Written by Bob

17 Jun 2004

Our First 3-some 4-some

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It all started one Saturday while reading group sex stories on line! My wife Karen and I experienced a day that we will always remember. Karen is 39-yrs 5’-7” 135lbs blonde hair and hazel eyes 38-c breasts very firm with a body to match, a real head turner, and I'm 45-yrs 5’-11” 250lbs brown hair blues eyes. We have been happily married for 16 years and it was this day that will be in our minds forever!

It was around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday when I found your website. After reading few stories I called my wife over to read them with me, she is always giving me hell when I’m on the Web because I never include her, but today was different. I was getting hot while reading gang-bang stories. I always wanted to try a threesome with my wife but we never discussed it. Within about 45 minutes of her reading these stories she started to get horny, I could see it in her eyes. As I started caressing her breast she reached over and rubbed my hard cock. As I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans she pulled out my cock and started sucking on it. We shut down the computer and laid on the living room floor. We took off each other's cloths caressing each other, I played with her succulent breasts, and she loves that! As reached between her legs I played with her pussy she started sucking on my cock, long and hard strokes very sensually. It was about 5:00 p.m. and we were just getting into it when Dan a good friend of mine decided to stop by. As Dan approached our front door he glanced into the window only to see Karen's hot wet pussy in the air while she was sucking on my cock. I noticed him and motioned for him to come in, at this time she had no idea that anyone else was around. He opened the door quietly an entered, he stood back just watching as he got a large hard on. I motioned for him to join us. As he unzipped his pants out came his cock, it was much bigger than mine. Now I'm about 8” and thick, he had to be about 10” and about the same thickness. As I held Karen's head down on my cock he reached for her wet pussy. As Dan started to caress Karen’s wet pussy she got a little nervous and attempted to see who was touching her on her wet pussy, but at the same time she was so into it she just enjoyed it and continued to suck on me harder and harder. She had never taken my whole cock before but it was rapidly changing as she moaned with pleasure. Dan then leaned over and started to lick on her clit, she started moaning and groaning louder and louder and grinding her pussy into his face. She continued sucking more and more on my cock she got right down to my balls and was licking them she had never done that before! Karen continued to suck my cock, long and hard strokes as she moaned with pleasure. Dan was really hot; he got on his knees and inserted his 10” hard cock into her hot wet pussy. She never moaned like this before as he pushed his hard cock harder and harder into her pussy. I could feel myself getting ready to explode in her mouth; Karen never enjoyed swallowing cum. I attempted to pull out of her mouth, she would not let me out, and she kept on sucking and sucking on my cock. I could not holdback any longer, I exploded as my cum shot out she kept on sucking, sucking, and sucking every drop of my cum she swallowed. As I laid there going limp she turned to Dan pulling his hard 10”cock from her hot wet pussy and started to suck on his cock, and I mean SUCK! I watched in shock as she took his whole 10”thick cock from top to bottom sucking off her pussy juice. As he shot of his load, she kept sucking on his cock. His cum was dripping from her mouth as she continued to suck and swallow his cum every last drop! By this time I was hard again, my cock throbbing to be in her. I reached over and pulled her head to my cock she started sucking it again. Dan and I continued playing with her breasts and pussy. I then had her sit on my cock; she had her hands on my shoulders and was slamming up and down on my hard cock. Dan kneeled over me while grabbing her head to suck his cock. She inserted his semi hard cock into her mouth and started sucking she was having multiple orgasm’s. It was at that time when I looked up and saw Paul another friend of mine looking into our window. Like Dan he decided to stop by, this was unbelievable. At first I didn't know what to do but after a moment I figured what the hell, I motioned for him to come in he did. As I was laying on the floor with Karen punching her pussy on my cock in and out and Dan 10” hardcock in her mouth, she glanced over at Paul