pulled me into a dark space round the back of our local supermarket. We kissed really passionately and then I got down on my knees and undid his flies. His cock was hard as hell as it sprang out of his pants. I gasped as it must have been a good ten inches. I took it into my mouth and somehow managed to get most of it in. I loved it, running my tongue up and down the shaft and round the tip but I wanted it up my cunt. First, though he wanted to taste my pussy and I spread my legs wide while he licked and sucked my clit, ramming his tongue up my hole and fingering me. I was going to cum but not before I'd got that whopper inside me. I bent over to 'let the dog see the rabbit'. and he slipped his huge cock inside my soaking cunt. Then he fucked me harder than Ive ever been fucked before, grabbing my hair and pulling it really hard. I could feel his balls slapping against me and the pain inside where his massive cock was hitting the top of my cunt was delicious. I came with such a shudder I couldnt help but scream a little. It was then that we both realised the two security guards had been watching. Both had their cocks in their hands and had wanked while we fucked. We made a quick exit but I'll never forget that night.