Written by Mke and Pat

30 Jun 2005

The dress was right up and Ralph must have been getting glimpses of Pats knickers. At this point Pat puleed her dress down and sat up and apologised- stating that she was getting a bit carried away and how awful it must have looked. Ralph said he did not mind in the slightest and was loving taking pictures of such a beautiful ladies legs !! The Charmer ! He then went on to say it was a shame that it had to stop at the legs. Pat laughed and said I am sure you not interested in taking anymore pictures. ralph said I would really loe to in fact would be nice to take some of you with out that dress. ( just goes to show the quiet ones)

Pat said she couldn't especially would nto want her big bum on show- Ralph said you have a great bottom perfectly formed- he asked her to stand and turn round with that he took a picture and showed her it. She said yes but it is covered up there, he told her to turn round again adn this time hoist up her dress to her waist. Pat was staring in my direction with a big smile on her face as she showed off her knicker and stocking clad arse to a relative stranger. Ralph showed the picture and said looked you hae one of the sexiest butts i have ever seen !! He then told her to kneel with her back to him on the chari and he started snapping away- soon teh dres was off.. and Pat looked stunning in her undies and stockings. then teh bra came off and the brasts were on show...Ralph was loving it I was loving it. then the knicker scme off and the legs were spread- shwong off her well trimmed pussy. Ralph was talking to her all the time- saing things like show me that pussy show me what you want- finger it and Pat was doing it all. He then ordered he on to her knees and walked up to her and got her to take his manhood out- suck it- yo uknow you want to - it was a good length about 7inches and thick... Pat took hold of it and licked the end before starting to take a good long suck on it.....this went on for a few minutes and then Ralph ordered her on the sofa and asked if she was on the pill- Yes she said, Ok wel lin that case I am going to fuck your arse and your pussy. HE then pushed hard and fast right up her from behind.. pumped away and then fed it up her arse, she was sceaming with pleasure before he pulled out and pumped spunk all over her arse. He then pulled up his trousers- said thanks fo rthe coffeee and left...

I cam in to a strong smell of sex and a limp wife.... my cock was far from limp as she lay on the sofa I sld int her and fucked her frenziedly for about 30 seconds before exploding..... More exploits to come