and reached for his cock. As he unclipped his belt and unzipped his jeans out it came a 7” thin pure white cock she started jerking him off. Dan then got over to the right of me and laid on the floor and she laid on me moving her pussy up and down on my cock and continued to suck on Dan 10” hard cock. Paul went to the back of her and started to put his fingers in her ass. I motioned to him to fuck Karen's ass, every time I tried to fuck her in the ass it would hurt to much but today was different! She was so wet that when he put his 7” thin cock in her ass he didn't need any lubricant. Karen started to tremble like a vibrator, as she had never had a cock in her pussy, mouth, and ass before at the same time she started having multiple orgasms. We continued for about 45 minutes with my 8”cock in her pussy, Dan’s 10” cock in her mouth, and Paul's 7” cock in her ass. I started to cum in her pussy and Dan shot off his load of cum in her mouth. Paul couldn't handle seeing us getting off so he pulled out of her ass and came all over her back. We all laid on the floor exhausted it was about 9:30 p.m. we all had never ever lasted this long before. We talked about how it was and how she had never experienced that before but was always a little curious of what something like this would be like. As we talked I watched Dan and Paul caress Karen's legs, ass, thighs, and breast. I was warming up and so was Karen. I watched her reach for both Dan and Paul's cocks caressing and stoking them. As we continued to talk we all got hard and she got wet. Before you know it we where at it again. Dan couldn't hold back he placed her on the floor and mounted her inserting his 10”thick cock into her hot wet pussy she loved it. Paul and I watched for a while as Dan fucked her hard and long she was reaching for our cocks saying let me suck you off! We placed our cocks by her mouth and she started sucking on me, and then him going back and forth it was unbelievable. Dan then rolled over placing Karen on top. She was hot and riding his cock like no tomorrow the sounds coming from her was unbelievable as she moaned I heard her say “fuck me please fuck me harder”. I then went to her backside and saw her heart shaped ass, I inserted my 8” thick cock in it, and she was tight. As I slowly inserted my cock in her ass she let out a moan pain and pleasure and pulled me in. There we were again, Dan’s 10” cock in her pussy, My 8” cock in her ass, and Paul's 7” cock in her mouth she cried in ecstasy as we fucked her harder and harder. As I attempted to pull my cock from her ass I would feel her having an orgasm and insert my cock back in harder and harder. Karen was climaxing and having orgasms left and right. After about an Hour we all shot off our loads. It was unbelievable Karen was covered in cum. As she laid there exhausted she thanked Dan and Paul for a fantasy come true! She then kissed them both on the cheek. She then excused herself to take a shower. As she went into the bathroom to take her shower we were talking how great this was so I suggested for Dan and Paul to come in the bathroom with me and we could watch her take her shower, they did and we all started to get hard again. As I opened up the shower curtain Karen was surprised. As she looked down at our hard cocks she said again! We then stepped into the shower Karen started sucking on Paul and jerking of Dan as I went behind her sliding my hard cock in her wet pussy I fucked her from the back again and again harder and harder it was too good to be true. Here I am fucking my wife in the shower with my friends. It was a day to be always remembered. After I shot off my load Dan and Paul continued. Dan mounting her from the back and Paul squeezing her breasts while she sucked his cock. When Dan started to shot off his load she stopped sucking Paul and turned to Dan’s inserting his cock in her mouth swallowing his full load. As Dan stepped out of the shower, Karen turned to Paul and said it your turn. She started sucking on his 7” cock to the balls as we caressed her ass, pussy, and breasts. Paul shot off his load and she swallowed all of his cum. We then got out of the shower and dressed. Leaving her nude and worn out! Karen then decided filled up the bathtub and took a nice hot bubble bath. I then thanked them both for their unexpected visit. As they went on their way they commented on how great it was and how they never before experienced such a sexual encounter. This is a day we'll always remember they said! Since that Saturday we now make it a point to get on line and read group sex stories. We often talk about that Saturday and when we do we both get horny as hell and fuck and suck for hours!

