Written by Stephen

13 Dec 2004

My job as an architect for a loft conversions takes me to allsorts of homes and addresses.Early last year I was especially pleased when one address caught my eye,it was close to where I was born and went to school,but what made me look twice was the clients name,Ms K Appleby.

When I was at school,there was a Katrina Appleby in the year above me and I wondered if by chance they could be one in the same.I hoped that she was,as memories of her flooded back.Katrina was a beautiful tall athletic girl,fantastic figure,and well blessed in the breast department,she was lusted after by every schoolboy and male teacher everytime she graced the sportsfield.Many had tried to date her but none had succeeded,in fact there were rumours that she might have been gay.

I arrived at the address,my heart was pounding as I rang the bell.Although it had been twenty five years since I had last seen her,the lady that opened the door was most definately her,she hadn`t changed much and had worn well over the years.I introduced myself and was shown into the kitchen.I couldn`t help but stare at her and she asked if there was anything wrong.I told her that we once went to the same school together although not in the same year,the reason I was staring was that she was as I remembered her all those years ago.Katrina just laughed and asked if I was one of the lads who were always trying to get into her knickers.I had to admit I had fancied her but had been too shy to talk or even approach her.

After I had measured up the loft I returned to the kitchen where Katrina had an old school photo laid out and asked me to point myself out.I asked what she had been doing since school.She said she went to Uni,got a job as a PA to an MP,before giving up work to look after her late sick mother whose house we were now in.I told Katrina that I would send her some plans and costs the following week but as I left she asked if I could drop them off in person,we could perhaps talk about our old school days.We fixed a date and time for the following week.That night I had to wank twice to releive my erection,my every dream seemed filled with us having sex and making love.

The following Friday afternoon I returned to Katrina`s where she showed me into the lounge.After I showed her my drawings she reached under the coffee table and brought out some photo albums.Katrina made herself comfy next to me on the sofa as we looked at the pictures trying to identify and name the people in them.On one page there were several pictures of Katrina in her sports kit and seeing them my lusting for Katrina returned and I felt my cock stir and an embarrasing bulge appeared in my trousers which I did my best to hide.Katrina must have noticed and leant forward and put her hand over the bulge and said something about still being able to arouse me with the pictures of when she was younger.I asked her if anyone from school had ever got off with her.She said that many had tried but her mother had insisted that she had no time for boys and education was the be all of things.I asked her if she knew about the rumours that she was gay.She nodded and started to cry.I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me seeking comfort.Katrina then surprised me by reaching under the table and produced a video tape.She moved to put it on the VCR and stood beside the TV while I watched the images on the screen.The film was an amateur affair but involved two women with a strap on enjoying each other.It was only when the cameraman neared the bed that I recognised Katrina as one of them.Both girls broke away from each other and began to suck erect the cock of the naked cameraman.The next scene was of Katrina being fucked by the man she seemed to be enjoying it.Katrina fucked in a succession of positions,she seemed insatiable and took his climax across her face which she wiped off with her fingers before licking them clean with her tongue.Katrina broke the silence and explained this was filmed at Uni where she had experimented with both sexes,she believed herself to be bi rather than gay.

Katrina rejoined me on the sofa and asked me if I felt any different towards her after seeing her performance on film.I could only say that seeing her in that film had made me horny and I wanted to fuck her there and now.She smiled saying she hoped that I was and took my hand and led me to the bedroom.She asked me to undress her and my hands reached for her zip.She stepped out of her dress naked except for her underwear.Her breasts were heaving bursting to be released from the confines of her bra.She turned to offer me her back.I fumbled like a novice schoolboy with the fastenings.The bra eventually unclipped and fell to the floor,I reached around her began to fondle the breasts I once lusted after in my youth they felt fantastic,warm,firm but soft to the touch.Katrina pushed down her panties and bent forward pushing her bare bottom against my ever growing erection.I lifted and carried her to her bed and lay her down and quickly removed my own clothes.I moved towards the bed to join her,my erect cock swaying as I moved.Katrina reach out and took hold of me slowly wanking me till my bellend was well lubricated with ousings of precum.Gathering a large drop on her fingers she took it to her lips and suggestively licked them with her tongue.I parted her thighs and knelt between them before lowering myself to kiss her.Foreplay was slow and deliberate I wanted to savour this moment.I paid attention to her earlobes,neck and lips before moving onto her breasts.She told me her nipples were extra sensitive and as I brushed them with my tongue she came in a noisy climax,bucking and thrashing across the bed.She pleaded with me to kiss her fanny and I moved down on her soft haired blonde mound.She smelt musky with a hint of perfume I filled my nostrils with her aroma.I lapped and parted her moist lips before plunging my tongue deep into her wet fanny tasting her cum juices.Katrina thrust her hips upwards encouraging me to delve deeper inside her.My tongue searched her inner walls lapping up all that she offered.I moved my mouth and took her clit between my lips and using my tongue lightly brushed it making her squirm in pleasure.Katrina pleaded for me to stop and demanded I fuck her long and hard.Moving from between her thighs.I positioned myself above her and quickly slipped my cock deep into her.Katrina locked her legs behind me pulling me even deeper into her warm fanny and we began to ride each other in unison.It felt fantastic as I slid in and out but in the pure excitement of the moment I felt myself climax too early and came deep in her.I apologised for cumming too soon but Katrina didn`t seem to mind and said if I didn`t have to rush off we could spend the rest of the afternoon in bed together trying to make amends.We lay in each others arms until Katrina`s hand moved down and began to rub my cock,I immediately responded.She moved down and knelt over me and took me in her mouth.Her warm lips and darting tongue soon made me fully erect.I asked her if she wanted to have a mutual 69 or did she want to fuck.Katrina want me to fuck her again only this time she wanted it doggy style.Moving behind her I slipped into her and began to move in and out.This time we lasted for what seemed and age before I felt myself building for another climax.Katrina pleaded for us to cum together this time and as I felt myself approaching my climax I reached under her and massaged her swinging tits paying attention to her erect sensative nipples.We came together long and hard with me pumping load after load deep into her moistening fanny before collapsing onto the bed.We must have fallen asleep as it was dark when we awoke.Katrina suggested I stay the night and to emphasize the point she reached down and began to wank my cock.It was an offer I could not refuse,to spend the night with my childhood fantasy was beyond all my dreams.

After dinner Katrina and I made love in her bath by candlelit before retiring for the night to her bed.We made love as many times and in as many positions as we could before fatigue took over and we fell asleep like two spoons nestled in each others arms.In the morning we made love once more before breakfast.Katrina thanked me for the previous afternoon and evening and sent me on my way with one last slow blowjob to remind me of her.

About a week later my boss said we had obtained Katrina`s loft conversion only on the understanding that I was to supervise the job from start to finish.I called Katrina immediately to confirm starting dates,she insisted that if I hadn`t any other plans I could stay with her while the work was being carried out and we could perhaps reminisce some more.

The work took about a week to complete and at the end Katrina said we were both looking a little"shagged out" and deserved a holiday.The folowing month Katrina and I flew out to stay with one of her girlfriends,Sally,in her villa in Portugal for a well earned rest.On the plane Katrina let it be known that Sally was the one in the video she had shown me and was up for anything.For the following fortnight all three of us shared the same bed and each other with her friend videoing some of it for posterity.

When we returned to England Katrina asked if I would like to move in with her permenantly and share her life with her.I moved in a short time after and we have been a happy couple ever since.Katrina asked if I minded if she invited Sally to stay over Christmas.I told her just the thought of seeing her and Sally performing again would be the ideal xmas present for us all and told her to ring her straight away.Hopefully I will have something further to write in the new year.