Written by Donna

17 Jul 2004

My Boyfriend had decided to go away for the weekend with his mates,so me feeling pissed off decided to go out and get laid! I have been unfaithful before without him knowing so i got dressed in my shortist skirt and crop top ankle boots and short jacket and headed into town.I had a couple of drinks and a couple of scrawny lads had tried to chat me up but were not to my taste.I was feeling quite horny so after a couple more drinks decided to walk down town to a night club.I looked realy tarty and was feeling a little pissed,when a car drove by and the guy looked at me he smiled and i just kept walking,he came back past me and pulled over in a side street as i reached the junction where he was parked he beckoned me over,i do not know why but i walked up to him and started to talk to him while he sat in his car,he looked about fifty and fat,we chatted for a few minetes and then he said "how much" i looked at him and thought (fuck me he thinks i am on the game)i felt quite turned on and said what do you want? He said well a good time,so i said ok took a gulp and got in his car.We drove off and he started to rub my legs and stroke my thong we ended up behind some wharehouses.I was soaking at the thought of fucking a complete stranger,He asked me again how much so i said give me twenty!He then dropped his trousers and got his cock out i took my thong and skirt off and got my tits out,putting the seats back he then pulled me over and pushed my head down onto his cock i started to suck this strangers cock and it was hard in seconds he did not last long and i felt his cum hit the back of my throat i gagged but he held me down so i had to swollow his load.As i sat back in the seat he started to finger my cunt which was soaking i opened my legs to give him more room then he climbed over between my legs he had got hard again i felt the end of his cock rub my clit,i put my feet on the dash board and felt him push his cock into my wet cunt,I felt a complete slut but was so turned on as he began to hump me hard i was surprised that he was so hard and this second time he fucked me for about twenty minetes before shooting a load into my hot wet cunt.We sorted ourselves out and he took me back to town.I stood on the pavement not beliveing what i had done but felt incrediably turned on.I told myself that i was a whore and so what,I went to the nearest pub and had another couple of drinks.I went back down the town and walked along the back street and another car pulled up and again i went off with the driver and got fucked again he enjoyed fucking me bareback and said he could feel the cum in me before shooting his load into me.When he dropped me off i felt a bit pissed so decided to get a taxi home.When we got almost to the door i asked the driver if he could drop me off he said sure love anything else? I said well!!!!! and with that he pulled into a culdesac and got in the back with me, and before i knew it i was being fucked for the third time of the night,the taxi drive had a big cock and knew how to use it he too said he could tell i had been fucked by how juicy my cunt was.He shot another load into me and let me off the fare.I got home and my boyfriend was pissed and asleep in the lounge, i went up stairs and showered before going to sleep still horny at the thought of being a whore for the night!The next day i couldnt stop thinking about cheating on my pathetic boyfriend and now feel that i must leave him!!!!!!!!