Just another Fantasy She had!

Written By: Bob

"You want a ride?" There were two of them in the truck. The driver was maybe thirty or so -- lean, unshaven, an earring in one ear, and a gleam in his eyes that I should have been wary of. His companion was younger -- not much older than me. He was wearing a cowboy hat. I should have shook my head and kept walking, but something made me say, "Yeah, sure," and all of a sudden the cowboy opened his door, hopped out, and motioned for me to climb up. I did, conscious of him behind me as I slid over, the leather seat cool on the backs of my thighs. The cowboy grinned and slid over next to me, so I was squeezed between the two of them. Then he closed the door and we started moving.” Where you headed?" It was the driver again. He seemed the more talkative of the two. I shrugged."Anywhere.""You runnin' away?" Maybe runaways were common around here. I shrugged again."Got nothin' to go back to." I tried to sound tough.” What’s your name?" asked the cowboy. He was looking at me, a smidgen of the grin he'd given me earlier still remaining."Jo," I said."Well, I'm Todd, and this here's Curtis," he answered, motioning to the driver."Nice to meet'cha, and thanks for giving me a lift.""No problem," said Curtis. "Anything for a pretty face."I could feel my cheeks flushing, and I overlooked the compliment. "So where's the nearest city?""Oh, not for a few miles yet," answered Curtis. "We got time to get acquainted."Something about that last sentence gave me goose bumps, but I ignored it."Hey, you wanna listen to some music?" asked Todd. Even before I answered, he reached past me, his arm brushing mine, and flicked on the radio. Country. I should've known. We drove for a little while in silence, listening to a variety of twangy, acoustic ballads about two-timing men and faithless women and dying dogs, and I watched the road. Curtis had a can of Budweiser between his legs, and he'd sip from it every now and then. It made me a little nervous, but he didn't start swerving or anything, so I figured he wasn't drunk. Todd sang along to the radio under his breath. He had kind of a nice voice."Wanna make a pit stop?" It was Curtis, and already he'd turned off at an exit, and the headlights pierced a deeper darkness ahead. There were trees on either side of the road, hemming us in, so it seemed like we were going down a long tunnel."I gotta take a piss," Todd informed us. I figured we'd be pulling into a gas station, but there were no lights or signs of civilization anywhere. I began to get worried."Do you know where we are?" I hazarded."'Course I do," Curtis answered. "The middle of nowhere."He and Todd both laughed, but I didn't think it was very funny. The woods around us were so dark. I tried to remember the last time I'd seen an oncoming car."Curt, I gotta piss," Todd complained again, and suddenly Curtis pulled off to the side of the road."Go piss in the damn woods," he said. "Me and Jo'll wait for you."So Todd hopped out of the cab and slammed the door behind him, and I was left alone with Curtis."You wanna stretch your legs a bit?" he asked after a minute or two. I figured anything would be better than sitting in that uncomfortable silence with him, so I nodded. He opened the driver's side door and hopped out, then helped me step down, and I thought it was oddly gentleman-like.We walked around to the back of the truck. The moon was out, and there were crickets singing in the trees. Curtis put the end of the truck down, and invited me to have a seat."So, you got a boyfriend, Jo?" he asked once I was settled. I felt that ache in my throat as I shook my head."Not anymore.""Why not? Cute little thing like you ought to have guys after her all the time."I snorted. "Yeah, right.""You don't think I'm serious?" he asked, leaning closer to me -- close enough that I could see the glimmer of his eyes in the darkness. "I think you're real cute. You mind if I kiss you, Jo...?"Before I could protest, he already had. His mouth was soft and his breath tasted like alcohol, and I could feel my stomach fluttering with nervousness. "Mmm, I like that," he whispered, kissing me again. This time he put his hands on my thighs -- they were so warm against my bare skin -- and moved my legs apart so he could situate himself between them. I could feel the denim of his jeans against my skin, and the sensation made my insides flutter more."You kiss real good," he whispered after the second one. "I bet you can do other things real good, too.""Wh--what do you mean?" I stammered."C'mon, baby. You're out here hitchhiking all alone -- you gotta know that the ride ain't free."My breath caught in my throat. I tried to swallow, and at the same time, my body flushed with heat, and I realized I was more aroused than I'd ever been in my life. My mind made one last-ditch attempt to reason its way out of this."Can't you just let me off here, then?""Uh uh," Curtis answered. "Too late for that.""Th--then what do you want me to do?""Unbutton your shirt."My fingers complied as my mind screamed at me to get away from him -- to run away and keep running. But I didn't. I sat where I was, with him standing between my legs, his hands on my thighs and his breath warm on my face as I unbuttoned my shirt."Now take it off," he instructed. "Then your bra."Nervously, I slid my arms free and tossed my shirt behind me into the back of the truck. He just watched as I reached behind to undo the clasp of my bra. It came free, and my breasts felt the first brush of a cool breeze as I tossed my bra behind me as well."Nice," he said approvingly, and then he bent his head to kiss first one breast, then the other. My nipples were hard. He closed his teeth over one and suckled, and I gasped."You like that?" he asked, lifting his head. I could only nod. But that was enough for him -- he ducked his head and began kissing my breasts again, sucking each of them until my nipples were as hard as little pebbles and slick with his saliva."Unzip my jeans," he told me. I felt drugged, dazed. I was turned on, as much by my own shamelessness as by what he was doing to me. I did what he said. My hands shook as I reached down for the fly of his jeans, and I had to fumble for the zipper before I could catch it and ease it downwards. He lifted his head away from my breasts and told me to climb into the back of the truck. I didn't think about it, I just obeyed him. My nipples were