Written by Tom

28 Oct 2004

My motorbike had been stolen, soI was standing in the bus line on BishopsGate in London, dressed in bike leathers, on a cold night last winter. A girl in front on me was dressed in a long green skirt, denim jacket, blond hair and bright red lips. Lovely indeed. I was looking at her and she turned her head and smiled. This happened a number of times. She asked me why I was dressed in leather for the bus. I joked that it was always cold on the buses and that I was carrying the helmet for protection against muggers! She laughed and we played around with the idea for a while. She said "I like men in leather!". With that she pressed backwards against me with her gorgeous arse. Well, one thing lead to another, as they say, and before long she had unzipped my cock from the tight prison of leather bike jeans, and had hitched her long skirt up aloowing access. Well how about that, I slipped it into her pussy and we quietly rocked - in the middle of a line on the bus queue!!!!! She moved off it, and then fantastically eased it into her arse. I was getting going at this point and the bloke behind me said "you two seem to be enjoying yourselves". That was the only comment that was made, except my "uuuuuuuuuugh" as I came up her arse.

The bus arrived. We got on, chatted and then went our different ways. I don't know her name but I like to call her Rose. Have you seen that movie!