Written by Wendy

15 Feb 2006

Hubby is still away on his golfing holiday with 3 of his mates. It's St Valentine's night and I'm here all a loan.

After my great one night stand on Friday I decided to try my luck again and see if I could get fucked again. I switched on the computer and entered a chat room and waited to see if any guy fancied a chat.

Well it didn't take long for someone to IM me. I was excited my heart was racing as I started to chat with a guy name Mark. He told me all about himself as I told him about myself. It didn't take long for him to get the subject round to sex. We started to chat and I told him I was home a loan on Valentine's night as Hubby was away for the week. I played hard to get at first telling him I wasn't that keen of lady as I was married. But slowly I started to get horny my finger soon gently stroking my clit as we talked really dirty to each other.

He then asked me if I would like to meet for a drink. I replied yes and told he where to meet me. I quickly got ready. Putting on my short black dress with thin straps no bra and very small white lacy panties black high heels and make-up.

I knew what he looked like as I had a pic of him and waited in the car park of the pub until he arrived. Once he went in I followed. Spotting him I walked over saying hi I'm Wendy. He looked me up and down smiled and offered to buy me a drink. We sat chatting as I felt his hand touch my knee I parted my legs slightly and continued to chat as I felt his hand moving higher up my leg. I parted my legs a bit more until I felt his hand touching my pussy against my small panties. He gently caressed my covered pussy as I bit my bottom lip not wanting to make a sound in case someone saw what he was doing.

He looked at me saying drink up lets go somewhere a little less public. I was excited as I was about to be fucked by a white guy who seemed to know what he was doing. He asked if I fancied going somewhere dark but I said let go to mine as my hubby is away and there would be no rush that way. I told him where to go and we soon parked up in my drive way.

As I closed the door I turned to find Mark standing right behind me. I was soon leaning against the wall my arms round his neck as we kissed our tongues deep in each other's mouths. I felt his hand moving up my thigh and under my short dress. He once again stroked my pussy against my panties. Slowly he dropped to his knees lifting my dress up to my waist and started licking the damp patch that was now clearly showing as my pussy got wetter and wetter. He eased them to one side as his tongue gently touched my clit. I held his head opening my legs wider as he tongue fucked me there in the hallway. He stood up and I took his hand leading him towards the stairs and my bedroom.

Once inside we were both naked in know time kissing as I moved my hand towards his cock. I could feel it getting harder in my hand as I gently rubbed it as his finger found the entrance to my pussy. He eased my to the bed and lowered me down as I reach out for his cock opening my mouth moving it towards him. I moved my head taking him deeply into my mouth feeling the tip on the back of my throat. It wasn't long until I felt his cock twitching so I pulled away as he moved onto the bed along side me. We kissed again as he caressed my tits. He laid back telling me to place my hands on the wall and lower my pussy over his face which I did. I had my legs either side of his head lowering my pussy down over his mouth and he reached up caressing my hanging tits. I moved my pussy back and forth over his mouth as he once again tongue fucked me. I wasn't long before I felt myself shaking as I climaxed over his face he lapped my juices that were now flowing freely from deep within my pussy.

I moved off him laying down opening my legs wide offering him my bald pussy. He moved between my legs as he kissed me again and I felt the tip of his cock against the opening of my pussy. He looked down at me telling me how he was now going to fuck my sweet bald pussy good and hard. With one hard thrust he pushed his cock deep inside me. I called out YESSSS as I felt him fully in me. He pumped himself long and hard into me as I laid back taking his fuck.

He wasn't as big as my first one night stand back he sure knew how to fuck a lady. As I felt myself cumin for a second time. I called out fuck me fuck me hard. He thrusted himself even harder and faster as he squeezed my rocking tits as he fucked me. I asked him to do me doggy which he replied great turn over. I laid on my front lifting my arse parting my arse cheeks as his cock found my wet pussy once more with great ease. I pushed backwards to meet his cock it was then I felt an almighty slap on my arse and him calling out you dirty little married whore. He slapped my arse hard as each thrust hit home deep inside me. I was loving this even more and again cum hard over his hard cock.

I lifted my arse a little higher as I felt his cock starting to twitch again knowing this time he was going to shoot his load in to my willing wet pussy. With one last hard thrust I felt him slap my arse arse again as he shoot long and hard into me. My pussy was so full of his cum as he pulled out I felt it dribble slowly from me.

I laid in his arms as the phone started to ring. It was Paul calling to wish a happy Valentine's day. I wished him one as well as I laid in Mark's arms. I looked up to him and mouthed sorry.

Mark smiled as he got up and got dressed. He blow me a kiss and left as I continued talking to Paul as I fingered myself feeling Mark's cum slowly dribbling from me.