Written by Steve

13 Aug 2004

I am a Bi man who enjoys all aspects of sexual play and enjoy taking control. I have had many experiences both with couples and single ladies and gents. This true account happened last week and i am again putting pen to paper so to speak. I put my profile on a mature dating agency explaining my wants,desires and needs. I was looking for the older lady or couple as I have found them to be more open and honest and have never been let down (especialy in the bedroom).

Nothing happened for over a week and then i got a reply in my mailbox. I replied with my tel number and got a call later that day. The lady explained that she was widowed (2 years) and had a parner but they lived seperate. She was 55, and was arroused by my frankness of what i was looking for. We talked for about 30 mins and I arranged to call on her. She lived about 1 hours drive away and i arrived the next day just after lunch. I had left work early to make sure we had the full afternoon if needed. I arrived with a nice bunch of flowers and a nice chardony semilion to drink.

We sat down to drink the wine and chatted. I explained i would not push her into anything and the decission was down to her if she wanted to take it further. She got up and sat next to me on the 2 seater. I smiled and asked if she would like me to give her a relaxing masssage. She accepted and sat on the floor in front of me. I worked her shoulders and head and began to move my hands further down and around her body until i was finaly cupping her large breasts. She was enjoying this, her eyes closed and biting her lip. I undid her blouse and genly caressed her breasts. I was now rock hard and now i needed to take control. I told her to stand up and take off her top. She did and i told her to play with her breasts and pinch her nipples. She did and moaned with pleasure. I undid my pants and pulled them down to release my hard cock with i began to masturbate slowly. I told her to watch me and the look on her face was so sultry. I told her to strip off conpletly and join me on the sofa. When she sat down i opened her legs fully and knelt bewteen then. I told her to open her lips so i could lick her. This she did and i slowly licked her clit and pussy before inserting my fingers in her now soaking cunt.

I worked away until i found her G spot with my thumb and rubbed her clit at the same time. She came almost immediatly. I stood up and told her to suck me. She hesitated and told me she had never done this. Kiss the end I told her. She did, take it into your mouth now, again she did this. I started to slowly fuck her mouth telling her to suck me. I was nearing my orgasm. Now i know you think i came in her mouth...I wanted to but i thought this would be too much on her first blow job so i took my cock in my hand and wanked so fast until i came all over her breasts. I told her to rub my semen into her breasts. I told her to taste it. Again she hesitated so i licked my cum off her breasts and kissed her on the lips inserting my tongue as far into her mouth as i could.

I then told her to get on all fours and lean on the sofa. This she did and told me that she wanted my to FUCK her. She had changed and using foul language now. I wanked myself until hard, all the time fingering her wet pussy until I inserted my cock. I went as fast as i could until I was about to cum and then stopped to let my orgasm die down. I them again fucked her as fast as possible until I was about to shoot and stopped again. I did this for about 45 mins and she orgasmed several times before i finaly emtied myself in her. I then licked out my cum and kissed her again. This time she had no hesitation and swallowed my cum. I stayed for a few more hours and we played some more before i left. I rang her later that night to make sure she was OK and if she would like me to visit in the future. She does and i will be there Saturday all being well. I may introduce her into anal if I can and start with a good rimming. I wonder if she will let me?

I have many more experiences to tell and am always looking for the older couple who want to add a spark to there sex life or the older lady who just wants to enjoy life a bit more. I dont always get what I want but I always make sure that my partner does.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss my experiences and if you do want to meet, i would be more than pleased to visit you.

Hope you like what you have read.