Written by Celine

24 Jun 2006

Hi my name is Celine, i`m a 26 year old nurse.i work at one of the large hospitals in Manchester.recently i have been working the dreaded nightshift, which every member of staff hates. not only are the hours terrible, but time seems to drag as once drugs have been perscribed to the patients there is little else to do. i was into my 3rd shift and on the 2 previous nights been chatting to a charming man, whome i guessed was around 65. he had been telling me all about his family, the fact that he had lost his wife 2 years previous, all about his son who was in South Africa. basically he was going to be in hospital for upto 2 weeks and he had no one to visit him.

I had a brief chat with George before i started my round, he had asked me if i would come back to see him later, as he wanted my opinion of something, i said i would see him in around an hour. i finished my round, went to my room, and i still do not know why i did this, undid 2 more buttons on my uniform(i have quite ample,rounded breast). i was feeling incredibly horny and i didnt know why, this gentleman had never said anything remotely saucy to me, but i knew given a tiny chance i was going to fuck him tonight. i called to his room, George was lying on his side, i thought he was asleep, so i very quietly called his name. he slowly turned around and said "Celine, i`v been thinking of you all evening", i walked over to the bed and said " what do you want my opinion on, George?" George pulled his sheet away from him to reveal THE biggest, hardest penis i have ever laid my eyes on!! "this" he said i walked towards the door and George shouted "NO, I`M REALLY SORRY!" I turned the lock in the door and locked us in from inside!! his face was a picture, i slowly walked over to him, undoing my uniform as i got nearer, he sat up on his bed, his massive cock standing so proud, so fucking big!! i put my mouth around the head of his monster, my jaws craneing to fit in my mouth

i moved my head slowly back and forward getting used to it`s shear size, after only a minute George said " i`m sorry, i`m gonna cum!!" the monster cock stiffed in my mouth and seconds later a jet of thick spunk hit my throat, he pumped so much into me mouth i gagged, his hot cream was drippling out of both sides of my mouth, then in one swift movement, he stood up, pushed my onto his bed, pulled open my uniform, tugged away at my panties and rammed his cock up my soaking pussy. i could not believe he was still so hard, his manhood

was a mixture of pain and fantastic pleasure inside me, he had my cumming in no time, fucked me fast, then would slow right down, pull his meat almost compleatly out of me, then bang it hard into me again, he fucked at me for over an hour then spunked another load into me. it was easily the best fuck i had ever had. we had 2 repeats before George was discharged, i have seen him several times since, each time the same...FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you George, you trully know how to please a lady!! a little note to all you girls out there, try an older man, they really know whats what!!