Written by Miss elegants fit bit of rough

23 Jul 2005

First and formost I must stress that all I write here is the truth.

This first happened around a year ago, I'd been working and training at a pretty exclusive gym in Leicester for some time and while I knew most of the clientelle, one lady in particular really used to turn my head.

She's was a petite blonde, an absolute 'stop in your tracks' head turner with a very toned and defined body. She was late thirties but her body would put teenage girls to shame. Very elegant and obviously from money, always dressed expensively, even her training gear was top designer labels.

Myself, I'm just under 6', blue eyes with closely cropped hair, very muscular in an athletic way with big toned arms, shoulders and broad back. At the time I was also very tanned after a couple of weeks in Cuba.

We'd chatted on a few occasions but got the impression she was totally devoted to her husband and family.

One afternoon however, as I offer personal training we decided to work out together, the chat got a bit cheeky and we talked about the last time we felt really horny. She looked at me and said 'Right now'. . .

Every other stud on here would have fucked her on the spot but this being a truthful story I actually bottled it and changed the subject. We finished the workout, went our seperate ways but carried on where we left off behind the anonimity of Text Messages, after much 'text tennis' we agreed that I would go round to hers for coffee the next morning.

I arrived at her house and she answered the door in a tiny denim skirt and T-shirt, she let me in and locked the door behind me. I took a deep breath and basically grabbed her and kissed her deep. She responded by going up on tiptoes and pressing her pussy into me, I reached down to her bare leg and stroked my hand up to her pussy and stroking through her expensive knickers I could feel she was smooth. Still kissing her I pushed I finger inside her and she was as tight as fuck.

Full of confidence I picked her up and carried her up stairs, she guided me to her bedroom where I put her down on the marital bed, pushed her skirt up and licked and kissed my way up her toned and tanned thigh to her pussy. I then pulled her knickers to one side and sank my tongue into her pussy, she tasted absolutely fantastic.

I looked up and saw her flat tummy rising up and down with her breathing as she stroked the back of my shaven head.

I concentrated on chewing and licking her clit while fucking her with my thumb until she came in my mouth.

Once she'd calmed down she pulled me up onto the bed where she kissed and licked my mouth clean of her cum. She then put her slender hand inside my jeans and took out my semi-hard uncut cock. As she slowly wanked me she commented on the size compared to her husband, I'm around 7" and it's as thick as my wrist. . . .She then took me in her mouth, flicking her tongue around the head while wanking the shaft into her small mouth. Her lipstick had smeared around her mouth and over my cock.

I found it really erotic seeing her wedding ring on the hand around my cock. She was good but admitted she had not given head for a while, she later explained hubby had all but gone off sex.

After around 5 minutes or so of sucking my cock I really needed to fuck her so I laid her flat on the bed. She wasn't on the pill and concerned that we didn't have any protection but we were so up for it that she just grabbed my dick and pulled it up to the lips of her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her slit and then I pushed forward taking my time and watching for her reactions in her beautiful face as I slowly slipped inside her married pussy.

We lay still for a few moments while she adjusted to me being inside her and then I slowly started to fuck her while she grabbed my arse. We kissed, licked, bit and nibbled each other as we fucked and it was the most beautiful memorable and horny moment of my life to date.

The pace picked up and I really started to pound into her, she came again and that really got me going even more, I pinned her arms to the bed while in her well spoken voice she begged me to 'Fuck her hard'. After a few more deep thrusts I couldn't take any more so I pulled my cock out from her well fucked pussy, aimed at her flat tummy and splashed three good spurts of sticky hot spunk over her before dropping down beside her trying to catch my breath.

She sowly wanked my semi-hard cock with her right hand while running her fingers through the spunk on her tummy as if it was body lotion, we were both breathing heavily but totally contented.

After a while of lying there kissing and stroking we slowly dressed and went downstairs for a coffee. We were still unable to keep our hands off one another in the kitchen but time was pressing and we parted company. She later told me that she left my spunk to dry on her soft skin and it was still on her under her T-shirt later that night when her husband came home. She also said her pussy was sore and bruised 'In a nice way . . .!' for a few days after!

A year later, although we are still with our own partners we have become the best of friends and make love on a regular basis. We have experimented alot and depending on the reaction this confession gets then I may tell you all more.

Thanks for reading, like I said at the start, this is 100% true . . . it may even be your wife, who knows who may be fucking her while you're at work?!