Written by Sarah and Dave + Steve

6 Jul 2005

Hi Readers, Sarah here again. I wrote earlier this week to tell you of our first 3 some and said we will be doing it again soon. Well we have and it was even better than the first time.

Steve phoned for Dave on Monday night to thank us for a great evening the night before. Unfortunately Dave was out at the time so I took the call and we chatted for a while. Steve said he would be happy to meet again should we wish to. I immediately took him up on the offer and arranged for him to come round at 8 on Tuesday and asked him not to mention it to Dave should they speak in the mean time. (My little suprise for Dave). Any way Dave arrived home from work on Tuesday a little later than usual. I told him I was making a suprise dinner which would be a little while and suggested he took a shower in the mean time. He returned from the shower and looked a little puzzled as to why there were 3 places set at the dinner table but never questioned it. A few minutes later there was knock at the door and Dave went to answer, I heard Steves voice and Dave invite him in. I tried unconvincingly to look suprised to see him. We sat down to Dinner but i hardly ate anything as the excitement was giving me butterflies. I cleared away the dishes and told them both to amuse themselves whilst I took a shower. I had a long shower and dressed in a new basque and suspenders which i had bought that morning and covered myself in my bath robe. I did my hair and makeup and felt so excited I can not begin to put it in to words. When I eventually returned down stairs to join them they were watching the video we took last time.

As I entered the room I could have burst with excitement and anticipation. I said come on boys I want to see what you have to offer me today!. I did not take Dave long to jump up and get undressed Steve was not long behind him. I told them both to sit on the settee and knelt between them and took each one it turn in my mouth. I could taste a little of Steve's pre come so I suggestd that we all go up stairs and have some real fun!. Once in the bedroom I removed my robe lay on the bed and said "take me boys!" Dave sat on the end of the bed and beckoned Steve to begin. He kissed me passionatley as his hands wondered over my breasts and stomach. He slowly removed my basque and kissed and gently bit my nipples which seemed super sensitive. He moved his hand down and slid one then two fingers in to me with ease due to my very free flowing juices. He worked me for a while with his fingers before going down to work me with his tongue. I could feel and orgasm brewing and moaned in appereciation which spured him on even more and I soom came. Dave by now presented his manhood (which seemed bigger and harder than ever before) for me to suck as he played with my boobs and Steve gave me exquisite oral. I was soon on the brink of another orgasm as Steve inserted 3 finges in me as his tongue worked my clitorous. I came again almost instantly. I told Steve to fuck me hard from behind as i got in to the doggy position such that i could continue to suck Dave. Steve entered me and immediately began to fuck me hard and fast. He soon withdrew as he was about to come. I have read many stories of DP and was desperate to try it by now. I reached into the bed side cabinet and fumbled around until I found the KY jelly and a condom which Dave knew meant that I wanted Anal. I told Steve to lay on the bed and climbed on top of him so Dave could fuck my bum. Dave put on the condom and placed a good squirt of the cold KY on my bum and worked it in my bum with his cock. I was soon riding Steve slowly as Dave entered my bum. They were soon both buried deep in side me as is bucked against them both rythmically. I soon had the most explosive orgasm I have ever felt. Steve groaned and i knew he was going to come, which he duly did filling me with his come. Dave followed suite very soon after and withdrew. He beckoned me to lie on my back and began to lick Steves a mixture of mine and Steve's juices from my pussy which was incredibly erotic. We stopped for a break and I fixed some drinks and were soon back in full swing with Steves cock in my mouth and Dave fucking me from behind. They swapped ends several times making me come and showing great restraint not to come again. Dave lay me down on the bed and they both began to wank over my face and taking turns for me to suck them. Dave soon came over my face and in my mouth and Steve followed suite. Using my finger I collected as much as possible and greedily swallowed it down. Dave said he wanted a few momentos and began to take some digital photo's and said he wanted to film Steve fucking me in every which way possible. Steve was happy to oblige and fucked me very hard and fast until we both collapsed as we came together. We got cleaned up had a drink and a chat and watched the footage filmed I gave Dave a BJ to finish with before we said goodnight to Steve at 2 am.

We look forward to seeing Steve again in the very near future.

Sarah & Dave.