Written by Shy Sarah

4 Jul 2005

My husband Dave and I have been married for 3 years and have a fantastic relationship and sex life. Dave has mentioned several times that one of his fantasies is to see me fuck another man. I dismissed the idea and put it down to pillow talk, especially as I did not believe I would have the courage go through with it anyway - Until yesterday...

We decided to make the most of the sunny weather yesterday and sat out side a local pub and proceeded to get steadily tipsy (not drunk though). Dave met up with a guy Steve who he worked with for a few years and has not seen for a while. Steve was a very nice young man about 10 years Daves junior and very polite and complimentary. Several times I saw him looking at my boobs which strangely for me did not make me feel uncomfortable. We decided to head off home at around 8 and get a chinese takeaway on the way home. Dave invited Steve back to share the food and have a few beers in front of the telly. Steve initially declined on account that he would be intruding, but Dave managed to persuade him he was most welcome.

We eventually arrived home and ate the food, had a couple of beers and a chat.

Eventually we got round to the subject of thong or pants!. Dave suggested that I show Steve the thong I was wearing under my summer dress. I promptly blushed as Dave took my hand and stood me in the middle of the room and proceeded to remove my dress. He asked Steve what he thought, I was so shell shocked I did not catch his reply. Dave fondled me gently and kissed my neck from behind which he knows really turns me on. He unclipped my bra and told me to relax. I could see Steve appreciated the sight by the bulge which appeared in his shorts. Dave asked Steve to come and feel my lovely body which he duly did.

I was in heaven with them both gently caressing my body.

Dave led me to the settee and he and Steve were sat either side. Steve slipped a finger in my thong and gently rubbed my clit commenting on how jucy it felt. Dave told Steve to show me what he was hiding in his shorts. He stood in front of me and pulled down his shorts to reveal a huge dick. I grasped it with both hands and began to suck him. I could see Dave had his out and was wanking which really turned me on. After a few minutes Steve began to moan and said "I am going to come!" as he tried to pull away. I grasped him tightly and sucked him furiously until he came in my mouth which he filled with the remainder seeping down my chin. Dave suggested that we go upstaits and make ourselves comfortable whilst he fixed the drinks. Dave returned with the drinks and our cam corder which he set up on the dressing table. Steve began giving me oral and very soon I could feel an orgasm building. I came very loudly (apparently). I began to suck Steve until he was fully hard again which was suprisingly quickly. I was soon on all fours with a dick in my mouth and Steve fucking me from behind. He fucked slowly at first then faster and faster me making me come several times. They swapped ends several times and made me come again and again. Steve let out a gasp and I could feel him come inside me Dave quickly took his place and added his juice to my already full pussy. We cleaned our selves up and had a drink, Steve left and we started to watch the tape which was a real turn on and had the most fantstic sex in ages for most of the night and again when we woke this morning.

Hope you enjoy reading of our experience almost as much as we enjoyed it.

Having chatted we are definately going to do it again, hopefully very soon.

Sarah & Dave

Steve if you are reading a big thank you! XX