Written by Tony

13 Nov 2005

Last night my wife and I went to a concert to see a tribute band, the concert was held in a club which was a bit rough to say the least, there were two large function rooms and the other room was host to a wedding party.

We arrived aroung eight and proceeded to queue at the packed bar for a drink, I told my wife Cathy to try and grab a table and she left me at the bar.

After about fifteen minutes I eventually got served and made attempts to find Cathy, I found her near to the back sat with an older couple in there fifties, (we are both early forties).

I sat down and the couple introduced themselves as Barry and June, I turned out that Cathy had worked with Barry several years ago at the local army camp as kitchen hands but the camp closed and everyone lost there jobs.

We sat and chatted and enjoyed the concert however several drinks later June said she was feeling ill and wanted to leave Barry remonstrated with her and became quite abrupt telling her not to be so miserable, I told Barry that I would take June home as I had to be up early for work anyway Cathy said she would grab a taxi and told me not to wait up, she said that Barry and her would just catch up reminissing about old times, June agreed and I left with her I dove her home and dropped her off at there house around midnight I then went home and went to bed.

I was awoken about 3.30 with the sound of a car pulling up outside I looked through the curtains to see a car at the side of our house the engine was off but I could see two people in the front I realised it wasn't a cab but went to the side window and got a better view of the car I could see Cathy and Barry sat in the car at the side of our house in the driveway that leads to some fields, I watched for a few minutes wondering what was going on as I could see movement in the car, I crept downstairs and went outside via the rear patio door and went around the side of our garden to get a better view, I peered through the hedge and the car was now just six foot away, I could see Barry sat upright but to my amazement Cathy's head was moving up and down in his lap, my heart was pounding as I stood and watched for a minute or two and my cock started to stiffen, she was giving him head something that she never does to me, I felt really turned on and began to wank my own cock. I could hear noises coming from the car and heard the seat go back on the runners, Cathy was tittering and then I saw her climb on top of Barry, he had his hands under her top and she was moaning quite loud something else she doesnt do when I'm fucking her,after a few minutes she climbed off him and he was moving his seat again the interior light came on and I noticed he was doing up his trousers, they then kissed eachother so I ran back into the house and went back into bed.

I heard the car start and drive off and after a few minutes she came into the bedroom, I pretented that I was asleep as she got into bed, my cock was rock hard with the thought of what I had just seen and I then pretended that I had woken up, I asked her how long she had been back and she said she had just got back in a taxi, I moved closer to her in bed and began playing with her tits and fanny, Cathy told me to stop as she was tired and felt quite pissed, I told her I was horny as hell and asked if I could have a quick fuck, she reluctanly aggreed and I placed my hard cock between her fanny from behind, I pushed it in and it felt hot and wet, within seconds I came and she then rolled over and went to sleep.

When I got up I checked her mobile phone and found a message clearly from Barry although there was no name thanking her for a good night with arrangements to meet next thursday during the day, I intend to secretly book the day off work and see what occurs I will let you know.