Written by Mike

7 Apr 2006

About 6 months ago we were trying to sell our house and, while my wife was at work, the estate agent arrived to view the house and take the details. When she walked in there was just something about her that said she was horny. She was dressed in a wrap over skirt and silk blouse and, as she sat in the lounge writing notes, her skirt parted and I could see a lovely firm tanned thigh. She noticed her skirt had fallen open but did nothing about it - hmmmmmm I thought. We then started going round the house measuring up and it all seemed normal until we got to the bedroom - a bit of a tip as I'd not tidied up after my wife had gone to work. I apologised for the messs and Louise laughed and said not to worry - she was always leaving things lying around. She moved to my wife's side of the bed to measure the room and I noticed to my horror the bedside drawer was open and there was my wife's vibrator lying in full view. Louise looked down saw it then looked at me - I reddened and tried to apologise for embarrassing her. Don't worry she said I've got a similar one and I love using it - by this stage I'd come to the conclusion that my luck was in! Well if you want to test drive it I joked - to my suprise she said ok and undid her skirt and let it slip to the floor she took the vibrator out and started sucking it looking me in the eye as she did. I got out of my clothes in record time and stood in front of her with my cock rigid. She was sat on the end of the bed with her mound clearly visible through her lacy panties, she lay back and started to rub the dildo against her her mound and then slid it under her panties and moaned. I knelt down and started to slide her panties down revealing a lovely bush which I buried my face in as she nudged her clit with the dildo. It wasn't long before the effect of my licking and her dildoing brought her to a shattering climax. She lay back on the bed flushed and said now it's your turn. I stood up, moved in front of her and started to stroke myself for her - with her approving gaze fixed on my cock, encouraging little stokes and occasional kisses on my balls it wasn't long before I shot my load for her. I was astonished when she took my hand with cum on it and started to suck my fingers and clean up the 'mess'. Needless to say after we had recoverd, we had soon stripped off and spent most of the morning fucking each others brains out!! She introduced me to anal sex but maybe that's another story for a leter date! We still haven't sold the house and maybe she needs to come back for another visit....