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Our fantasy

"Sex with her old boss"

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We had talked about this fantasy so many times to the point that we often think of it in detail while in bed and naked imagining all the naughty details. The pinnacle was when you began fantasising about Jamie going down on you and making you cum licking your pussy and arse. It was so erotic imagining him doing that and you spreading your legs wide for him.

By coincidence a few weeks later you’d bumped into each other in London after work. I wasn’t aware at the time but you ended up going for a drink together in a hotel bar by London Bridge. It got me so horny when you were telling me how you recounted in your mind all the dirty thoughts as you chatted over drinks. He’d bought a bottle of white wine and as you’re telling me what happened I was instantly hard waiting for the details especially knowing white wine makes you horny, drunk and you lose your inhibitions. You recounted how initially you felt a little awkward and maybe for going for drinks as at this moment you hadn’t told me as it was completely spur of the moment. But once you had a glass of white wine you relaxed and the conversation flowed. There was still that chemistry and banter there and you had a laugh. You could tell he was checking you out and you were doing the same at opportune moments. You couldn’t but glance at his crotch and you were sure he noticed. He was being quite open and flirty and you gave us good as you got. Over a few drinks the conversation opened up, he said he was still single and joked it had been a while since he’d had sex. That made you horny imagining what it would be like and you replied saying you can’t believe he hasn’t he must be able to get it from somewhere and he just spoke of having to sort himself out which sparked you imagining him wanking himself off. Something you’d love to watch. Your reply shocked you but it must have been the wine when you jokingly said I’d happily give you a hand 😜. It was flirty and joking but he instantly replied with yes please and under the table he put his hand on his cock and said he’d love to have your hands on him. You looked down and the way he’d gripped it you could see it was pretty large through his suit trousers. You couldn’t help but stare. It wasn’t hard but there was a big bulge he had a grip on. You were now a bit tipsy, horny and could feel yourself twitching. There was a moments silence between you as he looked at you while still holding his cock almost willing you to reach over.

Just at that moment your phone went, a text messsage. It was me asking how you are how was day etc. you said oh sorry it’s Rich. He said ah ok does he know you’re out with me.  You replied saying no but he will do in a mo. You knew telling me would make me horny and spark a load more messages wondering what is happening. Jamie said will he mind or you got to go. You said no he won’t mind at all. He’ll be glad that I’m having fun. And with that you blurted out but he’ll prob ask what your intentions are with me. You didn’t quite mean it like that but Jamie took it as a sign to carry on and relax and flirt. My intentions he said,hmmmm do you really want to know MC……

Being you, you replied not flustered just calm with a glint in your eye, must have been the white wine. Yes go on then tell me.  At this point after a couple of glasses of white wine you felt a little drunk.

You’d also replied to me telling me you were having a few glasses of white wine with Jamie. You knew what I’d be imagining and that added to your playful and horny mood. Attention and desire both both your man and Jamie. It made you hot and wanted. You looked down and before Jamie had spoke your phone went again and it was me asking for details.

You looked back at Jamie looking him straight in the eye, taking a drink of your wine, as you said to him come on the. What’s on your mind.

He shuffled closer to you and said quietly I’d love to show you what I’d do I have imagined it lots of times in my mind and as he said this he put a hand on your thigh gripping you a bit and said do you think you could handle it.

That was easy for you to retort and you straight away jokingly said I’m sure I could I can handle anything.

With that you got up and said you need the ladies. Leave him hanging you thought as you got up smiling as you walked away knowing he must be hard and you felt very naughty and horny. Your mind flashed back and thought of me so you took your phone out and messaged me quickly. I was straight back waiting to hear what was happening. Your message was “white wine 😈”. I replied what’s happened does he want you. You messaged back saying he just said he imagines doing lots of dirty things with me. I was so hard reading this knowing you must be wet and horny too. Was something going to happen, my mind was racing. You said you had to go in a min as just in the loo but would let me know how it goes over drinks. You said don’t worry we’re in a bar just having drinks and you love me, and you can’t wait to come home for sex. I replied enjoy and let me know x

You returned to the table but Jamie wasn’t there, you looked around and he was at the busy bar getting some drinks. It gave you a chance to check him out without being caught, his bum looked good in his suit trousers and you couldn’t help imagine your hands on it pulling him in.

The bar was busy and he came back to the table with a couple of baby Guinness. You got up to let him back to his seat and he had to squeeze past. He set the shots down on the table and as he manoeuvred to get him he put his hands on your waist as he brushed past you, you pushed back a little on him and you could feel him against your bum. Your mind was spinning a bit in the moment that coupled with the wine. And he had a firm grip on your waist with both hands. The bar was so busy and packed so it was natural but you stayed like that for a moment pushed up hard into you as he pushed into you to get to his seat. Did you enjoy that you said as you sat down over the noise in the room.  Very much he said it’s certainly made it uncomfortable sitting down he laughed.

