Written by DirtyDog

29 Aug 2018

Many thanks for the likes and comments on my previous stories. These are about 80/90% true with a few changes to make them better reading and hopefully a turn on for some of you.

I really got into the swinging ‘scene’ in my mid twenties when I was going out with a girl called Melanie (Mel). We'd both had experiences with men and women so it didn’t take long to start talking about involving other people in our sex life. This was before internet hook up sites and swingers club were pretty dodgy so we had to try a bit harder to make this happen.

I worked with a guy called Simon who’d joined our firm a few months before and we got on well. He was friendly and open minded and before long we’d started lending each other porn videos. His included group sex and some gay stuff which most blokes I knew wouldn’t have shared, so one weekend I asked him and his girlfriend Lois round for dinner with me and Mel.

Mel dressed up in a new, mini length black dress with no bra and bare legs – her tits weren’t too big but without a bra they moved about freely and when she leaned forward she was sure to give our guests a good eyeful of her impressive cleavage. Lois and Simon arrived on time and while Simon and I were about the same height and build the girls were a complete contrast, Mel was tall with long legs, a classic curvy figure and had blond hair in curls, Lois was short, very slim with almost a flat chest and small bum, with cropped spiky black hair and bright red lipstick. Both very sexy in different ways I immediately imagined them in bed together and I'm sure Simon was thinking the same as he gave Mel lots of long looks.

We all seemed to get on ok but Lois had quite a few drinks and began getting bitchy with Mel, then Mel started giving her some back with Simon and me doing our best to keep out of it. It seemed much more likely the girls would end up fighting than fucking but we got through the meal as best we could and said goodbye with the girls not even talking.. Any regrets about the lack of group action were soon forgotten as Mel got exceptionally horny when she was angry and within a few minutes of them leaving I’d rolled up her dress, rolled down her panties and fucked her roughly on the sofa.

Next Monday Simon was very apologetic but it wasn’t until our Friday lads’ drink he was able to tell me more. Apparently Lois was self conscious about her very small breasts and a few days before our meal she’s found some porn mags featuring ladies with extra large measurements and they’d had a row, so when she arrived at ours and caught Simon checking out Mel’s boobs it all started up again. To make amends he invited us round to theirs the next weekend and after some persuasion Mel agreed to go, although this time with a bra and a less revealing blouse.

Mel made a point of being all over me at dinner and almost ignoring Simon which seemed to relax Lois and things went much better than before. Her food was also great so we gave her plenty of compliments which went down well. We were just starting on dessert when Lois said she really must apologise for her behaviour at ours. She told us that she had been jealous of Mel's boobs but she didn't blame Simon for staring at them as she had 'fantastic tits'. However there was another reason why she was upset and before she told us she looked over at Simon who nodded to her that she could say it.

“ The truth is”, she said nervously, “that where we lived before I fell out with a lot of my women friends after a rumour went around that Simon was exceptionally well endowed, and once they heard this they all wanted to find out if it was true. I don’t want the same thing to happen here with our new friends so I’m very defensive around other women, especially when they’re as stunning as Mel.”

Now as it happened I had heard a similar rumour from someone who played football with Simon but I’d kept it to myself. Neither Mel or me knew how to reply to this information but Lois carried on with her confession.

“So now you know everything. Or almost everything. You don’t know if it’s true or not, do you, and I bet you’d like to. Come on Simon, put them out of their misery.”

He was a bit more sober than her and said, “I think you’re embarrassing our guests.”

Mel had always liked watching guys with extra big dicks in porn films but I don’t think she’d ever had one in real life and I knew she would like to know the truth about Simon.

"We're all friends here. Whatever you say or do is a secret with us", I told them.

“Please sweetheart,” said Lois, “You can’t keep our friends in the dark, it’s rude.”

With that Simon reluctantly stood up so his crotch was just above table level, directly across from us, and Lois undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock through the slit in his boxer shorts. Even though it wasn’t fully erect it was already bigger than mine was with a raging hard on. He was circumcised so the purple head stood out before Lois took hold of it and stroked him to a proper erection. It must have been nine and a half or even ten inches long and twice as thick as my average seven incher, with a great vein running through it. His balls were also unusually big and he lay them on the table while Lois ran her hand over them and his giant cock and giving it gentle kisses. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time Simon had done this ‘party trick’ and he seemed happy enough about showing off his pride and joy.

“So there it is Mel”, said Lois, “ You won’t find many bigger than that on a white man ! Come on, don’t be shy, come and see if it’s for real”.

