Written by KandA

24 Dec 2004

You should put this in perspective and read Part 1 first!


When you left us last time I promised to tell you how we got from having an illicit affair in the office to indulging in mild B&D sessions, via MMF, FFM and MFMF.

Before Alicia and I became lovers I had used “a leading” sex site to indulge my fantasies. Like many lovers she and I had shared secrets about our previous partners and both of us had got a turn-on from this, and were turned on in turn by turning the other one on. (Are you still with me? That was a lot of turns back there and I thought I might have lost you). So I told Alicia about this other site.

We then took to looking through the site and getting a buzz from the postings. Alicia admitted that the prospect of doing something with other people was intriguing and maybe it would be a turn-on. She told me that her first lover was a married lecturer who’d seduced her when she was at college, and who had manipulated her and his wife into a threesome. However when the two women started enjoying themselves without any interest in him he got huffy and broke it up. Alicia said that having enjoyed the preliminary stages of love-making with this other woman, she’d be quite interested in exploring her bi side, and seeing how far she would or could go.

So when we graduated to our own listing on the site we said that we’d be interested in hearing from either other couples or another woman. Well, we didn’t have much success for quite a few weeks but then John contacted us on behalf of himself and his wife and we had a correspondence with him. We decided to go ahead and arrange a meeting. Then John admitted that his wife had backed down; they had enjoyed a foursome before but she had since said she didn’t want to do it again and he apologised for misleading us. John told us he was due to go on a training course and would be staying at an hotel near us, so taking a deep breath we agreed to meet him after work for a drink and … who knows.

We arrived at the hotel before he did and waited, rather nervously in the bar. Alicia was dressed “smart business” and with a short skirt showing off her long legs; under her blouse she wasn’t wearing a bra, and under her skirt there were hold-ups and no knickers. We arranged it so that the vacant seat was opposite her. When John arrived he was very pleasant and when he went to the bar to get the second round Alicia and I chatted about him and she said she was happy to go ahead with things. He was obviously keen on the idea and we saw his eyes frequently glance at her legs and look up her skirt as she crossed them. I was very keen to get with things and go back to his room – especially since we had limited time - but Alicia wanted to finish her second drink, Dutch courage she later admitted.

Since this was effectively the first time for us all, mixed in with the sexual excitement there was a degree of uncertainty in the air, someone had to take the lead, so I started to undress and told Alicia to do the same and join me on the bed. We then started to kiss and caress and pretty soon Alicia was giving me a blowjob. John, meanwhile had taken his clothes off and sat down on a chair and was enjoying the show. I know he was enjoying it because I could see him gently wanking his firm erection. I then said to Alicia that it didn’t seem fair that he should be doing it for himself, and why didn’t she give him a hand. She invited him to join us on the bed, and when she started caressing his cock and balls I got that first electric thrill, the BINGO! moment. Here was my lover turning on another guy, touching him and WHAMEE! she was taking his cock in her mouth. I was slightly jealous because I have such a thick cock – also rather long – that she can only get the head in her mouth, and even then it is a tight and slightly uncomfortable fit , whereas John was a bit smaller and she was able to accommodate him nearly all the way. It was great watching her enjoy herself so much. She loves oral sex & finds giving a blowjob is a great way to get her own juices flowing.

John, meanwhile was giving her a good fingering and then the inevitable happened and she lay on her back for him and opened her legs. My heart was pounding as I watched. He needed no more invitation and started to slowly feed her his length; she was turned on and impatient and dug her heels into his buttocks to force him further in, but he was quite unhurried and thrust away in his own time, the rascal! She reached across to me and I knelt next to her so she could take my cock into her mouth. Inevitably John and I touched – just our legs - but that was rather strange for me, it was the first time I’d touched a man during sexual activity. Soon afterwards John, very much a gentleman and not wishing to impose himself pulled out of her, to make way for me, and we swapped positions.

I entered her quickly and, thanks to John's efforts very easily, and started doing what she enjoys most – giving her a hard, deep fucking. She moaned, grunted and gasped with pleasure as my eight thick inches plunged in, again and again. I was so turned on that it took me only a few minutes to come. We lay in each other’s arms for a few moments and then I went to the bathroom for a pee and to wash myself off a bit. I took my time and eavesdropped on some muted conversation from the next room that soon turned to grunts and gasps.

When I returned I did so quetly, in order not to disturb them. I can hardly describe the massive turn on of watching John shagging MY lover, my gorgeous Alicia. I didn’t intrude into the room, merely poked by head round the corner. I guess this was in order to best enjoy a voyeur-type thrill. After a while I could restrain myself no longer and joined them on the bed, stroking Alicia whenever and wherever I could. She lapped up this attention, virtually purring like a satisfied cat.

By now we were up against our time limits for getting back home to our respective families and reluctantly we had to break things up before John had an orgasm. Neither did Alicia, but that was no problem because her orgasms were very rare. At least they were rare at that time. I’ll tell you later about how she discovered multiple, squirting orgasms; about our next meeting with John, and about the next person who answered our advert – the wonderful Gilly and how Alicia discovered the true joy of bisexuality. And I’ll also be telling you about our first foursome, and Alicia’s first session with three guys as well as our experiment with B&D.