You talked about work for a bit and normal stuff having a laugh and joke talking about colleagues and his place he’s doing up. Just normal stuff which made it easier again and help distract from the naughty thoughts spinning around in your head.  By this time you also had some water on table you knew you couldn’t drink lots of white wine and didn’t want to be too drunk, you felt good but quite drunk. Right he said let’s have this shot, a bit of the black stuff he quipped. Down in one, you up for that. You replied I’ve had a bit of black before no problem lol. He almost spat his shot out he didn’t expect that and you both laughed. Have you actually he said. Hardly believing you came out with that but clearly finding it hot. Er yeah I have you said, a couple of times actually 😜. Does richard know he asked, yes he knows everything, he loves it. Well it’s a horny thought he replied. Is it was your response.

Well yes it’s a sexy thought imagining you taking a big black cock. I didn’t say it was big you retorted. No but I’m guessing it hoping haha he replied. Why would you hope it’s big you asked intrigued, well it means you might be ok with mine. Oh really you think you can measure up you teased. The tension was there the bar was lively, good music and you felt sexy and wanted.

As you downed your shot he took the glass and touched your hand, was it accidental, but as he moved away he knocked over the glass of water. It went everywhere and spilt all over your skirt. You were soaked, adding to your soaked knickers. You tried to mop it up but your skirt was too wet. I’ll have to go to the toilet, he said don’t bother with that they’ll be a queue.  Why don’t you use my room, the lifts are only there, it will be easier and you can dry it in there, I’ll keep our seats. Didn’t know you had a room that’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it you said, it was already booked I’m travelling. back to Ireland tomorrow. Just go up and use it and I’ll see you in a bit when you’ve dried it. I’ll get some bar snacks ordered while I wait. You seemed unsure but it made sense and he was going to sort food and wait. So you took the room key and off you went. As you walked away you were intrigued to see his room and was a bit sexy being able to be in his room with your thoughts without being naughty. You text me as you waited for the lift…. Going up to his hotel room 😜. You were being a tease thinking I would presume something more. I quickly responded, what’s happened. Is he with you now. You replied after a few mins, making we wait explaining. The situation. I said I bet you will be horny being in his room though. As you found the room and opened the door I text saying what if he follows you up. You hadn’t thought of that. That made your mind race but first you had to sort out your skirt. The room was big and modern, and the bed was huge. The curtains were shut so it was dimly lit. You wandered round. It smelt of his aftershave, the bed was made you wondered if he had done that lol. You wandered round imagining being here with him. You needed to dry off so you took your skirt off in the bathroom and put it on the towel rail as you freshened up. Your knickers felt damp you couldn’t help but feel, you were so wet and your freshly shaved lips felt smooth and silky to touch. You text me the room is lovely just sorting myself out then going back downstairs x

I text back saying lay on the bed while your there and close your eyes for a moment and imagine. Ok you said.

It was quite nice having your heels off and whike in your knickers you laid on the fresh bed and laid back the white wine taking hold.

You didn’t realise how long you’d been there but at that moment you heard the door lock go and the door opened. You couldn’t see from where you were, you froze, is it Jamie or just the hotel staff.

As you lay there on the bed not knowing what to do and unable to jump up after the wine, you could see Jamie in the hallway walking towards you on the bed. He didn’t say anything just started taking his shirt off as you lay there. He looked toned and a few tattoos you were unaware of as you just stared not doing anything as he walked over to the bed. He stood right between your legs and you looked up at him. His bare chest in front of you as he unbuckled his belt.  He was staring at your half naked body on his bed him also half naked. This was it. You had to see his cock. You didn’t move waiting for what he’d do next.

He pushed you back so you were laying flat and pushed your legs further apart with his knees as he knelt between your legs. Your nipples were so hard and your pussy was throbbing and you shuddered as he put his hands on your thighs as he kissed your inner thighs and made his way up to your knickers. As he did so you could hear him undoing his trousers and the zip. You were desperate to look but you couldn’t see from your position laid back on the bed him at the end his face between your legs. He touched you and his hands moved upwards pulling your thong to the side exposing your pussy to him. His fingers touched your clit your lips were so wet you groaned at his touch and knew there was no turning back.

