Written by peter

4 Nov 2003

it was raining really fast , i was totally pissed off on saturday , i desided to take a trip to an old haunt of mine near hull , thinking , at least i can watch the ships sail by , instead of staying in getting really bored ,

boy was i wrong , i no sooner drove into the car park when a cars interior lights came on for about 5 seconds , i drove right up along side there car , inside i saw a young lady kneeling against the back door , passenger side , showing her breasts , and pressing them again the window ,

then at her side came a guys face , he pointed at me and beckoned me to their car ,

my cock was allready hard from seeing her naked breasts , the guy had gone back behind her and was fucking her doggy style , the window was open about 1/2 way and i managed to reach in just far enough to begin playing , toying and gently pull on the ladies breasts and nipples with my hand and fingers ,

from her breathing it was clear that they where fucking and the lady was gasping for breath and her breasts where swinging back and forth has she received his cock ,

i opened the passenger back door and began to squeeze her ample breasts , kissing her full on the lips , hearing and feeling her short labouired breathing , groaning with pleasure i reached between her legs and felt her cunt , it was full of cock feeling it as the guy thrusted and withdrew his cock , i took her clitty betwwen my thumb and forefinger and began wanking it , whilst still wanking my own cock ,

i could feel her clitty , sticking out hard and proud of her cunt , the wetness of her cunt was dribbling from her , down her legs , she had cum , juices flowing down , out of her cunt , making the cock make slurping noices and turning all 3 of us on , so much that the fucking her shot his spunk into her cunt ,

he withdrew his cock and the over flow of spunk dribbled from her full cunt , i left her clitty and began fingering her cunt as i pushed my 2 fingers deep into her the spunk gushed out and flowed down my fingers , without hesitation i cupped my fingers and scooped the spunk into my hand and rubbed it all over her wetcunt and thighs ,

after 5 minutes of this i swapped wanking hands and began to wank with the spunk still dripping from my fingers , i was so turned on i cum with in 5 minutes , i lost control of my cock , shooting my spunk along the back seat of the car , all this time the guy was wanking his own cock , again shooting his spunk up into her waiting sopping cunt , then when he was finished he fingered her and spread his spunk over her arse and back , whilst i watch , wanking my cock again , what a night , we exchanged e mail addys , we have arranged to meet next week end ,

will keep you inform of the progress ,