Written by -DELY- ;)

19 Jun 2004

It was a hot night at the campground, so I left my sleeping friends to take a stroll along the lake shore. A fine summer night, not too humid, but just not quite cozy enough to be content alone. As I was walking my attention was caught on a movement in another camp. I walked a little towards it to see if anyone might be awake when I saw this ravishing man about my age(18-19)wearing a sheer white button up shirt, it was sticking to his picturesque abdomen so well it make my heart jump and I was suddenly very, very hott. I looked down and noticed that I was in the same situation with my sheer black over shirt covering my white bikini, very wet. I wasnt sure what to do except watch so I moved in a little closer for a closer peek, when I accidently stepped on a twig and he saw me. He immediatly got up and came over to me whispering that he didnt want to wake his family. So he gently took my arm and walked me away from the camp. Once again I was walking along the shore of this beautiful lake with a gorgeous man, at the time I wished that I had known him better because I wanted to settle my urges VERY badly. He took out his lighter and lit it to look at me since i guess he couldn't see me very well in the shadows. When he saw my face his eyes lit up and traveled ever so slyly down my sweaty glistening body, and his eyes got even brighter. He asked what I was doing in his camp and I told him that I had saw him and couldnt stop staring, but I didnt say I was sorry, because I definitly was NOT sorry. I told him I was lonely and he offered to walk with me, I agreed without hesitation. We had been walking for about five minutes when he turned to me and kissed me, his arms enveloping my small body, I was already hott so I started unbuttoning his shirt as fast as I could, and rubbed his oily pecks and sexy six pack(such a six pack fetish). he ripped off my over shirt and untied my bathing suit with unbeleivable ease. I got his pants off as prompt as possible. He suckled on my nipples so zealously I was already breathing hard, I pushed him over so I was on top and kissed him, biting his lip making him moan in pleasurable pain, then I bit him gently but very alluringly all the way down to his knees all the while using my nails to rake his skin making him sit up he was so aflame with arousal. The I kissed him softly all the way back up to his mouth, and went back down again to lick him from his testis to the tip of his member, making him shudder so badly he almost yelled in excitment. Still on top he started rubbing my moist canal, in which case he sat up, tipping me on my back and started to lap my clit, sucking and gently pulling making me moan louder in desire of him. After he was done he started coming towards me, ready to penetrate me, I told him I had only had sex once before so I toom his member and led it to my awaiting vagina, even for being so hott, I was still tight and he said "this is going to really hurt" I told him I liked pain and just do it. So he slowly worked himself walfway in and then thrust extremly hard making me howl in pain and pleasure at the same time, when I didnt tell him to stop he kept going, beginning slowly, then adding more and more speed, the pain was so smothering and brilliant I couldnt see. I was in a world of utter bliss.Seeing how much I loved it he grabbed my shoulders he racked me harder and harder, rocking us back and forth on the soft malleable sand. After the erotica had gone partially and I realized where I was, he gushed, it was almost like my clit was sucking it out of him all at once in one huge blast. I have never ever experienced anything like that ever again, and I have never seen him again, I never found out his name.