Written by Alan

7 Aug 2006

Barbara is 38,Brunette and very attractive she

is slightly plump,but has a shapely figure with

a big arse and a pair of 34 H cup whoppers that

always get a lot of attention when she wears her

bikini outside our Essex seaside beach hut,especially

from old Stan,the 70 year old in the next hut.

What an old perv he is,always banging on about

a load of old cobblers just to cop a look at my

wifes big udders!

This year Barbara got stung by a wasp and banged

her head,what a fuss he made about 'being a first

aider' and having a camp bed in his hut for her

to lie down on 'you can't be to careful with stings'

he advised.

I went along with it,but soon found myself enjoying

the attention he gave to my slightly concussed


'Make yourself useful go to the chemist for some

witch hazel for the sting' he said bossily,and

like a good boy off i went to the car.

On the way i could just imagine him having a

crafty grope,but i was intrigued and wanted to

see it,that's why i never walked into the hut on

my return,but chose to look through a gap in the

wooden slats.

My wife Barbara,bless her is not that bright at

the best of times,and she was revelling in the

roll of the patient and having a fuss made of her.

Her black bikini did little to hide her curves as

she laid on the bed as old Stan made a fuss dabbing

her bumped head with antiseptic on cotton wool,

Barbara had a thermometer in her mouth and Stan

waffled about 'not getting a reading' and shaking

his head saying 'he should monitor the situation'

and that he would have to try 'something else!'

'Roll onto your front Barbara' he said,and as

she did so he put a pillow under her belly.My

dozy wife complied and i saw her big buttocks in

her tightly clinging bikini bottoms,and so did Stan!

Barbara barely protested but she blushed bright

red as he lowered her bottoms,nextly he donned a

surgical glove and took some lubricant from his first

aid box,i watched as he put his finger deep into

Barbaras well lubed arsehole 'Ooooh that feels

really funny' she said.The thermometer followed.

To be continued.