Mel got up and went round to their side of the table but before she got to Simon, Lois took her in her arms and began to give her deep French kisses with plenty of tongue which Mel gave back. Lois took off Mel’s blouse and undid her bra strap then took her boobs one in each hand and started playing with them and kissing them - she was really into it like a teenage boy who's just felt his first breasts.

Then Lois guided her to the seat next to Simon, took hold of his cock and rubbed it over her red nipples, making them very stiff, then brushed it against her neck and face and finally her lips where Mel took the fat end into her mouth.

He was far too big to deep throat so she didn’t even try, just concentrated on the first few inches, going up and down slowly while holding it at the base which took both of her small hands. While she did this Lois stroked her hair, or Simon’s balls, and sometime took his cock out of her mouth so she could kiss Mel and taste him at the same time.

I was actually quite happy watching this threesome and finishing my drink but after a while Lois motioned for me to join them and she got up to stare kissing me the way she had Mel. She got my shirt off and I removed her black t-shirt to reveal very small tits with surprisingly large nipples and when I started to suck and bite on them it was as if I’d gone down on her – I’ve never known a woman who was so sensitive there. I quickly pushed Lois’s jeans down to find no knickers and a freshly shaved pussy but when I began to tongue her clit she made me stop.

“I think Lois is ready to be fucked, mate”, said Simon with his cock still in my girlfriend’s hand. Lois cleared a space on the kitchen table with half the things crashing on the floor and then lay on it with her legs apart. Although I was completely horny I was also a bit shy to get my cock out next to Simon’s giant but Lois knew what I was thinking and told me she needed a change from ‘that fucking monster’ sometimes and that if I didn’t have her right away she’d make sure Simon told all our workmates I was gay ! I can’t resist a challenge and taking off the rest of my clothes I told her to hold my cock and put it inside her. I was pleased to find she was still tight down there despite Simon’s best efforts and while I started to fuck away, Mel went to the other side of the table, put a cushion under her head then held Lois' hands firmly while leaning forward and kissing her mouth and sometimes her nipples which made her twist in pleasure.

She pretended to struggle against Mel but she wouldn’t let go and between us we brought her to a lovely climax. Then we turned her around, Mel still holding her arms and now French kissing her face to face, and I pulled her towards me to fuck doggy style until I came deep up inside her and stayed there until my soft cock slipped out,

While this had been going on Simon had taken off all his clothes which made his cock look even bigger than before, if that was possible, as he was quite skinny and it was out of proportion to the rest of his body. He moved round the table and firmly got hold of Mel and led her over to the nearest wall where he parted her legs while still standing and he slowly and gently worked his huge dick inside her. She was just tall enough to keep her feet on the ground while he did this but as he worked it further into her and began to push harder she was lifted onto her toes and held onto his back, digging her nails into him and leaving scratch marks which he didn’t notice. She then put her arms tight round his neck as he kept pushing and somehow got almost all his inches into her soaking cunt while he put his hands under her bum to support her weight.

Mel started calling him a ‘dirty big bastard’ and ‘a fucking freak with a horses cock’ but he kept thrusting until she had a long, loud orgasm, then he pulled out of her so we could all see him come, four or five spasms of thick spunk all over her tits and upper body, some of it even reaching her face and hair. Then she sank onto her knees, exhausted, and put him back in her mouth to taste what was left but even five minutes later he was still thick and hard and only just starting to droop.

After that we got a bit more drunk together and sat around naked telling stories and sharing fantasies. When we’d got our energy back we all went to their bedroom which luckily had a big double bed with enough room for four and Simon and I took it in turns to fuck our own girlfriends while the other couple watched. We went first with Mel in her favourite position on top which allowed Lois to go behind her and play with her tits again which was clearly a huge turn on for her. After we'd both come Simon started with Lois and I understood why she wanted a quick fuck with my smaller prick. The only way she could comfortably take him in was from behind and even then he had to go very slowly and use extra lubricant. Once he was most of the way in she relaxed and came within a few minutes and when he came he somehow thrust the whole length into her cunt making her cry out with a mix of pleasure and pain.

After this the girls fell asleep together but me and Simon went to the bathroom where he had a shower and then let me play with his ‘monster’ for the first time and finally bring him off again on the bathroom floor, with another huge load from those giant balls, about as much as I would come in a week !

Our foursomes became a regular event until Simon and Lois moved again a year later and then Mel and I went our separate ways. That was over twenty years ago but I still think about them, and their 'best friend' when I'm feeling randy and it always turns me on all over again.