Written by Yankeeboy

9 Nov 2005

I left off yesterday with my, formerly quite reserved, wife standing over the engorged dick of our friend Al slowly rubbing her pussy lips over said member whilst Al's wife Jan was sucking my cock, protuding from my unzipped Armani's. I'm totally in shock. Jill and I have a good sex life and are pretty adventurous (lots of positions, sex toys, porn and so on) but we'd never even talked about group or swapping or anything like what seemed to be happening. Not that I objected for one minute, but I certainly had no inkling, after 20 years, of any interest - far less the enthusiasm she seemed to be showing - on the part of Jill. This is all going through my mind when Jan stops blowing, looks up smiling and says that this is fun but wouldn't it be more comfy in the house where they've got, wait for it "facilities for this sort of thing". Al says yes and Jill says, I don't believe I'm hearing this, "oh great, lets go". So we all get up, Al in a shirt, I'm still dressed, Jan is nude and Jill is in her Rigby & Peller bra and thong and high heeled Jimmy Choo's, and go into the house. As we head in Jill grasps my hand, kisses me and asks if I'm OK with this, she's smiling. I reply, a bit nervously, sure but is she OK. she laughs and says yeah and adds, as she rubs my bum, we should have been doing things like this years ago, we've been wasting time! I relax, a bit. now we've been to jan and Al's many times, but always the public rooms and kitchen downstairs and the garden. We'd never been upstairs, which is pretty big. It's a nice Victorian house with, I would have guessed 4 or 5 rooms on the first floor and an attic/kids second floor above that. I'd always assumed they were just guestrooms (they have no kids), Jan and Al entertain a lot - as we were to find out! We go upstairs, but instead of heading for a bedroom there carry on up to the attic second floor. Jill and I are following Al, who stands aside as Jan opens a door at the top of the stairs and puts on a light - "Taraaa" she announces "wht do you think?" We go up and enter a large, warm, softly lit room occupying the whole top floor and both gasp. It's amazing - and must have cost a mint (Jan's business must really do well). At one end on a raised dias is a jacuzzi tub to sit, at a guess, 8. At right angles to that is a giant wall mounted plasma screen. The floor has an area, slightly raised, strewn with cushions. The rear wall, partly curtained velux window, is shelved and stacked with an amazing collection of sex toys, whips, uniforms, clothes and the like. "Our play room" Jan purrs. Al goes over and starts to fill the tub while Jan takes us both by the hand and leads us to the cushioned area. Once there she asks Jill if I should be undressed, which they both commence to do. Soon I'm on the floor, Jan is on all fours sucking my cock while massaging my balls and flicking a finger over my anus. Jill is squatting just above my head, she's removed her thong and is rocking her pussy, the outer lips parted, the clit engorged and red, over my outstreched tounge. Al comes over, the tub must be full, he's now naked, and presents his dick to Jill's face. I look with interest, this is all new to me. The cock is about 7 inches long. He pulls back the foreskin slowly to reveal a bloated purple plum head wet with pre-cum juice. Jill extends her tounge to lap at the juice before seeming to suck the whole shaft into her mouth. As she does she first rubs her rght hand on her sopping fanny before slowly and deliberatly inserting a finger into Al's arsehole. I'm just beggining to think that I can't take any more and am going to explode when Jan stops sucking my manhood and rolls onto her back, laughing and wrenching Jill from Al's cock and arse. "Hey whoa, stop folks" she says. She then says that Jill and I have probably guessed by now that Al and her do this sort of thing a lot. We laugh and agree that it looks like it. Glancing at Al, who nods agreement, she suggests thats it's not late, about 10.30, why doesn't she phone a couple they know who live nearby. This couple are nice and very into swinging, we'd like both them and a group session she assures us. Jill is almost whooping with excitement and, surprise, surprise, we agree to Jan seing if the other couple are at home. Well thats my lunchbreak over. I'll come back with part 3.