Written by Mike and Pat

30 Jun 2005

A couple of weeks ago the wife and i had been out for meal and a few drinks. We got back home about 10ish and a little merry we started to fool around and have a little fun. I took my shirt off and Pat my wife laughed at the size of my belly. (Id had a lot to eat- pasta bloats you) I joked to her about the size of her arse- and she said - WHAT you saying I have a big arse- you know when you have said the wrong thing !!!!

Out of nowhere she said I bet I could get a shag easier than you !!! Wow where did that come from, But it sure had an effect in my pants !! Now Pat is a sexy 32 year old with long brown hair nice 36CC and 24 waist and a shapely 36/38 arse. Shewears young sexy clothes and miost hot bloodied guys would be up for it with her.

I said to her go on then - See if you can get a shag, she went all quiet on me then said when, I said now, Now , yes now and you have to bring them here so I can watch from a discreet place.... Your on.....

I said who you going to get..... she said I know the perfect person....Ralph. Ralph, but he is nearly 50 and knows your Mum... Pat looked at me and said ...see you chicken!!! I looked at her with my heart in my mouth and said ...Go for it !!

The next minute she is on the phone, Ralph it is Pat, Doreens daughter,( small talk). I was wondering if you could do me a favour Mike (me) is away and I need to take some pictures and cannot work out my new digital camera !!! I am a bit busy tomorrow I could here her say but am free tonight if you are sure it is not too late ( she was good). ok, thks cya in a minute!! Pat rang off the phone, I looked at her and said Well ??

She said to me be round in 20 mins, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest ! Pat looked at me and said you will have to go out the back and look through, and then she looked at me really hard and said are you sure about this if you want to back out say now !!!! One part of me did, the other part was too hard to object!!!

I followed Pat upstairs where she dressed in white stockings, black bra and knickers. She has a great tan and she looked fantastic!! She then put a summer dress over the top and brushed her har and put a little make up on. We heard Ralphs car pull up and I went off into the back Garden- Pat pulled the Front curtains... and went to open the door.. she led Ralph in, Ralph was about 49, 6ft bit of a gut on him, grey hair thinning on the crown and wore glasses.

Pat made ralph a coffee and poured herself a wine. She gave him her new camera and he sorted it out in about 10 mins- saying all done !! She asked him how to work it and he showed her, She then said tell you what take a couple of pictures of me I will send them to Mike. Pat was sat in the arm posing and Ralph snapped away, she then got a bit playful, and said I will show a bit of leg, and lifted her dress hem up ... a little at first then a little higher and then a little higher, all the time I am outside watching this and Ralph is getting to photograph it!!

By this time I am getting to see that her stockings are now showing a little - and there were no objections from Ralph... To be contd