Written by Penny & Richard

7 Jul 2004

The planned party had to be postponed at the eleventh hour, bad weather had stopped progress on the buiding work. I was so disappointed not to be having a party in our new garden.

The builders were not exactly my favourite poeple right now, not even the tall gorgeous one who always thanked me for the tea and biscuits.

Bored that afternoon I wandered to the P.C. logged in and browsed the profiles, mmmmmm all those well hung men in the pictures always make me a bit horny. I began rubbing my crotch, then my hand slipped under my panties, a few more profiles and I was rubbing my clit hard, god it felt good I could almost feel those big hard cocks inside me mmmmmm!

I was totally engrossed in what I was doing and opened my eyes to see the hunky builder watching me from outside the window. I hadn't heard him climb the scaffolding they had erected to do the work. He was smiling and had his hand down his trousers, I could see he was hard. I stared him straight in the eye and continued with what I was doing, he did likewise. I was so excited I was panting and very, very wet. I removed my fingers and slowly licked each one, he closed his eyes for a second and licked his lips. He motioned for me to open the window......I hesitated, what if the neighbours could see I thought? Almost immediately I also thought, who cares, and opened it enough for him to slide his arms under. I pulled the chair close to the window and he slipped his rough thick fingers into my wet, oh so hungry, cunt. It felt fabulous he told me, but I already knew that. He was fucking me hard with his fingers and I was greedily enjoying it. I was riding his hand hard and imagining what his cock would feel like deep in my pussy or being sucked by my soft warm mouth. He must have read my mind, as up to this point not a word had been spoken, when he pushed the window up and climbed into my room. He pulled his jeans and boots off and pushed me onto the bed. He was breathing really hard now as he told me he had been watching me for days and had wanted to fuck me from the first time he saw me. He said I know you like me, I see it in your eyes, and your cunt loves my fingers. I reached into his boxers and set free a thick hard smooth cock. I wanted so much to suck it but he said I had to be fucked right now! and fuck me he did! I was fucked hard and deep on my back, on my side and then on my knees as I begged him for more ..... he obliged and after about 30minutes he apologised and said he was going to cum. I didnt want him to stop but he said he couldnt hold out much longer. Okay I said, fucking give it to me!...with that, he fucked me as if he was nailing me to the wall. It was hard and fast and deeper than I ever remember being fucked and the most exquisite agony. He let out a loud groan and his whole damp, grimy body went rigid as he pumped his hot sticky cum up my wet, sore, throbbing, cunt.

I felt every drop and as he pulled out of me I knew as soon as he recovered I wanted more, sore or not he wasnt getting away that easy. We lay in silence for a few minutes until I, still horny, could stand it no more and raising up sank my mouth onto his spent cock. I licked and kissed and gently sucked the poor thing, it too was fucked, but not totally ;-) He soon began to respond to my attention and as he hardened I got wetter and hornier and gave him the blowjob of his life! He stopped me after about 10 minutes and said he wanted my pussy again but not before he had tasted me properly, he sank his mouth between my legs and sucked and licked and probed my now aching pussy it was heaven and I was so glad I had shaved that morning as he said I was like a ripe peach and he could eat me all day.

I had other ideas, and pulled his face up and told him I wanted fucked again! He pushed me over onto my knees quite roughly and slapped my ass...........Oh God Yes! He began massaging where he had slapped and his fingers, calloused from the rough building work, began working my ass. I pushed back and circled my hips towards him as he probed my ass with his finger, oh I wanted this so much. He slipped two fingers in my ass and without any warning, his now rock solid cock into my wet cunt. He took my breath away as he fucked both my holes. I was in a little pain but it felt fantastic, as if by fucking me harder he could take the pain away. I was moaning and telling him yes, harder, more, fuck me, oh yes fuck me, when he leaned forward and started kissing my ear, chewing it slightly and said Oh Baby your hubby is really loving this............ at first I didnt know what he meant, mainly because I was enjoying it so much, but as his words sank in and I came back to earth, I looked round and there, on the scaffolding, looking in the window was the other builder and my husband!! Both might I say wanking for all they were worth! They said dont stop, keep going, so we did and I came with an intensity I hadnt felt very often. I think knowing I was being watched added to the thrill of the sex with the dirty builder. He hammered on for a few more minutes and again shot his cum straight into my pussy and then fell back on the bed ..spent! My husband knowing me as he does, decided not to let an opportunity go to waste so he thanked the builders and sent them home for the day, climbed in the window and proceeded to continue the good work the builder had started. I was fucked to within an inch of my life, he came in me, up me and over me and said it was the horniest sight he had ever had the priveledge to watch.

Oh and yes the work was finished.............;-)