You spread your legs wider giving him full access and urging him to carry on. At every touch you flinched and it gave you butterflies. He took his time not rushing things as he kept moving his hands on your legs and pussy brushing your inner thighs and occasionally touching your pussy lips and clit with his fingers. You wanted more but also wanted him to take his time. Half of you wanted him to push his fingers in deep and made you cum quick but you wanted to enjoy every minute of this. He put his hands on your hips and pulled down your knickers now you were fully exposed your freshly shaved pussy all his to do as he wishes  his touch felt different his fat fingers felt good and you wondered how many you could take inside you at once. Again he started kissing you, starting at your stomach and working his way down, kissing your thighs stomach and the sides of your pussy. You were bucking and pushing your pussy up to him but he was still making you wait for his tongue. Then you shuddered as he pushed his finger deep inside you, was that just one finger you thought. Your phone went and you presumed it was me but you were too consumed with pleasure to look. You shuffled down a bit so you could pull your legs up and back your pussy now fully open for him. He complimented you on how fit you look and how he’s wanted this for ages.  Then as his fingers gently moved inside you he used his other hand to rub your clit. You groaned loudly as he carried this on for a while before taking his first taste of your pussy.  As he put his face between your legs you could feel his breath on you and his tongue felt amazing as it brushed your clit gently as he began to get in a rhythm licking the full length of your pussy lips and clit. He hands moved to your thighs and he pushed them wider apart it hurt a bit how wide he forced them but you liked it and the discomfort it was offset by him pushing his tongue inside you. His tongue was everywhere darting in and out of your pussy all over your lips and back to your clit. Your orgasm was building and it felt amazing. His fingers joined his tongue and they moved the full length of your pussy spreading your juices all over you. He pushed 2 fingers inside you making you gasp, it felt more like three and as he started to work them back and forth you could hear how wet you were. He then backed off the intensity and started rubbing your clit again and for the first time he sounded more commanding and told you dominantly to pull your knees back so he can get to your arse. Omg you thought he likes to rim too.  You did as you were told and now your pussy and arse we’re all his. His fingers moved from your pussy to your arse stroking the whole length spreading your juices and his light touch on your arse hole felt amazing as he lubricated your hole. Then he buried his head again and this time worked on your arse and pussy his tongue on your arse felt so good as he probed and licked you. The sensations were intense and you were moaning louder and louder. Maybe it was the wine but you felt totally at ease and in control despite you being on your back. You started being more vocal telling him what to do. Lick my clit, push your fingers deep inside me. He did as he was told and your orgasm was building quick. You didn’t want to cum yet, you sat up a bit taking a pause from the intensity of his touch. You looked at him and said I want to see your cock. He stood up in front of you inviting you to reach out and undo his trousers. His belt was already off from earlier and you could see his bulge and his cock clearly training in his suit trousers. You reached out and rubbed it through his trousers tracing the length with your hand. You could tell it was big and fat it felt so horny to be at this moment. You hoped to god it was nice and thought pls be circumcised and nice. You looked up and his head was back a little enjoying your rubbing his cock and balls through his trousers. You then left forward and put your mouth on the material biting gently on his shaft through his trousers. He groaned and you knew you were going to love taking him in your mouth. As you focussed your attention and touch on his cock he kept moaning and complementing you telling you how fit and sexy you are, and how you have an amazing fuckable body. Then spurred you on and boosted your confidence and made you even more horny. This hot guy loving everything and wanting you so bad. You undid his trousers and slid them down desperate to see his cock for real, you’d imagined this moment a lot. It was hard and packed out his briefs. It was straining to get out and the bulge was impressive. His toned legs looked good and you gently touched his legs and groin making him shake and tremble to your touch. He stepped out of his trousers desperate for you to get him naked. His cock was at head height where he was standing by you on the bed and you were fixated with it. You got your hands on his hips and hand to pull his briefs forward as they wouldn’t come down unless pulled away from his hard bulging cock. As you pulled them down it sprung free and you gasped at his size.  It was the longest you’ve had but it was thick and my god circumcised. You got your hand round his shaft, just and touched and held his cock admiring it. You looked up at him and said mmm wow. With that you started kissing and licking the head of his cock tasting his circumcised penis and thinking I can’t wait to tell rich. It was a similar length to mine but fatter it was noticeable as you started to take him in your mouth lubing him up with your saliva. You started to get into a rhythm as you got used to his size and reached down to feel his balls, they were big and shaved and you enjoyed everything about this moment. The control you had over him now as you touched wanked and sucked his lovely cock. He tasted good and his cock was similar to mine which made you so hungry for it and you couldn’t help think what it would feel like inside you. You haven’t felt anything different for years and you wanted him so bad.

You wanted to stretch it out but you were so turned on and desperate to be fucked and feel him inside you.  You let go of his cock took off your bra and shuffled up the bed inviting him to take you. He was smiling and taking it all in. Wow your body is fucking amazing as he got on the bed on top of you.  He was laying on top of you looking at you intently as he kissed you and pushed his tongue in your mouth.  That was it you started kissing frantically the urge and desire overwhelming. Your hands were touching him everywhere like you do with me. His back his bum inside his legs. You could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing on your thigh as he moved his hips up and his cock was resting and rubbing all over you. He got up a little taking his fat cock in his hand and touch your pussy and clit with his hard circumcised head. You looked down watching taking it all in the view of his lovely bare cock right by your pussy. Exactly what we’ve done and imagined for so long.

He pushed the head of his cock inside you just a little bit at first you gasped it felt so good you pushed back to take more but he withdrew as you pushed back teasing you not letting you have it all yet. He made you beg. Do you want my cock MC. He commands. Ask me to fuck you. You instantly replied give it to me I need you to fuck me hard. With this he slammed his cock inside you making you take it in one go. You were so wet it slide right in so deep your eyes rolled back as you were consumed with the feeling of his thick veiny cock stretching you and filling you.

Written by Hornymale46

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