erect and tingling in the cool night air, and all I could think about was how much I wanted his mouth on them again -- how much I wanted *him*. This stranger I barely knew.He hopped up onto the back of the truck too, and moved in front of me, kneeling down with his jeans still unzipped and his hard-on straining against his jockey shorts."Get on all fours," he told me as he started easing his jeans and shorts down around his hips. I was entranced. I watched in fascination as his cock finally sprang free of its confinement, and when he told me to start sucking it, I trembled and felt the heat rush between my legs. I'd only given a blow-job once, and I wasn't too experienced, but I was so turned on it didn't matter. I leaned forward and gingerly touched my tongue to its tip, then slowly encircled it with my lips and he let out an appreciative groan."Hey man, you gonna share?"The voice came from behind me and I jumped, whipping my head around to glance over my shoulder. It was Todd, back at last from his piss (what the hell did he have in his pants, that it would take him that long?), and he had his cowboy hat tilted back on his head as he watched us. He was smirking."I dunno if she can handle both of us," Curtis joked. "Let's get 'er warmed up and find out."But I was already warm. Warm and wet, and I looked coyly up at Curtis before sticking my tongue out to lick the end of his cock again. He groaned and thrust his hips forward, murmuring huskily, "Suck it." So I did.While I started going to work on him, Todd climbed up behind me, and I felt his hands reach around my waist to unbutton my shorts. I wriggled a bit to help him as he slid them down over my hips, and I eased from one knee to the other as he worked them off my legs. Then I was just wearing my panties and sandals, and he started rubbing my crotch through the thin cotton cloth. I moaned and sucked harder on Curtis' cock, drawing him deeper into my mouth until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I thought I'd gag, and I still couldn't fit it all in."Oh man, she's lovin' this," I heard Todd say as he slipped a finger beneath the crotch of my underwear and started stroking my cleft. I knew I was wet, and hot, and I wanted to feel something in me besides his finger. I wriggled and pushed back against him insistently, and his finger probed deeper. With his other hand, he began peeling my underwear down, and I sucked and squirmed and started making little whimpery sounds in the back of my throat."Yeah, I think she's warmed up all right," Curtis muttered. He was breathing heavily, and he buried his hands in my hair to scoop it out of the way while my head bobbed back and forth, my mouth still clamped to his shaft. Todd had my panties down around my thighs now, and I heard him unzip his pants. Oh God, I was so ready. All I could think about was having him inside me. I was on fire. I moaned around my mouthful, and then I felt him rub the head of his cock against me, teasing me with it, as if he knew exactly what I wanted but was deliberately making me wait.I rocked backwards, pushing against him, and I felt the tip of his cock start to slide inside me. He pulled back and gave my bottom a little swat, chuckling."You gotta say what you want," he taunted."Hey, her mouth's a little busy," Curtis, pointed out."I wanna hear her say it." His slap against my ass had turned into a caress. "C'mon," he cajoled. "Tell me what you want."Curtis had tight hold of my hair and wouldn't let me stop, so I just mumbled something incoherent and pushed back against him again. But he eased away and this time he used his hands to tease me. He started stroking me again with his fingers and found the erect nub of my clit, and when he started lightly flicking his fingertip back and forth across it, I grew frenzied. I whimpered and moaned and writhed and sucked harder on Curtis' cock, my mouth full of saliva and the salty taste of him. His hold loosened on my hair enough that I could finally break free, and when I did it was only to plead breathlessly, "Fuck me, oh God, fuck me now."That was all the urging he needed. He grabbed hold of my ass with one hand and eased himself inside with the other, and my moan of blissful pleasure became muffled as Curtis filled my mouth again. From both ends, I was being fucked, and I loved it. I started rocking back and forth on my hands and knees, making small sounds of ecstasy deep in my throat and feeling my breasts sway with the rhythm. Curtis was holding my hair while Todd gripped my ass, and he started pumping into me harder until I could hear wet smacking sounds and feel his balls slam against my pussy. I felt like an animal -- like some wild, savage, primitive creature, just fucking and being fucked with no thought beyond the pleasure of it all. I could feel my excitement mounting with each thrust, could feel the way Curtis' cock started quivering in my mouth, and knew he was going to come the second before he did. His fingers tightened in my hair and he let out a gasping cry as he started pumping his hot come into my mouth, his body trembling with the force of it. I swallowed some of it, but most of it dribbled out of my mouth in sticky trails down my chin as I gasped. Todd was still gripping my buttocks as he pounded into me, faster and harder, but not fast enough. I wanted more."Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I panted out, like a chant, a mantra -- both begging and commanding. "Faster, harder," I cried out brokenly, my head sunk low, my hair and breasts swinging, my hands scrabbling and squeaking against the floor of the truck. I could feel it, that hurtling rush toward ecstasy gaining by the second. I was beyond reason, beyond will, beyond anything but sensation. Harder, faster, yes, yes, yes now now NOW! Oh god. I floated. There was that pure, perfect second of oblivion, like that moment of timelessness after you jump, before gravity takes control. That one sweet moment of freedom. Sublime. Exhilarating. Eternal. Heaven.And then it was gone. Reality came crashing back. Todd was gasping, clutching at me, giving a few last half-hearted thrusts while I felt the remains of his own ecstasy trickle down my legs. I was sweaty and naked and in the back of a truck with two guys I'd just met. I'd let them use me, but only because I'd used them in return. For that one perfect moment, it had been worth it. Regrets would come later.

