Written by dl

29 Apr 2006

My wife Linda and myself first started swinging some years ago when we lived up north. Linda is bi and although I suspected this was not fully aware of it until she told me one evening during a horny session that she would like to taste a woman again. Obviously I jumped at the idea and to cut a long story short managed to arrange this on three occassions with various women that I knew.

We then bought some porn videos and Linda told me during watching one of these that she would quite fancy another bloke fucking her. This shocked me a bit as I was not too keen on another man fucking her at this time. However as she said it is only fair as I had had the pleasure of these other women.

We decided to meet up with other couples and after going with one or two Linda decided she wanted to go a stage further and told me she fancied me fucking her with another man.

I agreed to this and we arranged to meet another guy in a pub on the outskirts of Sheffield at about 6.30pm. We sat in the pub and after about 10minutes the guy turned up. We all sat and talked for about another 15 minutes and the other guy got up to go to the toilet. At this point I asked Linda if she wanted us to go back to his place to which she replied yes.

We followed him back to his house in our car. When arrived we all sat in his lounge Linda and myself on the settee and he sat on a seat nearby.

As it was the begining of summer Linda was wearing a very skimpy dress which showed her georgous 38dd breasts to full effect and I noticed with some excitment that he could not keep his eyes off them.

After a short period the anticipation became to much for me and I just came out with shall we go to the bedroom. As we headed up the stairs Linda was in front and we both got a really horny view up her short skimpy dress. She turned to me half way up the stairs and jokingly said you animal but she seemed eager to get up the stairs.

In the bedroom I was stood behind Linda and undid her dress and bra letting her beautiful breasts come into view. I could sense that she was becoming excited at me undressing her in front of another man and this was turning me on even more. The other man was stood in front of her and started to take his clothes off. I let Linda's dress drop to the floor and pulled down her pants so she was now naked in front of this other man. I also got undressed and led her to the bed and laid her on her back. The other guy was now completely naked now and Linda reached out and got hold of his errect cock and started to play with it. She did this only for a short while and leant forward and put it in her mouth eagerly sucking it's full length. It was now my turn and she turned to me and began to give me a wonderful blow job. The other guy then moved down and began to suck her tits and moving on put his head in between her legs and began licking her now soaking cunt. I could see that Linda was now eager to have him inside of her and he must have sensed this as he put his cock deep inside her and began to fuck her. I reached down and stroked her hardened clit at the same time feeling this mans cock thrust inside her. This was all too much for me and I came in her mouth.

With this being our first mmf experience Linda was not sure how I would react to her still getting fucked after I had cum so she told the man she did not want to continue with out me (something we both regret now). The man asked if she would finish him off and Linda looked at me and I told her she should. She was then sitting at the bottom of the bed and reached over to him and began sucking his cock again. She did this for about 5 mins and then began wanking herself. The other guy then took hold of his cock and began wanking as well. They were both looking at each other wanking when the guy groaned and came. Linda then grabbed his cock and sucked the cum out of him.

This was our first mmf adventure and have had one or two since but the first always sticks in your memory.