Written by Stevelouise

18 Aug 2006

Whilst living in Germany 15 years ago, we had become good friends with Tony a work colleague who would often pop around for a beer and stay the night. He was 21. It was becoming that Louise my wife who at the time was 28 was quite keen on him. Over the years I had tried to get Louise to have sex with another man but her reply was always lets see if the situation arises.

This particular evening we were all having a drink and got quite merry when it was suggested that Louise give Tony a massage. I was surprised when she said no problem, and decied to get changed into some more appropriate clothing. She came back in the room in a silky underwear set. You know the Camisole and knickers, there was no Bra so her magnificent nipples were poking through the material nicely. Tony had taken off his shirt and suggested that she massage him topless. I was enjoying the show as Louise took her top off and revealed her 36C breasts to him and started to massage him when she decided it was her turn to have some massage oil rubbed into her. Tony had no problems and Louise wanted the oil rubbed into her chest. I was getting harder watching as my mate was rubbing oil into her breasts, her nipples becoming harder and her breathing had started to change as she was getting turned on. After a while I decied i wanted to see how far my wife would go and suggested they both got naked. Louise looked at me and said if you are happy then I will do it. I said to her enjoy the moment if Tony was also comfortable. They both took off the remainder of their clothes and I was seeing my wife naked with another man for the first time, both giving each other a massage but going no further. It was quite obvious how turned on the pair were and Louise was obviously pleased to see that Tony was very well endowed. I said to Tony that they could both have some more fun if they wanted and initially he waa a bit apprehensive but Louise said in for a penny in for a pound and that we should all go upstairs to the bedroom. Once in te bedroom we were all naked and Tony was displaying this magnificent cock which was a couple of inces longer than mine at approx 8 - 9''. Louise got on all fours and took his cock in her mouth giving him an expert BJ that was usually only reserved for me. I was hard as hell watching my wife put on a show. After a few minutes Tony got Louise on the bed and entered her and she started gasping as this cock touched depths that she hadnt had with me. They were really getting it on together and my wife looked fantastic as she let this young stud screw her. Her legs wide open letting him grind deeper and faster. She took me in her mouth and sucked furiously whilst her young lover was pounding her pussy for all its worth. She came a few times during this session and Tonys breathing changed as he shot his semen deep in to my wifes unprotected womb. I came over her breasts and massaged the cum into her body. The session continued well into the early hours with Louise getting taken in all holes. At one point she received her first DP and enjoyed the fact that 2 guys were fucking her ass and pussy. By the end of the session she had had cum from the two of us in her pussy and over her body.

Well after this session, we sat down and talked the following day about the experience. There was no regrets and havent been any since. We often speak about it and I have asked my wife if she would like to be screwed again by another guy, but she has decide that although she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she is happy with what she gets from me and does not wish to play anymore. Shame......!