Another Fantasy We BOTH have had!!!

Written By: Bob

My wife Pam and I talked about having a threesome. We talked often about it, as we tried to imagine the way it would happen. Now my wife Pam is stunning she is 38yrs but looks 20 she stands 5’-5” 115 lb.. Brown hair and blue eyes with a 36-C and a 28” waist with a heart shaped ass. She is a real looker. I am 39yrs and muscular built, I stand 5’-11” 190 lb.. Brown hair and blue eyes. We thought of asking a friend of ours but felt embarrassed too, thinking what would he think of her or us. We went as far as having a distant friend over for a couple of drinks and playing a game of strip polka that was unsuccessful! As he started to loose his clothes he turned Pam off she was not interested. So one day we decided to go San Diego, were no one knew us and stay at a nice hotel. We checked in and went to our room immediately. We started to plan; we talked about how she would pick up some guy that turned her on at the lobby bar that night. She would act real seductive towards him, she would then bring him to our room allowing him to seduce her and that's when I would join in. It was great plan we thought, we both got very hot while discussing it, I reached to her and started to caress her breasts her nipples standing at attention and her pussy was wet. Our conversation and the thought of doing this turned her on so much. As she reached for my cock it was hard as a rock. We undressed each other with a passion as we lost control and went crazy we stayed in the Hotel room all that weekend just fucking and sucking. Her pussy was wetter that it had ever been before. I then took my cock and fucked her in hers ass, she was so wet we didn’t need to use any lubricant she moaned with pleasure saying how she wanted it and wanted another cock in her pussy and one to suck on. It was a great weekend getaway. As we returned from San Diego we talked about how much the thought of having another man join in really excited us. So we would have to make it happen someday soon!

