Written by grahamharley

2 May 2006

I have just returned from New york on Friday and after many Atlantic flights had the journey of a life time. It all started when I got to my usual pre booked seat. In the aisle was a stunning lady struggling to lift her carry on bag into the overhead locker. I leant over her and lifted the bag into the locker to be greeted with a gorgeous smile a a lovely thank you. I took my window seat and she slide into the seat beside me and a closer look showed a stunning business suited lady white blouse, very expensive lacy silk bra holding ample firm breasts. She said she didnt mind flying but was very nervous at take off. As we taxied to the run way she firmly grabbed my hand as we took off and apologised as we got airborne. I said no problem and soon the pre dinner drinks came round and she took double G&Ts she said for courage!!! We had dinner and a bottle of wine and she was extremely chatty and friendly and it turned out she was from a New Jersey township where I had many friends. After dinner we started to settle down and as there was nobody in the aisle seat I suggested we lifted the seat arms up and she could curl up, which she did when the lights were dimmed.As people settled for the night I was conscious of my friend Julies head getting right up to my lap under the blankets then slowly she placed her hand just above my knee and her head was almost on my lap. I felt my throbbing cock straining to get out and I knew Julie must have felt me so hard. Her hand moved a covered my cock and she slowly gently rubbed it through my trousers. I was throbbing with excitement as she slowly silently pulled down my zip and started long slow strokes on my throbbing cock. A hostess walked by Julie stopped wanking but moved her head onto my lap and with the blankets half over her face slipped my cock into her mouth she silently sucked and wanked me until I finally shot all my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all and slowly sat up and gave me a wet sticky kiss on my lips. She then excused herself and went to the toilet to sort herself out. We she came back she cuddled in and said its my now my turn and pushed her silky wet panties into my hand at he same time loosening the buttons on her skirt. Under the blankets she took my hand and pushed it down onto her soaking wet fanny and started rubbing onto her wet lips. My hand replaced hers and I slowly filled her with fingers and gently rubbed her stiff clitty with my thumb as I finger fucked her. Julie wasnt long at all before she was shooting her first orgasm and after a few seconds I fetched her off again. I tried to go down on her but it was impossible so I suggested we booked into the holiday inn at Gatwick on arrival at London as our connecting flights where later in the morning. This we did and Julie remained knicker-less until I had given her a really good licking out and a couple hours of good solid cock before we dressed to make our onward flights. We exchanged phone numbers as we both seem to travel the same routes and we will be in New York together in 2 weeks time so I wonder what we will get up to then