Written by anon

5 Sep 2006

I met my wife many years ago in a club, I was pretty drunk, and walked upto her and made a move, I had been meaning to all night, but had to build the courage, she took to me mainly because she had an ex there that was she was trying to make jealous, and thought because of my state I would be ok with it or wouldn't have caught on.

But in the nick of things, while she was trying to play with him by messing with me, acting all seductive, while looking over at him trying to get him jealous, I managed to slip passed her panties, and shove a finger into her pussy, she was a bit shocked, but very quickly her pussy was wet, and she was enjoying it.

Her attention was no longer on her ex and was rather onto me, after a while I looked around and saw everyone looking right were my hand was, I was turned on, but needed another drink, so I motioned the guy closest to me, he came over, and I asked it if she was ok with him taking over fingering her while I ordered another drink, she looked at me with eyes that told she was really enjoying herself and replied yes, if I was ok with it, I asked her if I could get her a drink as I withdrew my fingers from her, and the other guy took over, she replied that she doesn't drink, I turned to the barman and in my drunken state I actually forgot about her until I heard her moaning, I turned around to find a different guy fingering her, with a couple guys around her, when the guy tried to take his dick out to fuck her, she quickly closed her legs and grabbed me saying "Come legs go baby" I just followed with my drink in my hand, she smacked me in the chest and said "why didn't you stop me, they were all looking at me, the whole club!"

When we left the club I had to hand over my drink at the door, and she continued to drag me out the club, she was red in the face and asked me what she should do, I asked her if she wanted a drive home, she said sure, we walked to my car, and as I opened the door she stopped and told me she couldn't go with me, she hardly knew me, I put my fingers to her nose and told her she sure knew my fingers.

She cuddled upto me and asked me if what happened really did, I said it did, she asked me what should she do again, I leaned her over the car bonnet, stuck my fingers between her legs and said "hell, whats done is done"

She looked with me in surprise and the told me how good it felt, she had a 1 peice dress on and I pulled it off her, she tried to grab it but I pulled it right off and threw it as far away from the car as possible, I spread her legs, and removed my finger from her pussy, and rammed my cock into her.

I fucked her on that car, with just her shoes on, as I ripped her bra and panties off. After a bit she came, arching her back over the car bonnet, I came taking my cock out of her, spraying all over her her stomach and boobs, she reached for my chest, then her eyes grew big, she was looking over my shoulders, I looked back to see that we had been watched from the balcony by about 50 people, I turned back at her and started laughing, with my laughter she started to as well, she stood up, in her naked glory, and yelled to her ex boyfriend who was also watching with a big frown "That was better than you ever gave me!"

She turned to me and kissed me "I feel like such a slut", she paused "Thank you! I feel so good"

Well, since then we have got married, and I have fucked her infront of other guys, and allowed some to join in, but we both have never regreted that night.