About 2 weeks passed and we went to San Diego again booked ourselves at the same hotel even getting the same room. We did not plan anything, we had decided if it happens it happens. That night I decided to go to the lobby bar and wait for her to come down. As I sat at the bar I noticed several young good looking single guys, it made me think of my old days. I have to admit the thought of Pam picking up one of them excited me. As the band started to play the place got crowded there were single men and single women everywhere. People were dancing and thinks were happening. I looked up and noticed Pam as I waved to her to come over, I observed a young man approach her and start talking to her. My heart started to pound as the thoughts of this is it ran though my head. It was happening she joined him at his table they were talking and laughing there was also two other men at the table. As I looked over I noticed Pam had on a tight mini skirt and a very revealing top. She looked stunning as I walk towards the table I noticed Pam’s breasts, her nipples were standing at attention. Her skirt was so short I could see her ass cheeks, and they were beautiful. She looked up at me and said hey you come over and join us. As I sat down she introduced me as Paul, an old friend. She went around the table introducing Joe, Mike, and Tom. Tom was the one sitting beside her. Tom then asked her to dance it was a slow dance. As they danced I noticed Tom caressing her ass. My cock was getting hard, as I watched them together. As they were dancing Joe and Mike was commenting on what a great body she had and how they wish they could get into her skirt. If they only knew! As the song ended Tom and Pam came back to the table. Pam excused herself, as she had to go powder room to powder her nose! I excused myself short after she went using the excuse that I need another drink from the bar. As I approached the back of the bar Pam had exited the ladies room and stepped over to talk to me. She was hot she asked me should I do it? I said yes! I’m game if she is! I reached under her mini and felt her bush she was not wearing anything under skirt and she was wet. She then said that she was a little nervous and how would she get him up to our room. I told her to relax and go with the flow, she then kissed my passionately and returned to the table. I then returned from the bar with a round of drinks. As I passed out the drinks I noticed Toms hand caressing her legs he was hot. After a few songs I suggested for all of us to come up to my suite for a party. They all agreed as we started to get up from the table along came this very attractive young lady she obvious knew Joe and Mike they started talking. Joe introduced me to her, her name was Kelly she was a 10+. As they told her that we were going to a party in my suite she asked if she could join us I said why not. As Pam and Tom headed to the elevator holding each other tight Joe, Mike, Kelly and me followed. On the elevator Pam started making out with Tom. Joe and Mike nudged me whispering he’s lucky she is hot!! As we exited the elevator we headed for our suite. Pam asked if she could use the powder room I said sure, and escorted her into the bedroom area. I was hard as a rock the thought of this really happening, the time was here. She scurried around the room tossing all of her belongings in the closet so no one would know that we were together. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans as she came over. She grabbed my cock and started sucking like never before. I reached under her skirt and started to play with her clit, she was ready. I told her to just lie on the bed and leave everything to me! As I walked out of the bedroom Joe, Mike and Tom were talking to Kelly they managed to talk her into taking off her shirt. Her breasts were exposed and she was hot! I waved to Tom to come into the bedroom. He walked in and there was Pam laying there her pussy was exposed. He laid on the bed next to her and started to caress her pussy. Pam reached for his cock I stood there watching as Tom started to lick Pam's hot wet pussy. She was unbuckling and unzipping his jeans. As his cock appeared she inserted in her mouth. It was about 10” and thick Pam loved it. As I turn and looked into the living room area I noticed Kelly sucking on Mike’s cock, while Joe was fucking her. I then got undressed as I approached Pam she was in ecstasy. Our fantasy was coming true as Tom mounted Pam she reached over grabbed my cock and started to suck on it. She was wild; as he fucked her she sucked my cock harder and harder! Before you know it Kelly, Joe, and Mike came into the bedroom and was cheering us on saying give it to her, you can see she wants it. Joe the came over and said look at her ass I want it! His 7” cock was hard as he started to mount Pam from the back. Pam moaned and groaned in ecstasy as she had a Tom’s 10” cock in her pussy my 9” cock in her mouth and Joe’s 7” cock in her ass. As Tom pulled out as he started to cum, Pam grabbed his Tom’s cock shoving it into her mouth swallowing ever last drop. As Tom got up Mike said I’m next I looked at his cock` it had to be at least 12” I looked over at Kelly and she was Hot she wanted to join in. I motioned her to come over, she did. As she stood by my face I buried my lips into her shave pussy. Here we all were Pam, getting fuck in her hot wet pussy by my with 9” cock, Joe’s 7” cock in her ass, Mikes 12” cock in her mouth, while my tongue was buried in Kelly’s shaved pussy. How much better could it get? Well just as I thought that I seen everything Kelly reached for Pam’s breasts and started caressing them. I couldn’t hold back on my load, as I pulled out of Pam’s pussy I exploded Pam's grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth, dripping out the sides of her lips as she tried to swallow it all! I then looked over at Tom he was hard again and ready to replace me as I got up Tom walked over and inserted his 10” cock in Pam's mouth. Kelly then laid beside Pam and started sucking on her breasts placing Pam's nipples between her teeth and tongue I watched as Pam reached over and started to play with Kelly’s clit. A few seconds later Joe pulled out of Pam's ass and shot his load all over Pam’s back. Joe then came over to me was exhausted he could not believe what a piece of ass Pam was! A few minutes latter Tom let off a groan as he pulled out of Pam’s mouth and shot off his load all over her. Kelly Started to go down on Pam, As she licked Pam’s pussy, Pam grabbed Kelly's head and started to groan and grinned her pussy against Kelly’s mouth. At that time Mike took his 12” cock from Pam’s mouth and said her it comes can you handle it? As he plunged 12” cock into Pam’s pussy. Pam cried out in pain and ecstasy as he planted his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy! Kelly lifted her pussy to Pam’s mouth and to my surprise Pam started eating her shaved pussy like I had never seen a pussy be eaten before. As Mike continued to plunge his 12” hard cock in and out of Pam’s pussy she moaned loader and loader saying fuck me fuck me hard Pam was experience multiple orgasm's as Mike’s 12” cock pounded in and out of her pussy. Kelly started to tremble as she was having orgasms as Pam continued to eat her. Mike let out loud groan as he pulled out of Pam’s pussy shooting his load all over her! Kelly reached over to Pam and started making out with her as they cuddled each other. It was late we had been at it for at least 4-1/2 hours. Mike, Joe, and Tom got dressed, as they were leaving they said me, here you go Paul there all for you! I said thanks see you guys around.

