Written by patrick

3 Oct 2006

In the July of 1982, a former school acquaintance had a party to celebrate the end of the exams. His parents were fairly affluent and fairly liberal and consequently had agreed that anyone who had trouble getting home could stay over. My friend’s father was going away that weekend as he often did owing to the nature of his job. I had seen his mother a couple of times before and although she was, I would have guessed, in her early 40s, she was quite attractive and very curvaceous. I remember it being a very hot day and some of the older kids had smuggled in some bottles of cinzano and martini. A lot of the girls were in short summer dresses and some of the boys in shorts. Most of the upstairs rooms were off limits apart from the upstairs bathroom and all the doors upstairs that could be locked, were locked. His mother had made a large bowl of fruit punch which in no time at all was generously laced with alcohol. I think she must have noticed that quite a few of the lads were paying her a lot of attention. I can only imagine in retrospect that a combination of this, the hot weather and a few glasses of punch were actually making her a little receptive to the attention. She wore a loose button through black dress just short of knee length with flat, strappy sandals and whenever she stood up or sat down there was a tantalising glimpse of her white knickers. Her dress was quite low at the front and as the evening wore on some of the boys were getting quite daring in trying to get a look at her tits. I think she must have realised what was going on but she seemed not to mind. After a while I became a little drunk on the punch and coming out of the upstairs bathroom I tried the door of one of the bedrooms. I was quite relieved to find it unlocked as I was feeling a little giddy. I walked around the bed and half sat and half lay on the floor beside the wardrobe where I couldn’t be seen from the door should anyone look in. After a while a noise outside stirred me and I heard a female voice say, “Just a kiss, then. That’s all. One kiss and then you’re going straight back downstairs”. No reply. “I mean it”, she said. “One kiss!”. I heard a voice answer in the affirmative and then the door slowly opened. To my astonishment my friend’s mother appeared followed by a guy I knew from school. I had noticed that he had been spending a lot of time flirting with my friend’s mum through the day, making sure that her glass was never empty. He closed the door behind them and she turned to face him, puckering her lips as though to give him a little kiss on the lips before returning downstairs to the party. I was sobering up fast now and was worried that they may hear my heavy breathing as my heart was beating out of my chest. As he pulled her close and his tongue parted her lips I saw her eyes open wide in alarm. “Hey, hey, hey!!”, she said looking aghast at him. She tried to pull away at first but his arm around her back held her firmly where she was. Nothing seemed to happen for an age as she breathlessly regarded him. Her hand had dropped to the waistband of his shorts and his free hand was working its way under the hem of her dress. Again her hand came up to push him back but again he held her firmly until her resistance subsided. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Her hand had now returned to the waistband of his shorts as his tongue filled her mouth. With his free hand he had pulled her dress up to her waist. He pulled away from her slightly to slide his hand down into her knickers and as he did so I could see that his shorts were straining around a big bulge. She seemed shocked at first but then her hand closed around the bulge and she started to massage it through his shorts. She was slightly turned towards me at this stage and I was afraid she may see me but she didn’t. His hand was now deep inside her knickers and I could see from the light of the window the dark shadow of her pubic hair as her knickers began to yield to the rhythm and force of his fingers. After a short while he withdrew his hand and tried to pull her knickers down, all the while nudging her back towards the bed. She managed to pull his shorts down to his knees and with one hand deep in his pants began wanking him awkwardly. He now seemed intent on getting his very stiff cock inside her but she seemed equally intent on finishing him off before he could. I knew if he could get her on the bed he would definitely fuck her. My friend’s mum being screwed by this young guy while the party carried on obliviously downstairs. I really wanted him to do it. Her breath was coming in short gasps now as she wanked his thick cock which was now half in and half out of his pants, swollen and glistening. He was starting to breathe heavily. Suddenly I saw him tense and heard him grunt and a second later a thick jet of spunk squirted from his rigid cock onto the front of her knickers, and then another. They stood facing each other, panting loudly. I think she suddenly woke up to what she was doing. She took a step back. He pulled his pants and shorts back up and my friend’s mother pulled her knickers off and kicked them under the bed. She opened the door slowly making sure the coast was clear and left the room without looking back. He followed shortly after. I sat in the semi darkness for what seemed like ages until my heart rate returned to normal. I crawled out from beside the wardrobe to the bed and reaching under the bed I retrieved her knickers. They were covered in spunk and soaking wet. I stuffed them in my pocket and returned downstairs. I couldn’t wait to get home after that. I imagine she wonders what happened to those knickers. If she’s reading this … well now she knows !