Written by Rebecca

7 Dec 2004

I would like to tell you about me and my husband Steve’s first dogging experience.

We were driving back from a night out at a friends dinner party, when I mentioned to my husband that I had read about an area used for dogging on a website, and that we had to pass it on the way home. I must admit I had drunk a few glasses of wine at the dinner party and was feeling rather frisky to say the least.

I was expecting my Steve to say, “Oh that’s interesting darling” and then just drive home. Instead of that, he said, “do you want to take a look? “Do you?” I said, and to my great surprise he said he did.

We arrived at the spot I’d read about around midnight. We parked our people carrier in a secluded area that was surrounded by trees on three sides. On the way in we spotted four or five other cars parked in similar fashion. We then sat there for a few minutes in total silence. Nothing happened, my husband then decided to take things into his own hands. He climbed out of his seat, pushed my seat right back, and knelt down in front of me. I was already wet from the thrill of sitting in the dark not knowing who was watching. My husband then removed my panties and pushed his face against my pussy, slowly kissing around the edge at first, then flicking his tongue against my now swollen clit. God this was good, I just lay back with a big smile on my face, and moaned contentedly.

Then I heard the sound of someone moving very slowly close by the car. I was frightened for a second and tapped my husband Steve on the head to get his attention. All he said was “I heard it darling, this is what you came here for sweetheart, just relax and go with the flow”. I could feel my juices oozing again as Steve worked his magic with his tongue.

I was now reaching the stage where I was aching for a big fat cock to fuck me senseless, my head was swimming from the effect of Steve’s mouth round my pussy, too much wine, and the thought that some guy, or guys were watching me in a state of helplessness.

Just at the moment when I was going to cum, I caught a glimpse of a large shadowy figure by the window, he wasn’t standing right up against the car, but a few paces away. I had been playing with my breasts through my silky white blouse, this man I’d never seen before had watched it all.

“There’s a man by the car, and he’s watching me Steve” I said. Without answering me, and without stopping his fantastic tongue work, Steve pushed the button on the door and lowered the window about two inches. “Get in the back” he said. “What me” I said. “No, you out there, don’t say a word, just get in the back”.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, the guy opened the door and climbed in behind me. Steve was still on his knees licking me for all he was worth, I was now so wet I thought I might drown him.

Steve then stopped for a second and said to the guy in the back, “Lean forward and put your hands inside her blouse, don’t turn round Rebecca, just lay back and let him feel your tits”. Steve then calmly went back to licking my pussy like this was something we did every day.

At first the guy just stroked my breasts through the outside of my blouse, very softly caressing and squeezing, I couldn’t see his hands, it was too dark, but I knew they were big and heavy, his fingers felt rough even when he was trying to be gentle. I couldn’t help letting out a small moan of pleasure, I think this was the signal the guy in the back had been waiting for. At that moment he began to roughly unbutton my blouse, he was obviously getting excited, I could hear and feel his breath on the back of my neck. I could even smell him, not a nasty smell, but very masculine, and I loved it. This huge mystery man now held my breasts in his rough hands, he began squeezing and gently pulling my now erect nipples, my head was swimming, this was heaven, all fear had gone, I just wanted this hulk on top of me. I wasn’t going to wait for Steve to give this guy anymore instructions, I told him politely to move across the back seat, I then pulled the lever at the side of my seat and pushed myself backwards, I was now almost horizontal, I looked across at this man I’d never met before, he towered above me, his shoulders and chest were huge, I thought please god let his cock match his physique.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out, he firstly removed his shirt, he grabbed my hand and ushered it towards his chest, just the feel of his taught hard body made me tingle inside, I squeezed my legs tightly around Steve’s head, pulling his tongue deep inside me, I arched my back and felt the wave of my first orgasm of this wonderful night exploding throughout my body. The big man then calmly undone the buttons on his jeans and slid them effortlessly over his bottom and down his legs. I looked across and had my first sight of his manhood, to call it a mere cock would do it no justice at all, it was as long as my forearm, but much thicker, I could see the veins protruding down the immense shaft, god I needed that cock. He knelt up on one leg and laid the whole thing on my face, the weight of it startled me for a second, but I regained my composure and began to lick this beautiful object from its base to the tip, back and forward, slowly flicking my tongue around that little flap of skin at the base of his helmet. He lifted himself slightly higher and moved his cock towards my mouth, I opened my lips as wide as I could and he gently pushed his meat inside, he let out an audible groan, I ran my tongue around his shaft as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. I noticed that Steve had stopped working on my fanny, he had moved back to the drivers seat and was watching us in the rear view mirror, by the look on his face he was enjoying this as much as I was, I could hear the sound of him wanking his little cock, this was certainly getting us both what we needed.

The big man was now getting very excited, I could feel the veins in his cock pumping furiously, I knew he would cum soon, so I pulled my head back and ushered him to climb between the front seats, which he did with some considerable eagerness. He positioned his huge frame above me, holding his manhood a few inches from my sopping wet pussy. He looked over at Steve. “Would you like to see me fuck your lovely wife”, he said. Steve cock in hand, and as excited as me, said, “Big man, give her the ride of her life”. Steve then turned and smiled at me. “Thanks darling” I said.

To be continued.

My names Rebecca and my photo ad number is 187505.

To be continued.