I entered the bedroom I leaped on the bed and hugged Kelly and Pam! They were exhausted; Kelly looked at me and said can I use your shower. I said sure help yourself, but only if I can join? She said sure, come on Pam join us! We all got in the shower here I was in the middle of Pam and Kelly, Their breasts rubbing against me I was in haven! As l licked them they kissed we then got out and hopped into bed there I laid exhausted between my wife and Kelly we all passed out!

As we got up the next morning we went to breakfast. It was then when Pam told Kelly that we were married and told her our story of how we always wanted to have group sex. She like that, the fact that we were married, she asked if she could be a part of our threesomes. I looked at Pam and she at me, Pam said sure anytime. Well that all happened about a year ago and Kelly has become like part of our family. We get together often for friendship as well as a threesome it is great!

Newbies in Search

By Bob

I’d like to share our experience with you. My name is Bob and my wife’s name is Karen. I am a 45-years-old 5’11” average looking guy, a little on the large size (275lbs.), salt and pepper hair (what hair that’s left) and blue eyes. On the other hand Karen is, I would say an average plus, she is very attractive, 39 years old 5’7” blond hair and blue eyes about 135lbs and very sexual. We reside in Southern California and have children; just a regular happily married couple. In my single days I experienced many types of different sexual relationships, so you could say I was experienced in swinging, on the other hand Karen was a virgin. So of course I gave all that up when we got married 16 years ago, or not! I would often think back while making love to Karen, fantasizing of those fantastic times and thinking how great it would be if I could get her to get into it. Now you have to understand that Karen is very old fashion and innocent to this. She is a great Mom and Wife, very dedicated to our family and me. About 8 years ago I bought a computer and discovered the Internet. It was wild how many happily married couples with children are into swinging, group sex and gangbangs. That was when it came to me, why not us we are both fixed. I started dropping hints to Karen about the idea, boy she came down on me, her thoughts on it was NO, NO, and NO. She stated “what’s wrong with me I don’t satisfy you”, I explained, it wasn’t that she did not satisfy me; I just felt there was more than just making love. She got mad at me so mad that I had to sleep on the couch for 2 nights. On the third day she final spoke to me, and stated how much she loved me as I told her how much I loved her. About a month passed and things got back to normal, my fantasy’s continued, I found myself dropping more and more hints heck I even went to a sex shop and bought 2 dildo’s. I hid a 6” thin dildo under the pillow and during one of our hot nights and in the heat of passion I pulled it out and inserted it in her tight ass. She went wild, experiencing mutable orgasms. After we were exhausted we cuddled and fell asleep. The next morning we talked about it, I explained how I felt, that there was a difference between making love and having hot wild sex, she understood and felt that if I was really that strong about it then maybe she would consider it, with only other married and committed couples like ourselves. Boy I got really turned on; I took her by the hand and led her right back into bed. We then made love and when we where finished we just laid there talking about having some hot wild sex. Our children had gone to their grandparents for the weekend; home alone like two kids in a candy store. As I started to tell her of my fantasies, she quickly interrupted and said, no don’t talk about it, do it. I had her strip and lay on the bed while I ran my tongue up and down her inserted my fingers in her nicely trimmed hairy pussy. She was moaning with pleasure, I then brought out the toys; I inserted the 7” dildo in her wet pussy and when she was just really getting into it I took the other 6” thin dildo and inserted it slowly in her ass hole, she went wild, I then placed my hard cock by her mouth, she grabbed onto it stroking it with both hands and inserted it in her mouth as I repeated over and over again we all want to take you “all three of us”, she was going wild and I was too. As I shot off my load in her mouth she soaked the bed, letting off all of her sweet juices from her soaking wet pussy, it was wild. After we laid there for an hour, I started to discuss my fantasy’s. I was surprised to find out that she had a couple of her own. She shared with me of a bisexual experience that she had with a close girlfriend of hers when she was in high school. She then told how much she enjoyed it but after the encounter happened she was very embarrassed, so embarrassed that she and her friend parted ways shortly after it, although she thought of it often. We soon got back in the mood and went at it again speaking out load of our fantasies of having others join in while making love turning it into hot wild sex. Later that night she shared with me how she would feel about seeing me have sex with another women. She felt that she didn’t think that she could deal with that. As we talked about it I realized she really had a fear that I would do things without her