Written by Dave and Sal

17 Feb 2004

Well time to tell you about another meet with our black friend,

he came round to see us on Saturday evening and Sal was really well up for a session with him.

He arrived about 8 and Sal had got herself ready earlier by showering and finding out some really sexy underwear.

It consisted of black bra with red rose motif and the same in panties although they were open at the crotch.

She had got me to shave her pussy and after testing it with a licking session i can tell you it was well smooth.

She then put on black stockings and finally a red dress which was quite short showing off plenty of leg.

Tim (name changed) was well pleased with her appearance

and has soon as he came into the lounge he took her in his arms and there tongues entwined with each others and his hands were all over her.

We had a few drinks and a bite to eat then Tim stood in front of Sal and invited her to go onto her knees in front of him.

She did this and slowly began stroking the front of his trousers

and sure enough i could see his tool start to push at the zip and Sal slowly started to unzip him and slowly ease his cock out.

He was semi hard but Sal soon got to work on it and it did not take long for it to become very hard and erect.She undid the buckle on his pants and eased them down and also his CK pants then went back to sucking his hard tool.

Inoticed her hand go between his legs and a finger began to explore his anus slowly rotating around the opening before inserting the tip of her finger inside him he was really on a high at this and slowly she went in further untill he finally groaned that he was coming.

Sal kept this up and to see her take all Tim's cream into her mouth was a really exciting experience for me to see has she had always shied away from this before.

After this it was time for Tim to pleasure Sal and he slowly stripped her down to her holdups lay her back on the sofa and with his tongue and fingers began to bring Sal upto a terrific climax with her pussy oozing juices like never before.

He the picked her up and carried her into our bedroom and lay her on the bed and they enjoyed a lovely cuddle session while they both began to get themselves worked up again.

They then got into a 69 and tongued each other, with them both probing each others anus's with the tip of there tongues

Tim the turned around and got Sal to kneel up and he got behind her and held onto her hips has he slowly introduced his hard cock into her very juicy cunt he then began very slowly at first working it in and out but Sal was not happy at this and urged him to give it to her harder and faster and boy he did not disappoint her and he was really banging into her with some force untill finally he filled her with another load of thick cum.

He then insisted that i enjoy the fruits of his visit by going down on Sal and enjoying the pleasure of cleaning both there juices from her swollen pussy.

I must be honest and say i never thought i would be friends with anyone other than a genuine Englishman but Tim has changed me in every way and due to his trust and loyalty we are both so pleased to call him a true friend.

He is always a welcome visitor when ever he wants to drop in

and can be sure of a very warm welcome from us especially Sal.

Dave and Sal both hope you all enjoy reading of there experiences with Tim.

Dave and Sal