Written by Mark and Jane

25 Feb 2004

After years of private husband / wife fantasies between the sheets it finally happened !

During passionate moments Jane had always been well turned on at the thought of a 3some, but never so keen in the daylight unfortunately. However she had revealed one night that she was particulary attracted to a work colleague of mine and when he and I were booked to attend a conference in London, I took the opportunity to ask Jane to come with me this time under the premise of a great days shopping, but I hoped for a hell of a lot more !.

I told her to pack something sexy as it's not often we got away from the kids and we should make the most of it. At the hotel I asked her to wear something short and skimpy, with sexy underwear so I could look foward to fucking her when we got back to the room later and watched as she dressed to kill. To paint the picture - 5'9", size 10, long dark hair, sexy long legs and absolutely drop dead gorgeous when she dressed up......and she did - stockings, high heels, black bra and thong, short black dress ( zip up back ), she looked amazing and as I told her how hot she looked and that very man who saw her tonight would love to fuck her, I could see she was getting turned on.

Aftr a nice meal and a few glasses of red wine ( which gets her horny )we went to the bar of our hotel and 'accidently' bumped into my friend Pete who I had briefed on the approach the previous day and he was well up for it as he'd always fancied Jane and although I couldn't guarantee she'd go for it, he was more than happy to see !. When Pete went to the bar to get us drinks I told Jane to be nice to him as he'd just split up with his girlfriend and was a bit down and reminded her of the night that she'd told me she fancied him and that he'd also said how lucky I was as he'd love to bed her and jokingly said maybe tonight she'd get a chance to fulfil a fantasy. She blushed and laughed it off, but I had planted the idea now so who knows ?. The evening went on and Jane had another couple of drinks and the conversation started to get flirtacious which I encouraged and left them alone by making an excuse to let Pete work his charms, paying her lots of compliments and giving her his full attention. When I came back I could sense an atmosphere and pretended not to notice that Pete's hand was casually resting on Jane's leg and as we continued the conversation I could see some subtle movement as he caressed her leg gently. She didn't know I knew so continued to act normally but I could feel my cock stir as my wife sat there getting touched up without rejecting Pete's advances and I actually began to think this could happen !. I asked Jane if she was enjoying herself and she smiled and agreed and then I said it would be time to go up to the room soon as they were closing the bar and she looked a bit disapponted, but I suggested that if she wasn't tired perhaps we could invite Pete up for a few more drinks rather than let him go to his lonely room himself to which she readily agreed.

As we walked to the lift Jane was a bit tipsy and unsteady so I jokingly suggested Pete help her and let him put his arm around her and guide her to the lift. Once in there he kept his arm around her bare shoulders and she gently rested her head on his chest, tenderly but also suggestively. I took her hand as the lift doors opened and as we walked along the corridor to our room with Pete behind, I asked him what he thought of Jane's legs and he replied 'fantastic' and remarked on how much he was enjoying the view, but would love a closer look, for which Jane stoppd and gave him a playful pat 'for being naughty' and I could tell she was now feeling very horny. ( As the door closed once we had entered the room she has since told me her heart was racing and she was thinking of what could happen, but still at that stage never thought it would ).

I poured us another drink and put some fairly quiet slow music on so we could still talk and as Pete sat on the chair in the room as I started to slow dance with Jane chatting all the time but pulling her in close and getting her horny. All the time telling her how sensational she looked, with Pete voicing full agreement on each comment. I said 'look at poor Pete, you need to give him a dance as well' to which she was happy to agree to and I sat down and watched Pete tenderly pull her body towards him and sensually dance and watched as he gradually let his hands slip own onto her arse and gently squeeze it. Jane was very relaxed now and pretended to be slightly asleep as if she didn't really notice what was happening ( probably still worried that I would kick off and object ), but I could see her now leaning into him and brushing against his cock now bulging in his trousers. I got up and walked over to her and kissed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear that Pete looked uncomfortable and shouldn't she relieve the stress on his zip ! She looked at me and asked could she ( almost unbelievingly ) and I responded by slowly pulling down the zip at the back of her dress and said yes, enjoy yourself, live your dreams. At this she looked up at Pete who was now desperate for some action and gently kissed his lips before slipping her tongue in his mouth, kissing deeply and feeling his hands first on her bare back and then down onto her arse now boldly pulling her into his cock. The wondering was over now and it was time for the action to begin !.

She sexually whispered to him would he like to feel her hot mouth anywhere else and he groaned yes please ! Slowly she kissed her way down his chest at the same time unzipping him and undoing his belt and for the first time since we were married there she was holding another man's cock in her hands and about to slip it into her mouth and play with him. Her pussy was soaking now, so turned on there was no turning back. She gently teased the head of his cock, licking gently and slowly cupping her lips round it and bit by bit taking him further in her mouth. I sat and watched as he put his hands on her head and ran his fingers through her hair encouraging her not to stop and telling her how good it felt. Jane has always been fantastic at oral and she was giving him the full treatment. Pete then declared he would come soon and I expected Jane to come off then as she'd never let me cum in her mouth but to my surprise and great turn on, she clasped her lips around his cock and started to apply more pressure as she took him deeper and sucked him off to completion. I watched as he bucked and the sexy bitch took the first spurts straight in her mouth and then held him inches away so he could watch his spunk hit her tongue and she sucked him dry...unbelievable sight !!. I leaned forward and pulled her onto the bed with me desperate for the same and as she took me in her mouth Pete stripped off and dropped to his knees and started to pull her thong off and told her it was her turn to which she sighed and said 'oh yes I like the sound of that' !

I then had the great plasure of watching her writhe as Pete's tongue slowly licked her inner thighs and then started to play with her pussy. As I said earlier, her thong was soaking and she was ripe to cum and exploded her juices onto Pete's tongue within seconds. I'd never seen her cum so hard for years and Pete sucked her dry and then took her to climax again as she licked my cock and sucked me off all the way to compleation....fantastic !!!

Pete was now hard again and started to move up her body licking her tits and moving his mouth up to her lips to kiss her deeply, but as he did his cock was obviously getting closer to her pussy and she surprisingly closed her legs and looked up at me. She had took this man's cock in her mouth and let herself go, but could she really let his cock in her pussy ?, would I let her ?. Pete stopped as well to see what would happen and I smiled at her and gently pushed her legs apart. At this signal she needed no further encouragment and pulled pete towards her and her face was a picture as Pete's cock gently nudged at her pussy lips and then slowly went inside, she was in ectasy now and pulled him in deeply, cumming quickly again and wrapping her legs round his arse so she could feel his whole length. Pete then fucked her, hard and then slow playing with her and bringing her off several times !! She was in absolute heaven !! ( all 3 of us were ! )

We had a long night I can assure you and she'd ended up in positions she'd only dreamt of, one memorable evening that's for sure ! Might put the rest of the details of that night on later, but enough for now, I'd finish by saying if anyone's thinking about it - go for it !!