and eventually leave her. I emphasized how much in love with her I am, and that no one would or could ever come between us. Although in the back of my mind I had the opposite fear and also brought it to her attention. She assured her love for me was eternal and that no one would ever come between us as well. The next day we got on the Internet together, we searched out many sites, everything from X-Rated to Swinger sites. She was amazed at how many other couples where into this. As we reviewed many swing sites and many porn sites we talked about joining, we decided to put it on the back burner for today and went to bed. It was another wild night; I had penetrated every hole on her and talk about how we would do it for our fist time, as she did things to me that where so wild that I could not believe. On Sunday all was back to normal the children where home and we went on as every other normal family does. The children had a great time with their grandparents they insisted on spending the next weekend with them. On Friday after school she dropped them off, as I got home from work that evening she had a great dinner prepared for us, candles and everything it was very romantic. After dinner I helped clean up, we showered, got dressed and we went out for the evening. We ended up at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel where they had a great lounge on the top floor. Now you have to understand, we were never into the club scene. We were amazed at how many couples and singles where there, everyone having a great time. We checked out other couples as well as singles, commenting on them and fantasizing what it would be like if they came home with us. We danced drank and had a great time, so great, we closed the place. On the way down in the elevator we were alone and started to get into it, her hands were all over me and mine on her, I noticed a key in the elevator and turned it, the elevator stopped between floors, she got down on her knees, she unbuckled my belt, took down my pants. She grabbed my hard cock with both hands and inserted between her lips and started going to town on it. She was hot and ready for more, as she got up I lifted one of her legs to the hand rail, slid up her skirt sliding her panties aside and inserted my hard cock into her dripping wet hairy pussy, it was wild as I pounded her like never before she moaned out in ecstasy, saying fuck me harder and harder. After having multiple orgasms, I shot off my load deep inside her wet dripping pussy. We got dressed and continued down in the elevator. When we got to the ground floor there were two maintenance men who was concern about the elevator, I informed them that I had accidentally turned the key and the elevator just stopped, and after a while it started back up again. I think they really knew what we were doing by the look in their eyes, but didn’t say anything more. On the way home we talked about how much fun we had and what would have happened if we got caught in the elevator, or if there were others in the elevator with us. We then talked about what would have happened if others knew of our fantasies and had them as well. When we got home we found ourselves very hot again, we fantasized about others joining us in bed, heck we even went as far as imagining certain couples and singles that we had pointed out earlier that evening at the club. The next morning we got on the Internet and started chatting with others. Now as of this point it was only a fantasy of ours and I knew that I could make it happen. We found some web sites that had erotic stories and started reading them. We got so hot that we shut down the computer and spend all day in bed as I penetrated every area on her, fantasizing how I would take her out to a place were no one knew us, meeting other couples and singles and how we all would have their way with her. It was wild, between our fantasy’s, toys, and the thought of her being violated and used as a sex toy; she went wild climbing the walls in ecstasy. That night we decided to get back on the Internet we chatted with many people and they sent us their pictures, we didn’t have any of ourselves at that time and it seemed like that’s all others wanted. We soon realized that some of the people that we we’re chatting with were not real, the pictures they were sending us were the same as we saw on the X-Rated sites and who they where trying to pass themselves off as, and all the single men, it was bad IM after IM it was very disappointing. We also discovered that a lot of websites were nothing but bull, they were just some corporate way of making money. As Months past, and our wild hot sex continued, we toyed with the Idea of checking out swing clubs, we called and checked on a few and decided not too, until we had some actual experience. Years have passed but that thought of it hasn’t; we still fantasize about others in bed with us having hot wild sex, everything from soft swing, full swapping, 3some, 4somes, group sex, gangbangs, and orgies. I have recently found a really great Swingers web site, and have started to explore some more. Karen has become disillusioned with the idea and has her doubts about it happening, She has been viewing this site with me recently and seams to be warming up to the idea again, and I know under the right conditions she will do it and enjoy it immensely.