Written by Wren

19 Jun 2004

I am disabled and use a wheelchair which enables me to have free home eye tests.

I am in my fifties and prior to using my chair had no problem in engaging in a robust sex life,I can still walk a bit and feel very well.

Two weeks ago I had my visit from optician,she is in her mid forties and although not a stunner would never be kicked out of bed for farting.

Over the years we have built a nice rapport and I couldn't help notice she wore no stockings which did little to detract from her shapely strong legs.

We chatted comfortably as she fitted a lens to see the effect on my longsight,to do this she leaned very close and I was very aware of her femininity,she had long blondish hair and smelt divine.

I knew it was quite ok to kiss her and her mouth was very receptive to my lips despite the fact she had been talking about her son and husband a few seconds previously.

She was slightly plump and it seemed so natural to feel her tits.

She whispered something about unusual of eyetest but I was entering the gates of swingingheaven as she unbuttoned her blouse to give me easier access to the lovely brown nipples to suck on her ample tits.

We went to my bedroom where I got on the bed brought the back up by which time she had removed her skirt revealing white see through panties which did little to conceal her lovely hairy mound between her strong legs.

She slipped her pants down as she brought her now moist cunt lips up to my grateful mouth and the taste of her precum was like nectar,my tongue lapped on her clit and I pulled her cunt closer feeling a lovely arse cheek.

She came at least twice then adjusted to take my cock in her mouth.Unforunately I was a bit excited and shot my load very soon after felt her mouth enghulf my knob.

I'm expecting another eyetest soon,perhaps it is because of all this wanking in expectation.

This is a true story,please email your experiences.