Written by Kenny

18 May 2006

I used to meet with three friends regularly for poker, only small betting as we were all short of cash. One evening the game was at our house, we played while June my wife kept us filled with food and drink. June my wife is 44, very trim figure and we have been married for 20 years. In all that time our sex life has been good and neither had anyone else. As the game progressed my luck started to fail big time, by late in the evening i was down £250. Then i made a big mistake i said " no limits" on the final game determine to win back my losses. Very shortly tim and brian quit the game leaving me holding a fulll house against paul my longtime friend. My final stake was £ 500, I called and lost to his better hand. Suddenly I was £ 900 in debt to paul and he wanted payment, not that he needed the cash, single no kids or mortgage, I also owed tim and brian £200 each. Then June came into room and offered everybody refreshments. "How are you going pay us " they all asked, June then wanted to know all the details. We sat in the kitchen and tried to work out what to do. "i know" she said with a smile on her face "i will pay them all back ley me go and talk to them" I know june always kept momey aside for a rainy day, but i did not expect her to spend it on my misfortune. She back into the kitchen, looking quite happy and told me not to worry. The boys called me back in the room all looking very pleased with themselves and said thankyou for solving the money problem then offered me a beer. Totaly confused I sat down and tried to figure out what was happening, then the door opened. Standing there was June in black bra and panties smiling. Quickly I got up and pulled her into the kitchen. She then told me her deal, for brian and tim she would give them the best blowjob they wanted, paul, because he was owed the most could have her anyway he wanted, only one condition I could watch the blowjobs but not paul. June sat there and i could see her nipples getting erect and the blackness of her panties getting blacker as her pussy became moist. I begged her not to go ahead, but she said i would teach me a lesson about gambling. She got up and walked into the room and began. Quickly brian and tim removed their trousers both by now had erect cocks waiting for june's mouth. slowly she teased both of them taking all the length into her mouth. Normally she only does that to me on very special occassions. i could see te pre cum on their cocks and string of pre cum around her mouth. she tooks brians cock and sucked hard running her toungue up and down, till he shouted he was cumming, suddenly she swallowed the whole cock while he fucked her mouth gushing his cum deep into her throat. He pulled it out and she licked him clean. By this time i did not know what to expect.Tim all the while had been sitting on the chail slowly wanking himself " let me do that " said june and began to lock the precum off the end of his cock, this was too mmuch for tim, he screamed and spurted cum all over junes face, smiling she kissed him so he tasted all his cum, " lick my face clean" she demanded, and tim enthusasitically licked her clean. By now i could see the moisness of her pussy beginning to show below her panties, Paul all the time sat said nothing and watched. Slowly he got up walked round the room and picked up the cushions on the setee and piled them in the middle of the floor. " Right, time for you to go, my time to have with June" " No i cannot leave you together, i am humiliated enough please let me stay. " Go" said June who was now looking like she was enjoying herself. Brian and tim pulled me into the kitchen, " paul will be kind with her, did you see how wet her pussy was" tim tried to comfort me. "Bend over the cushions june" said paul , " lie on your tits and push that beautiful arse up " she did and paul laid on top of her and gentle caressed her body, she could feel the tip of his cock touching her wet pussy lips. She started moaning louldly so I could hear in the kitchen. Expecting pauls cock to be rammed deep into her wet needing pussy, she was surprisee when paul got p and walked to the table where the food was. Suddenly all began clear, paul came back and got onto my back again this time I felt his cock on my pussy but his fingers were gentling caress my tiny arse rosebud." no i have never been fucked there paul" i moaned but the more he caressed the rosebud the more it opened up to his fingers. Suddenly june shouted " oh yes paul fuck my virgin arse" I was devasted, never in 20 years of marriage had she ever offered me her arse, no matter how many times i pleaded. Tim and brian started to move towards the door intent on watching june have her virgin arse deflowered. "yess yes fuck me paul" she shouted then she saw tim and brian looking by the door, " come on in "she said "and bring my husband" There was my wife, arse in the air having her virgin arse we4ll and truly fucked. "come on boys2 she smiled " lets have the grand finale" without waiting they both dropped their trousers and walked towards her, cocks erect. Tim entered her mouth and fucked it till he was dry, brian slid underneath her and fucked her wet pussy. Three cocks at once, her mouth, pussy and arse all fucked together. Me i was not even allowed wank. Every one left, june went to bed driping with cum from all orifices, then told me the deal was that this would happen two more time over the weekend and i was not allowed to go near her till after the final session.